Ex-champion Povetkin retires

Former WBA heavyweight champion and recent WBC interim heavyweight titlist Alexander Povetkin (36-3-1, 25 KOs) is hanging up his gloves at the age of 41.

“It was not very easy to make such a decision, but it was made,” said Povetkin in a heartfelt message to his fans. “The decision to end my sports career was because, after all, the years are making themselves felt. There are all sorts of injuries that need to be treated and the time has come to finish my career. I had a good, interesting career. I do not regret anything. In fact, all these years that I have been boxing, I was very pleased that many people were rooting for me and worried about me. And I really want to thank you all. This support was always felt, always appreciated, and always pushed me forward and still pushes. If I had the opportunity, I would box, but everything has its time.”

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  • Sasha did his time and served it well. Though not good enough to make the IBHOF, he has nothing to be ashamed of. Great work, Sasha.

  • Good time to. I really enjoyed your fights Sasha! You’ve a great library and many heavyweights will be watching you into the future!

  • “Everything has it’s time” How Profound !
    Excellent career, especially if You enjoyed it.
    Paul D’

  • Good for Povetkin to retire at the right time. Will be missed but he had a very impressive career…
    God Bless You Champ…

  • Can drink vodka in Russia now and get in drunken brawls to keep himself entertained whenever he wants

  • I salute Povetkin. He only lost three fights, and his knockout of Whyte with that tremendous uppercut shot from hell, at 40 yeas of age, was a knockout I thoroughly enjoyed watching. So sorry he later lost to Whyte after contracting COVID-19. To even step into the ring after contracting that potentially deadly disease, shows a level of grit, courage, and commitment that we desperately need to see more of by the heavyweights in this sport. He only stood at 6’2. He was a rugged fighter, a humble man, and a powerful warrior in the ring. I will always appreciate his time in the sport and wish him the best going forward.

    • Well said! I think he actually may have had the virus twice in between the Whyte fights. Very brave regardless. I wish him all the best! Wise decision!

  • Povetkin is a workhorse fighter with an unrelenting style. One thing for sure is…when you fight Povetkin, you better be in decent shape since the work never slows down.
    Thank Mr. Povetkin for providing us with your entertainment in the ring as a fighter. May you have wonderful days ahead of you in your life.

  • “If I had the opportunity, I would box, but everything has its time.”
    He’ll be back!!! Somebody will give Povetkin an incentive inside the next 2 years.

  • Teddy Atlas “willed” him to a Heavy Weight title belt by reminding him that his father was watching the fight.

    • Under Atlas, Povetkin was completely lost. Even cruiser Huck almost beat him. The wisest decision he ever made was to go back to Russia, getting away from probably the most overrated trainer in boxing.

  • Really enjoyed Povetkin’s boxing style. Honoured to have watched his career winning gold at the Olympics and all his fights, becoming champion and on. He only lost against Klitschko and Joshua who were much bigger, heavier than him and against Whyte in the second fight where he really looked old and not right.

  • Gold medal at Olympics ,good career and good money.Big Respect and humble.Class act good entertaining over the years.Thank you AP.

  • Always seemed a class guy that did made use of the tools he had. Not a great one, but a very good one, and seemingly a good man.

  • He’ll be back. They all do. And mostly, a mere shadow of their former self.

  • Great amateur and professional boxing career by Shasha Povetkin. His rematch with Dylian Whyte was very one sided so he is doing the right thing.

  • Great fighter. Was a champ, had wins over many very good fighters and only lost to the absolute best (who were bigger than him). But the one thing that really stands out is how very humble and respectful he was. Total class act. shows you dont have to be a total dick to succeeded at the highest levels of the sport.

    • Good overall assessment of the man’s career, Mattf. And I especially appreciate what you said about his humbleness, and that one need not be a jerk in order to succeed at the sport’s highest levels. However, it’s wasted words on most. Had he been a trash-talk’n American, with a butt-hole attitude towards his opponents, — he would’ve been resplendent in glory and praise. But, alas, he was just another Eastern European. What’s wrong with us Americans? Anyway, the best to you, Sasha Povetkin; your excellent career, and the character you carried with you, was an enhancement to the sport you love.

      • Speak on it. The NABE thinks it owns boxing and anybody outside of it is irrelevant.

  • Not exactly Povetkin’s most significant fight, but his fight with Eddie Chamber’s sticks out in my mind. Highly skilled fight by both guys. Povetkin struggled with Chambers’ style, but just outworked him in a very good fight. Always enjoyed watching his fights. Enjoy retirement AP.

  • Head up Champ! Amazing career, always enjoyed watching your fights and you had many televised events, you should feel blessed, you represented your country, your family, and the Sport of Boxing well! They say every older great fighter has one great fight left in them and that was the first fight with Whyte, amazing knockout. We all know you were coming off of being ill with COVID, and just that much older, no shame in how it ended. Peace Sasha! Russell

  • Good decision. His punch resistance is gone plus reflexes are shot and he risks serious injury should he continue to face top-quality opposition. The fact that he found a way to win against Whyte in his second-last fight says a lot.

  • That’s a smart move by the Russian because his body was breaking down, and it showed in the Whyte rematch. Povetkin was a regular sized heavyweight trying to compete with super heavy weights, but he held his own and is a legitimate first ballot Hall of famer. Olympic gold medalist and full world title holder where he was always the smaller guy, should ensure that he is inducted. Of course he isn’t the right profile and is from Russia, so the NABE may exclude him.

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