Garcia-Vargas now for WBC Diamond belt

The World Boxing Council Board of Governors unanimously voted in favor to approve the WBC Diamond belt to the winner between Mikey Garcia and Jessie Vargas on February 29 in Frisco, Texas. The Diamond belt has only been awarded to commemorate special fights. Some of the past winners of Diamond belts include Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Bernard Hopkins and Canelo Alvarez. Current WBC Diamond champions include Mairis Briedis and Callum Smith.

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  • A new belt just like that eh? So if Mikey wins this fight he’s a 5 time world champion in 5 different weight divisions?

    • I’m not taking away from Mikey’s greatness, but this is pathetic. You’re absolutely right. 5 time, 5 time…you get the picture. All aspects of the game is just losing respect and merit. We should somehow start a poll as to what will be shat on next.

  • Boxers need to realize if they would quit fighting for these titles, they would put more money in their own pockets.
    Doubtful their promoters and managers will ever care enough about their fighters to discuss that with them.

  • Well, day by day things are getting more complicated with these two absurd alphabetical organizations (WBA and WBC). Surelly it’s a lot less difficult to memorize the periodic table of the elements than classify all the type of belts and “champs” we have with them nowadays. Nice way to destroy the credibility of this sport.

  • I am so confused trying to keep up with all these manufactured belts or titles. So we have the diamond belt now? Ok, why not come up with the ruby, sapphire, black onyx, emerald, and cubic zirconium belts while they are at it!!!!!!!!! Good grief!

    • Shouldn’t have said that-belts mentioned will probably all be announced within the next few days.

  • Great news if you could capitalize off all the Hispanic fans that would come out to support this fight in Texas. Just more confusing for everyday Boxing fans. Sure Garcia or Vargas not gonna argue about a title placed on the line to give the event that much more prestige. When culture is and a possibility for extra $$$ is involved you’re always gonna see some crazy ish.

  • I’m probably gonna drink too much tomorrow and slap box somebody……wonder if the WBC will give me the Aluminum belt??

    • If you pay the sanctioning fee and promise to defend it against their mandatory challenger.

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