Tyson Fury: Loaded glove claim is BS

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has responded to “foul play talk from Wilder and his team.” Specifically, Fury was referring to claims by Deontay Wilder’s brother Marsellos Wilder that Fury had loaded gloves that put a dent in Deontay’s head during their rematch.

“I’ve just read an article before saying that I might’ve had some blunt objects in my gloves,” said Fury on social media. “Yeah. Two big 19 stone 7 / 275lb destroyers in each glove. So yeah, getting punched up the temple may do that to you.

“But, you know not unless Wilder’s own trainer Jay Deas was in on the conspiracy as well, along with all the Las Vegas State Commission guys who never left the room.

“Jay Deas was in the room when I had my hands wrapped, he examined them, he was in there when I had my gloves put on, examined them and everyone else was in the room.

“They don’t leave you. We all know this. So everybody citing foul play, bullshit!

“And the next time, I’ll put a dent in his boxing career. End it, because it’ll be two knockout losses in a row. Bye-bye forever.”

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    • Don’t get caught up. Wilder is trying to sale the fight as much as he can. He’s trying to salvage his last beat down and get a major paycheck for his next L. Fury has his number. Wilder failed to learn the fundamentals and now its biting him in the arse.

  • Typical in today’s world are the constant claims of it always being somebody else’s fault. Damn, Deontay; get over it, already. YOU lost.

    • You do realize its called prize fighting right? Think about it on a higher plane. Wilder’s “0” is gone and so is the mystique of his power being the great equalizer. He’s trying sale the fight one last time. Controversy = cash.

  • When i seen tyson fury doing bench press with the dumbbells he was looking so strong i said this man is turning into a powerhouse on top of excellent mobility and skills. He is going to start doing serious damage and that was what he did. His built up chest like a tank of armor and his legs propel the tank with grace and agility.

    • i think you can add to that the fact he probably always had more power than people thought. His style always meant he was not putting weight into most shots. As soon as he got aggressive and punched properly, he was destructive. It think the little clouts and straights really surprised Wilder early on. Especially after Fury just tapped him for points for most of 1st fight. Wilder became very cautious very quickly

  • I am siding with Tyson Fury on this. The accusations are Butt Fucking Bullshit.

    Fury won fair and square.

    Deontay, be a man. Not a liberal puss about this.

    • You do know that Deontay Wilder is a trump supporter, right?
      And by the way, what do politics have to do with this fight?
      Stay on topic.

      • Edit: he’s not a Trump supporter, that was my mistake.
        Either way, this is a story about BOXING, not politics

    • politics has nothing to do with Boxing. Fury did win fair and square but whether Deontay is a liberal or a conservative has nothing to do with his loss.

  • What do you guys expect Fury to say? Can the world not see with their own eyes. Fury should insist on a legit investigation from the commission if he has nothing to hide. He’s just deflecting and being defensive. He Still offers no explanation of past allegations of glove tampering (sparring, caught already in a past fight) and why your gloves look like al dente pasta during Wilder rematch. Ive watched Boxing for decades to tell if something is fishy. Fury is DIRTY and gets extra chances (ref long count, undeserved title shot, PEDs, sexist/homophobic remarks swept under rug). Mr. Pillow fist can instantly fracture skulls now? We all know Wilder would not get the same benefits. Just another example of double standard and you guys turning blind eye.

    • I’m not a fan of Fury’s, but after the fight the gloves are taken along with the hand wraps. Nobody expected Fury to come out and fight like he did. Hell it might be a one and done, but he did and he won. The gloves are also inspected before fights and put on in front of everybody. Margarito got caught with loaded gloves after the fight, because the way he loaded them wasnt easily detectable.

    • Let’s not play as if a 6’9″ 300lb heavyweight can’t throw a punch to hurt you. Fury is a weird guy sometimes, playing the feinting and fighting off the back foot when he’s twice the size of the person he’s fighting.

      Clearly he’s talented and big enough to step into a jab and hit as hard as someone half his size throwing a power punch. Eating those jabs one after another, round over round is why Wilder had no legs and was bewildered and dazed most of the fight.

      It’s the same Kronk jab Klitschko used to smash the guys he fought. It’s a power punch deceptively played to be a setup.

  • I used to be a wilder fan but he’s really showing everyone he’s just a bitch. A real champ would accept defeat, hit the gym harder, come back and win the next one. Instead this fool just cries and come up with new excuses. I hope in the rematch fury makes him look even worse.

  • The Wilder camp should STFU and accept the loss like grown men. In addition, “Excuses are like a-holes, EVERYBODY HAS ONE!!!.” SO SSSSSHHHHHHH!!!

  • Tyson fury is the known bitch. Deontay never got busted doing dirty shit. Fury has so shut the fuck up. Deontae is gonna murder that fat piece of shit if they get a fair ref. Who doesn’t let him lay on him he’s almost a 100 pounds heavier. Tyson gettin kid next time he’s a bumb.

  • Fury has never been seen as a power puncher, but these claims are false. Not only that, but the gloves are removed in the ring and examined along with the wraps before and after the match. Boxers who load their gloves get caught because its something too hard to hide. Even adding plaster in a glove will get caught.

