Beterbiev targets unification with Bivol

Artur Beterbiev Victory
Photo: Top Rank

“Every fight is different. It’s a different preparation. And the fighter is different, too,” said WBC/WBO/IBF unified light heavyweight champion Artur Beterbiev (19-0, 19 KOs) after stopping Anthony Yarde (23-3, 22 KOs) on Saturday night in London. “I can’t say I did a very bad fight. But if I could do it again, I’d do it better. But I feel good. To be honest, I prepared for the all the punches he did. That’s why I could come back. It’s because we expected those punches.

“Everyone can punch hard at this level. And Anthony did, too. But he’s young. I turned into a professional when I was 28. He has time. I hope he does well in the future. I want [Dmitry] Bivol. Right now, it’s everything. In that fight, we’ll have four belts. It’s really good fight, I think.”

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    • Darrel
      but Beterbiev, wore him down, beat him up badly and stopped him.
      he did the same with the much better Oleksandr Gvozdyk.
      so a Bivol fight is definitely interesting and a must see..

      • They had Gvozdyk somehow ahead on the scorecards in that fight too. He took such a massive beating that he never fought again. Bivol is a great technician and boxer. Beterbiev is a methodical assassin. I think it’s the most intriguing fight in boxing right now. I see a late stoppage by Artur just because that’s what he’s always done. Bivol is a pretty small LHW. It would take a Herculean task to keep Beterbiev off of him for 12 rounds. TKO after 10, a brave Bivol is saved by his corner in between rounds in a fight of the year candidate. Make it happen!!!

      • Exactly Gvozdyk, what a strong good boxer who stopped Adonis Stephenson. Some of the comments from peeps on here seem to think that Yarde was an easy opponent . Not sure why . Bivol is the best pure light heavy who is capable or beating anyone but so is Beterbiev !

  • Beterbiev vs Bivol could be a fight like Bernard Hopkins vs Srgey Kovalev, just with a different end with Bivol being stopped in the late rounds. It is a must to happen this fight for the sake of boxing and the legacy of both fghters

  • Bivol is not stupid. He will not all of a sudden just stand toe to toe with Beterbiev. And Beterbiev only knows one way to fight. I think Bivol wins a 12 rd decision.

    • I think so too. Bivol well skilled and will not engage with beterbiev. Yarde liked good just got caught. Yarde and bivol two different fighters, but I see bivol winning even though I love the way beterbiev fights.b

    • Agreed. Bivol’s jab and lateral movement will be a puzzle for Beterbiev to solve. Bivol would rack up points in many rounds just by moving and jabbing keeping Beterbiev off the heels of his feet to set up any power.

      • Honestly, I do not see it as a 50/50 fight unless bivol throws caution to the wind and fights beterbiev’s fight. I doubt that seriously. Bivol’s skills will pay the bills on this one. Beterbiev can only hope to make him make a mistake. Beterbiev is pretty much the same fighter as canelo. Now, that would be a good fight beterbiev and canelo.

        • Totally agree Killa…Artur is a good fighter…Bivol just on another level…Artur kept getting hit with that right hand counter… sometimes it was a overhand short right counter …while Artur was throwing combinations …head on that line …there to be hit.with that same punch…Yarde was able to hurt Artur … questionable whether Bivol can…and at times Artur was just simply getting outboxed …..Yarde certainly not on the level that Bivol is….tape is out there…. hopefully Artur cleans that up before he fights Bivol….or that will be exploited….

  • Usyk showed the blueprint (twice) to beat Beterbiev in the amateurs and it’s a blueprint that suits Bivol’s style.
    It won’t be a war, Bivol would have to use all his technical abilities to keep Beterbiev at range, stick and move and counter.
    Beterbiev’s favourite shot is that clubbing right counter over a lazy left hand but I think Bivol would be wise to that.
    It’s a fight we want to see but it’s a fight that Bivol can definitely win.

    • Even in amateurs, that were 2 fights not scheduled for 12 rounds. And on a other hand, both fights were too close.

  • Of course, it is impossible not to think about what should come during the year.

    Beterbiev’s enormous mental and physical strength against Bivol’s speed and technique.

    But Bivol had a big 2022 with two outstanding wins, two wins that perhaps gave him that extra experience and the extra little confidence that will be decisive when the two best of all face each other.

    A fight between two very humble boxers. What a difference to Crawford and Spencer JR.

  • Yes, as their country is wreaking havoc in the Ukraine as we speak and threatening WWIII, unlike Crawford and Spence Jr. Very humble indeed…

    • What is happening in Ukraine is not only a tragedy but something that even in the near future seems to directly threaten humanity and the society we know today.

      As far as I know, neither Beterbiev nor Bivol participate directly in these preparations. Or do you mean that they are collectively to blame for the abuse of Ukraine because they both speak Russian?

      Bivol was born in Kyrgyzstan and Beterbiev in Dagestan as a parenthesis.

      • I know, and they wont even mention the word Russia during introductions. Why should they be ashamed of the country they represent??

        • The Ukrainian soldiers said Zelensky better hope the Russians get to him before they do because then he might stay alive in a Russian prison.

    • That is the very definition of racism, judging someone by their race or country of origin.

    • So Is fighting crooked Who invited globalist NATO to harass. Causes havoc and destruction in the Middle East Iraq Libya Afghanistan, leave Alone

    • Beterbiev is Chechen. If you know anything about the history of that region, Chechens have been butchered by Russians for centuries. I’m willing to bet Artur despises Russians but there’s nothing he can do about it.

  • will bivol really fight bertebiev ? would be a good fight if it happens its a 50 /50 fight

  • These types of fights are what we need in boxing as it attracts casual fans and non casuals as well. Bivol is the better technician but Berterbiev is a bad man. Now if we could only get Crawford/Spence.

    • A few days ago…this site crucified me for saying that Artur did not look good and Artur was slipping…you did also…I stated that Bivol would beat Artur and may stop him…. respectfully you questioned my opinion…I even stated that I thought the Yarde stoppage was interesting….Google Teddy Atlas …podcast the fight… Analysis of Artur, Yarde fight …Teddy basically stated the exact same about Bivol beating Artur and the stoppage….that I stated but Teddy did it better from a perspective of a world class trainer…check it out…Google it…and no we did not collaborate…

  • If a response to Beterbiev’s comments here comes back from the Bivol camp we will have a sense of when this fight could take place. If we hear nothing or there are complications in putting the fight together the Bivol camp will be accused of trying to wait until Beterbiev ‘gets old.’ Good for Beterbiev to show his interest in Bivol clash now.

  • Bivol looks unbeatable, but you know how the saying goes. Pressure busts pipes.
    So far none of the fighters that Bivol has fought were able to EFFECTIVELY apply pressure. Most were barely able to connect. I thought that Joe Smith Jr. was the only one who actually hurt Bivol. Artur annihilated Smith jr.

  • Beterbiev vs Bivol is a great 50/50 pick em fight and yet another fight for the 4 belt undisputed championship

  • For everyone thinking Bivol (who I think is a supreme fighter), just remember, he doesn’t have the power or awkwardness of Yarde. Hand speed maybe similar to Yarde and he (Bivol) will be in top condition. But Beterbiev may take less damage as the fight progresses against Bivol. And that will give Beterbiev opportunities … and you know what that means

  • These 2 judges should be ashamed of themselves. They were getting ready to rob AB blind. Good thing AB didnt let it get that far. AB is one hell of a fighter, and the only way anybody has a chance is to be able to outbox him for all 12 rds. Nobody is going to walk through him at any weight division. And Canelo better not even mention his name.

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