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  • Giant gallery ????? What for????
    I don’t even want to remember this garbage fight

  • Congratulations to Sumio one of the best photojournalist in boxing for many years … I’ve know Sumio Yamada many years and have always respected his work … keep up the good work my friend Sumio … Chuck Williams (30+ years with WBC as Judge, Supervisor and member Board of Governors)

  • Teo had, has and will have issues with boxers.
    He did not know or was unable to cut the ring against Ortiz.,

    • And lost fight, need to watch it without audio… This commentators are bias the product they want to sell… TEO LOST!!

  • Shakur, Teofimo, Haney, they need to get cancelled for being arrogant and loudmouths.

  • Ortiz, you can’t win a title fighting like that. Especially against an A-side fighter.

      • What is terrible??? Using the ring??? So Willie Pep, Ali, Pernell they all have a terrible style??

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