Former Middleweight Champ Alan Minter Passes

By Boxing Bob Newman

Boxing has lost another legend as former undisputed Middleweight champion Alan Minter has passed after a long battle with Cancer.

Minter was a star in both the amateur and pro ranks both in the U.K. and at world level.

In 1972, Minter lost a controversial decision to West Germany’s Dieter Kottysch in the semi-finals of the Light Middleweight division during the Munich Olympic games, settling for a bronze medal.

Minter would turn pro some seven weeks later with a TKO6 win over Maurice Thomas.

It would not be easy goings for “Boom Boom” Minter as he suffered six losses along the way to gaining the British and European Middleweight titles- all due to cuts. Minter’s annexation of the European Middleweight title would be bittersweet, as his opponent Angelo Jacopucci would succumb to his injuries after twelve brutal rounds, dying three days later.

Minter would reach the height of his ring fame on March 16, 1980, winning the WBA/WBC Middleweight titles from Vito Antuofermo on a 15 round split decision in Las Vegas.

After winning the rematch via TKO8 (Antuofermo was also prone to cuts, as was the case in this fight), Minter would lose his titles six months after he won them, to future Hall-of-Famer Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Minter’s entire face was a mask of blood and the ring was awash in beer bottles and other debris from the angry crowd.

After a comeback win over once beaten Ernie Singeltary, Minter would lose his final two fights-NOT on cuts- a split decision to Mustafa Hamsho and a TKO3 to Tony Sibson. Minter’s final ring record was 39-9, 23 KOs. Alan Minter was 69.

R.I.P. champ.

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  • He was a very hard puncher, with more skills than most people realized. Unfortunately, he was hindered throughout his career by a tendency to cut.

    RIP champ.

  • An excellent fighter whose delicate skin worked against him in a sport that makes little allowances for those whose facial skin splits open upon contact. RIP Champ. Another example of a thin-skinned fighter who was tough as nails was Chuck Wepner, — whose face would start bleeding when the ring-announcer was introducing the fighters.

  • They called him the pussycat after his 1st fight against Vito when he danced around to a points win. Then he unleashed the fury in the 2nd fight. A great fighter and British legend. One of the fighters that got me into boxing. Gold bless you boom boom Minter.

  • To be the Undisputed Middleweight Champion in that era really meant a lot because that was before the advent of the Supermiddleweight division and that made the talent pool all the more rich. He was part of the first era of fighters when I first started watching boxing. I remember his fights with Hagler and Antoufermo were total blood baths and Minter was wearing the blood red/burgundy satin trunks. Hagler always had blood all over his bald head and you could never tell if it was his or his opponents. Maybe I was a wacked out little kid, but when I saw that, I thought- “Yes, this sport is for me!”

    • Supermiddleweights would be lightheavyweights back then. Middleweight was 147-160.

  • Sad news.

    I still remember watching Minter v Haglar, almost 40 years ago to the day… the gut wrentching feeling I experienced, as I watched my country man sliced up by Hagler, not sure I’ve felt that awful, unbearable feeling again.. Maybe that fight desensitised me somewhat.

    Hagler went on to dominate the MW division for almost the next 7 years, so no shame in losing to him.

    But Minter had his time, he was a decent fighter in a different era, when being champ generally meant you were the best in that division….he had good boxing skills, a decent punch and a tough heart, unfortunately the skin around his eyes was quite so tough.

    RIP champ.

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