Fury-Joshua in the works for Dec 3

Former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua’s management company, 258 Management, has announced via Twitter that Joshua has agreed to face WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury on December 3 at the 78,000-seat Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

258MGT tweeted:

Joshua-Fury update:

258 and Matchroom Boxing can confirm, on behalf of Anthony Joshua that we accepted all terms presented to us by Fury’s team [last Friday] for a fight December 3rd. Due to the Queen’s passing, it was agreed to halt all communication. We are awaiting a response.

Tyson Fury’s promoter Frank Warren immediately responded.

Contract will be with you very soon 🥊

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  • Joshua just got beat by a smaller man now he’s going to fight a much bigger manWhat a fool this is way too soon


    • Best time for Joshua to take the Fury fight now, in Dec. He just fought a master boxer for 12 rounds, lost but got hardly any damage in the fight and gained a lot of experience. He should be sharp and as best he can for the Fury fight.

    • Let me see if I understand your logic: Because AJ just lost to a small heavyweight he has no chance against a much bigger heavyweight?

      • He definitely has a chance and he didn’t just lose to a smaller man he lost to a great undefeated fighter with 3 Olympic gold metals.and he did very well in the rematch.

    • Joshua is a big dumb bodybuilder his boxing IQ is very low he has to be literally told what to do by his corner every round, if that wasn’t bad enough his stamina and chin aren’t the best. he’s also never recovered psychologically from the loss to Ruiz his killer instinct has vanished. If fury takes the fight seriously and doesn’t clown about I could see him knocking out Joshua in 6.

    • Actually, I think the 2 fights with Usyk might help Joshua. There will be a noticable difference in speed giving him a split second longer to respond with counters. I still pick Fury to win, but it won’t be anywhere near as easy as most would think.

      • Agree Peter the Gute, Joshua will have improved with the 24 rounds of real fight training against a quick fighter, far better than a boxer gets just sparring and training.

  • Wow Crazy all the fights getting sign except the one that needs to Spence vs Crawford do anyone have any information fight Fans

    • Crawford energy changed after seeing Spence beatup Danny Garcia, after long layoff layoff. And how Ugas ended up after Spence having another long layoff (detached retina).
      Im not sure what all fights are getting signed because they’re not. This fight isn’t even finalized yet. The fight should have been Wilder-AJ.
      AJ is on a 2 fight losing streak and gets a shot at the heavyweight crown? Obvious money grab, which is why Fury can be retired and still be the WBC champion. Let Ruiz get the shot for now.

      • If Fury wins and retires then it is bit shady, but if he goes on to fight Usyk next year, respect to him for putting this fight on. Outside of Usyk, i can’t really think of a riskier fight for Fury than AJ. Wilder 4 maybe haha. He was entitled to a ‘keep busy’ fight so we could have got a Tom Schwarz!

    • A combination of the PBC not wanting to lose control of the belts at welterweight, the car accident, Bob Arum being shady and Spence waiting for Crawford to get old has cost us one of the best fights of at least the decade. It’s a shame because the intrigue is not what it used to be. Same story as Floyd and Pacman. Al Haymon involved in both so you know the M.O.

  • Joshua needs to learn how to box better. Period. Although he lost to a smaller boxer-fighter, that doesn’t mean he won’t be successful against a larger fighter.

  • Wow. Another cash grab for Fury. I thought we had a bunch of fools here paying for Mayweather fights. The fools across the pond are too loyal to people that only want your money.

    • “The fools across the pond are too loyal to people that only want your money.”
      – I’m sure they have ways to watch the fight over there for free.

  • I know it’s about the money but if AJ loses for the third time where does he go from here in boxing. Yes, he will be financially secure but know way he gets in the HOF.

    • Why would he be in the HOF? He was never the best heavyweight + he ducked wilder his whole career.

    • There was no way he was going into the HOF anyway. At least not based on what he’d done to date prior to Usyk.

    • He ducked Wilder. Even after all of these L’s he still won’t fight Wilder who has also taken some L’s.

  • So when is SPENCE-CRAWFORD taking place. My goodness this is beyond annoying. Maybe we should let these promoters put the fight together

  • Nice warm up non risk fight for fury in preparations to face uzik next year. Joshua will be wiped out worst than a mop does but, on the positive side he’ll make a nice paycheck. I hope joshua retires after this one or eddy hearns will use him as a stepping stone for an up and coming talent fighter!

  • This fight makes absolutely no sense considering AJ just lost to a smaller man that can box. Why would I want to see him fight a larger man who can box.

  • Easy night for the Gypsy King, he will entertaining us with a rendition of Sweet Caroline in quick time. After AJ embarrassed himself after the 2nd Usyk fight, looks like his might not be right anymore and he is looking to cash out big time

  • joshua may fight like he has nothing to lose -which will be of benefit too him. its a fantastic opportunity for him. I love fury, but for some reason i feel sorry for joshua now and want him to win lol

  • Still gonna be a huge fight no matter what. Maybe styls make fights in this one. I see TF winning by stoppage, but wont count out AJ either.

  • Impressive how fast this deal is getting done once both parties have nothing to really lose, huh?

  • So don’t get this. AJ has been exposed, defeated, humiliated, how the hell is he worthy of this fight??? He isnt a top dog anymore. If he takes his flight will be destroyed worse than ever!!

  • Remember this, Joshua knocks this guy out. Fury goes down when he is caught cleanly. The only reason Joshua has just lost a few weeks ago, and they are banking on him not ready physically or mentally. I think Warren and Fury will try to hop out now that AJ has accepted everything. They didn`t expect that, they were banking on him refusing, so they can fight someone like Char, while claiming they gave Joshua an offer and he refused. As for someone here talking about money, AJ has more than 2 times the money Fury has. Only Canelo gets the type of money AJ gets. Fury needs that huge purse more than AJ, he only started making money in the last 2 Wilder fights.

  • I think AJ will win this one. AJ has faced far better opponents than Fury with the likes of Parker, Usyk, Ruiz, and a prime Povetkin. Bashing Joshua for his losses is silly. He got in there and gave great fights against great competition. Fury on the other hand beat a paper champion in Wilder and went life and death with him twice (2nd was a massacre). I think AJ beats Fury and they have a trilogy of fights, locking Usyk out of the bigger fights because nobody likes losing to a cruiser weight. I also think Usyk dominates Fury.

  • I can’t believe that glass-chinned steroid monster is still saleable. How many more times does he have to show us he’s got no boxing brain? Idiots who know nothing about boxing love to throw their money away. This fight had better not steal the thunder from Estrada v Gonzalez III, which is scheduled for December 3rd.

  • Joshua is no match for Fury because he’s not talented enough as a boxer and a fighter to overcome Fury’s height and weight advantage. He also can’t take a punch. He can’t pressure Fury since he doesn’t have the endurance. Hard applying pressure when your muscles are big, not from training but from weight lifting. He gets gassed as the fight wears on and becomes ineffective. I don’t see Joshua lasting more than six rounds again Fury.

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