Fury names new trainer, targets Chisora

Soon to be unretired WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury announced he will be trained for his next fight by Isaac Lowe and is no longer with Sugar Hill. The Gypsy King (32-0-1, 23 KOs) is eying a third fight with Derek “War” Chisora (33-12, 23 KOs) because he says he wants to be the only heavyweight champion in history to fight two trilogies and because he always said he would fight Chisora at the end of his career.

Hill’s response? “Good luck with that!”

Fact check: Former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali also fought two trilogies, Joe Frazier and Ken Norton.

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  • How pathetic. Humpty Dumpty on stilts, who moves and throw punches like a puppet on a string, is now predictably un-retiring and targeting an over-the-hill bum who has already proven to be no match for him. Just sick of this mediocre, overrated clown. His presence continues to shed light on how sad the heavyweight division has become.

    • I don’t believe this is true. I think he will fight the winner of Usyk-Joshua and make 60-70 mil. He’s just keeping his name in the headlines.

    • Lol Tyson Fury clown fans are going to attack you but you are 100 percent fight. Tyson Fury throws slapping arm punches. He is out of shape. His best opponents he beat were a old Wladimir Klitschko in a fight he ran and landed 86 punches and then Fury beat Deontay “Windmilll” Wilder. Now Fury does nothing but avoid fighting anybody who is a legit threat. Keeps fighting low level guys who already got knocked out Dillian Whyte for example. But then Fury still runs around talking about how great he is.

    • That Humpty Dumpty like him or not beat Deontay Wilder’s overrated ass twice and Wladimir Klitschko. I’m not a Gypsy King fan at all but when motivated is one of the best heavyweight fighters out there. Sure he doesn’t say or do what people may like or expect, but who cares? Oleksandr Usyk is the only Heavyweight fighter that possibly could beat him. I don’t think anyone else can right now. That says a lot. The Heavyweight division is lacking great fighters like there was in the past. The Gypsy King like it or not is #1 or #2 with Usyk. I would love to see that fight happen but it may never happen. I do not like him taking this shallow of a fight.

  • The first thing that came to my mind was Ali vs Frazier and Ali vs Norton. Why would they make that big announcement without thoroughly researching?

      • Correct. Also, Patterson-Johanson 3 was a classic with both fighters going down several times, like Fury-Wilder 3.

  • I like and rate Tyson Fury, however this is an utterly farcical fight that surely will be of zero interest to knowledgeable boxing fans who will be fully aware that the first two fights were very one sided affairs. Definitely not what is wanted or expected from the supposed worlds current best heavyweight boxer.

  • Fury must be hanging out with Jake Paul as they both discuss ways to still be in the spotlight, make a few dollars, and talk smack to entice the gullible crowd for ticket sales. If Fury does fight Chisora, wake me up when it’s over.

    • If indeed this fight go through, I don’t see how it sells. But., in today’s boxing world, Jake Paul vs football players, basketball players, retired MMA fighters and and whoever else, it might get some kind of viewed.
      Personally, I do not.see this fight happening.

  • Let it be said that if Deontay Wilder’s hand had survived the 4th round of fight number 3 with Tyson Fury, Deontay would have stopped Fury in the 5th or 6th round.

    Deontay lost because his hand got KTFO in the 4th.

    If Deontay’s hand is fully repaired, he could be a force once again. Personally, I doubt it. I think Usyk vs AJ is the fight right now. Whomever wins that match should be able to give Fury his 1st defeat.

      • He already beat him just didn’t get the refs count or thr judges decision

        • Sorry, but winning two, maybe three rounds in the first fight doesn’t get you the W. Also, you should learn how to count, Fury absolutely beat the count.

    • Not sure about Wilder’s right hand story and how it really affected him. Recon bulking up in weight had the biggest negative effect on him. He had more energy, faster, even his right hand look snappier being lighter, which he looks to have gone back to now.

  • Sugar Hill is a great trainer. I love Sugar Hill. His comment to Ingrate Fury was brilliant.

    • Yes, I recall John “Hit and Hold” Ruiz’s style of fighting. Him and Parker today would be hit and hold grudge match if they fought each other in their primes. Ruiz’s style of boxing was so boring and predictable.

  • Really like Fury! Dominant Heavyweight in a not so great era, but he soooo contradicts himself and at times talks too much! Just shut up and fight


  • Dude tryin ta sale this BULLSHIT fight by making up some BULLSHIT deeper meaning for the fight. Sounds like dude tryin ta get either an EASY payday or keep one of the sanctioning bodies off his ass. Either way, this is a BULLSHIT fight when there are contenders out there who could be getting the shot.

  • Makes sense but doesn’t in boxing sense because fans don’t wanna see a 3rd fight between these two. Unless they do make this trilogy and Fury wins then wins the trilogy against the Usyk/Joshua fight then it would make sense.

  • Fury is such a diva and prima donna. Tbis fight won’t sell and why sack Sugar Hill?

    • I was wondering the same about Sugar Hill. Thought he had the absolute right guy with Hill…

  • I counted 5 trilogies for Jack Johnson before I got tired of going through his record.

  • I guess it could be a worse match up. For everyone saying how bad of a match up it is…give us something to think about then. Who would you recommend he fight?

  • Why this fight? Because it will sell another 90,000 tickets in Britain easily and will kill time if Joshua actually wins the Usyk rematch

  • Used to like Fury. This BS of him retiring, swearing under no circumstances will he un-retire, and then doing just that a month after he swore, does not sit well. Who gives a SHT about him fighting Chisora? Sow you have apair and fight the winner of Usyk-Joshua for all the marbles! I think he is a little nervous about Usyk. This is not a one-dimensional, one-handed fighter like Wilder. Usyk is extremely skilled.

  • Why is Fury wanting to fight Chisora? Because he can make millions upon millions of dollars without risking his title in a glorified sparring session. This is a business after all. Why wouldn’t Fury do it? Not sure why he fired Sugar Hill but Fury seems to get bored easily and is probably changing things up for the hell of it. If I were Fury I’d stay the hell away from Usyk because Usyk’s a riddle he won’t be able to solve in the ring.

  • What’s with Tyson Fury “retiring” after each time he defends his title? I guess he needs the constant attention and drama. “Hey look at me, I’m at the prime of my career, but I’m retiring, donating all my money to charity and not gonna do jack shit” then several months later “Hey, everybody, I’m back and fighting for $20 million, give me a big pat on my back”…And why is he fighting Dereck Chisora? I could see if he hadn’t fought in a few years, Chisora would be a good guy to come back against, but he last fought less than a year ago. That’s normal for a lot of heavyweight champs. I don’t know what he thinks he’s trying to prove, but beating Chisora 3 times is not going to seal your name in the record books. Any good heavyweight out there that may happen to fight Chisora 3 times could say the same thing.

  • These types of fights like Floyd’s expired fights only highlight how weak and pathetic the modern day boxing fan is. Young boxing fans pay for this junk while fighter’s laugh at them and give the middle finger to the sport. Jake Paul is an example of what the young boxing fan is responsible for. UFC fan’s are killing us sadly.

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