  • Anyone who’s seen my responses knows Im not a Fury fan, but he surprised me. If he fought all his fights like the last I would have been a fan. Leaning on fighters is an age old way to wear them out and its been done since day one. If the ref doesnt stop it you cant foul the boxer for doing it. Fury earned a clean win over Wilder and I was shocked. Its the best hes ever looked and it makes the rematch better to me. Maybe Wilder took him lightly, maybe Fury has his number. Nobody knows for sure, but the next fight is all the matters.

  • Let’s be honest. The gloves looked weird. That’s a fact. I don’t believe he loaded them but if he did that will be exposed for sure in the final fight. And me not believing they were loaded doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
    That being said, slapping punches can hurt. Differently than a straight punch so it is possible Deontay felt something that wasn’t normal. Hard laced, hard taped gloves hit from a slapping punch can feel like you were hit by someone wearing a cast. Ask some of Calzahge’s oponents. Even when Jones dropped Calzahge it was from that part of the glove in the opening moments of that fight.
    That being said it is possible Fury cheated. Antonio didn’t get busted right away and even after there were pictures of his wraps after the Cotto fight a lot of people doubted that. Richardson paid extra attention. And Fury’s flopping gloves was something I hadn’t ever seen. We’ll see in chapter 3.

  • Brothers Wilder are just setting themselves up to look even more ridiculous if there ever even is a rematch. IMO, Wilder did nothing in the last fight to indicate that he would even be competive in a rematch, but hey, he was the champion and it was in the clause. Take the loss like a man, and make the necessary adjustments so he doesn’t embarrass himself again. By constantly making excuses, he’s not allowing room for improvement.

  • I’m so sick of all the excuses!! After the fight he was classy owning up to the loss but since then the excuses are flying. Lost all respect for him and his team.

  • They could have put Marcellus and Deontay both in at the same time and still couldn’t beat Fury that night. Deontay has a legit reason, not excuse, for being so one dimensional and that being his corner. Mark Breland was noted for his jab when he was fighting, and seems like Deontay could use his reach and have a devastating jab, but either he don’t listen to Breland when he’s in the ring or just can’t learn the knack of jabbing. This Jay Deas first rodeo as a boxing trainer, and he’s pretty much worthless. Like Teddy Atlas said, and I said before Teddy, Deontay’s corner needs a complete restructuring, and changes made. He’s got the tools but not the knowhow to use his tools.

  • So many marks in the comments section. Don’t get caught up on Wilder’s “excuses”. Everyone knows including Wilder, Fury has his number. Wilder knows he’s in a bad position and is trying to stir the shit & make as much money as he can before his second lost (99% chance) which will hurt his career & earnings. He used to annoy me but now I understand. Controversy = cash.

  • The heavy suit, the gloves….the shorts/trunks will be next! Yes, the gloves look a bit odd but as everyone has correctly stated, they are checked before and after. All this is a shame and it just puts another blemish on the sport we love. If all this was to drum up interest in a 3rd fight, it has worked….same result though, another loss for Wilder. Fury wins 9 out of 10 fights with Wilder, the sole loss will be Wider landing a lucky ‘haymaker’ (if that’s how he fights I guess it can’t be called lucky). Again, there is interest and intrigue in a further fight….shame it’s under these circumstances

  • I for one agree that Fury’s gloves were loaded. They contained both his hands, tape that was signed by observers and some very “BAD” intensions. In fact Fury “unloaded” his gloves on Wilder’s head and body for 7 straight rounds so much that the white towel came flying out of Wilder’s corner. EOS!

  • I find it kinda funny that everyone is saying Fury has Wilder’s number. Fury fought a great fight, but let’s not forget that Fury was knocked out brutally in the first fight, the fact that he got up and finished the round doesn’t change that he was out. The fact that he beat Wilder easily in the 2nd fight doesn’t erase what happened in the first. Wilder will fight differently in the third. He would be crazy not to. And Fury will fight differently too because he would also be crazy to fight the same way. I fear a lot of you are missing the elegance of these fights. Fury didn’t just wake up and decide to pressure Wilder that night. It was a calculated game plan that will not work a second time. Oh, and as far the loaded gloves, I heavily doubt it, but a full investigation should happen, just to spur interest amongst the casuals if nothing else.

  • Loaded gloves, heavy costume, what’s the next excuse???
    Untied shoelaces.
    Wilder Nation are so full of s… and BS that Fury is right to say Wilder is in for a beating and retirement.
    And still The undefeated WBC Champion of the worldddddd.

  • Muhammad Ali brought in the era of the loud mouth hype machine, with a big mouth fighter hurling insults at his opponent, demeaning and belittling him at every turn, and we see that here wiry Wilder and Fury. It really has tainted what used to be a sport of great dignity. Both Wilder and Fury are mediocre so they both rely too heavily on hype. Just pathetic.

  • Wilder fans a delusional. They cling on to anything… first fight the count was long, second fight the costume was too heavy, gloves were loaded, punched behind the head.

  • You think wilder will fight the same way? You guys must be as stupid as fury is. He says stupid shit outside the ring and he’s a cheat you seen the glove. PEDs, cocaine, etc he’s a mental case. He’s lucky he got a new trainer from the USA. I doubt anyone from his side of the pond could do it or else they would have

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