Errol Spence Post Fight Press Conference

By Miguel Maravilla

Former welterweight champion Errol “The Truth” Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) spoke at the post-fight press conference after his defeat to Terence “Bud” Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Spence could not get anything going as Crawford him down three times in the fight and eventually got a referee’s stoppage. There is a rematch clause, but the question is does Spence even want it following this beatdown?


Terence Crawford Post Fight Press Conference
Crawford TKOs Spence; now undisputed

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  • Bud has put Tyson Fury to shame and highlights the difference between pretenders and the real.

    • Nah. Spence never the same after the accident. Crawford beat a shell of Spence.

      • What about the Ugas fight? Everyone was saying Spence was back 100% after that fight. Now all of a sudden we’re hearing about the car wreck again.

      • And Billy, Crawford was shot in the back of the head at point blank range. I saw their booth tragedies had them even. No excuses.

  • Errol Spence trying to look like Eazy E and it ain’t working for him, he fought like someone with AIDS. Mayweather bum boy

  • “There is a rematch clause, but the question is does Spence even want it following this beatdown?”

    Good question. I seriously doubt they even bother, as Bud turned out to be in a completely different league. There’s no possible change in strategy for Spence that will change the outcome. Everything he tried tonight, he got whipped while doing it. Spence needs to wait and see if Bud moves on to 154 or stays at 147, then just do the opposite.

    Just a suggestion here, but for those of you who don’t want to drop $80+ on these PPV fights, if you happen to have a Dave & Busters in the vicinity, it’s a very good option IMO. Caught this fight at the Tampa location tonight, and according to an employee there, they usually carry the PPV boxing & UFC events (they had both tonight). No cover charge, and I didn’t see them pressuring anybody to spend money. Good atmosphere with big TV screens all over, including two huge ones showing both PPV events side by side. Definitely one of the better set-ups I’ve seen in sports bar type place.

    • The question is “does the boxing world need the rematch?” Crawford must be afforded an opportunity to fight for undisputed at 154, hell with the fight with Canelo, I hope he sustains another fake injury and delay that fight and then face Crawford.

      • @Masikane Kind of hard to fault Charlo for chasing the Canelo money, but I totally agree with you. Charlo-Crawford, and Charlo-Tszyu are far more attractive fights, and ones that I think most fans of the sport are more interested in. The best scenario would be Tszyu fighting Charlo next, then Bud getting the winner. Nobody seems to care about Charlo-Canelo.

    • I’m REALLY hoping they don’t fight again, USF. Crawford is 35 and he has a birthday still coming this year and with the rate that these guys fight at, you’d hate to see him put another year towards a rematch of that at this stage of his career. I definitely agree: Best case scenario would be Charlo – Tszyu with the winner fighting Crawford, but that doesn’t seem likely. I’m expecting Charlo to fight Canelo and then split up those belts.

      • Lucie, my wish list…that almost certainly won’t be happening…looks like this:

        * They free up Jermell from the Canelo fight by maybe switching back to Jermall, or better yet Benavidez

        * Bud fights Ennis, preferably next for all the belts @147, if Bud can continue to make the weight

        * Tszyu gets his well-deserved shot at Charlo

        * Tszyu-Charlo winner fights the Crawford-Ennis winner for the Undisputed Crown @154

        It would suck if Charlo bolts and fragments the belts, but I think you’re right about that being the likely scenario. Bud entering the “ATG” conversation for a lot of folks. How much would a win over Jermell for all the belts @154 further that talk? What would a Jermell win over Crawford do his legacy? The Canelo-Jermell garbage is just getting in the way.

        BTW, Bud turns 36 in two months, to be exact. A Spence rematch would be a brutal waste of time for a guy who’s getting up there in age.

        • He’ll be 36 and he only fights once a year. He may literally only have one great night left at this rate and I’d hate to see him waste that on a rematch. Your wishlist works for me (as long as it’s Benavidez getting the Canelo fight. I do not want to see Jermall getting a fight like that after taking two years off. He should have business with Adames), but I agree that it’s highly unlikely. If Spence does end up passing on the rematch, I think it would make Crawford – Ennis more likely, but I cannot see Charlo keeping those belts together… how COOL would it be to see Crawford walk into a fight next year with the opportunity to be three weight undisputed champion in the four belt era?!

          The real problem here is just how DAMN STRANGE of a fight Canelo – Jermell Charlo is.

          • Forget Charlo, Crawford vs Tszyu in Australia is a more feasible fight, because after Canelo flattens Charlo “a la Amir Khan” he will disappear in at least one year hiatus

          • I don’t know how feasible that is, Burucho. You know they may literally have to give Crawford $30m to go to Australia to fight Tim Tszyu for one belt.

      • I’m not going to find any sympathy here, and no one will agree, but I see Tszyu knocking Crawford out. Unlike Spence, who looked like a clydesdale pulling a beer wagon last night, Tszyu will hit Crawford flush, and Crawford will go!

  • Spence took the loss well, no excuses at all, which is admirable.

    He said his timing was off, which I’d partially agree with, but it’s all relative, his timing was probably the same as it always is, it’s just Bud negated his timing with his skills.

    I’ve seen a few Bud fights, and the only guy I saw give him problems, for any period of time, was Brook, who I thought was ahead, until Bud caught him and ended the fight quickly in the 4th.

    I don’t see pressure as being the way to beat Bud, I think you need superior speed and,timing, Spence didn’t have the speed, and timing on its own wasn’t enough.

    Not sure there’s much point in a rematch as this was so one sided.

  • There is only one fight for Crawford in the next year and that is Boots Ennis. Boots has the tools and dog in him to beat Crawford.

    • Boots loses to either one of them. He leaves himself open for shot and well…we just saw what Crawford can do with these openings.

      • Zero reason for him to fight Ennis..he’d be 36 and Ennis is prime ..Charlo if he beats Canelo or an easy payday with Tzsyu in Australia

      • Not saying he could beat Bud, but he deserves a shot. Styles makes fight and you never know the outcome. Last time I checked, Spence Crawford was a toss up. The Politricks of Boxing and the Re-Match clause is a problem for Boots.

  • Did Jeff Lacy call for a rematch at 175 with Joe Calzaghe? Crawford’s disection of Spence reminded me of that one. But with power.

  • What good is all the $$$$$$$$$ if you can’t talk in full sentences? Spence punchy

    • Right! Only a sucker would pay to see a guy who has obviously suffered serious neurological damage get the shit kicked out of him, again!

  • If you think there will be no rematch, all of you are wrong. Spence has no choice but to trigger the rematch. He lost and in some ways was embarrassed. Remember, he is a competitor, so he has to try and get his runback no matter what. If he didn’t take the rematch, boxing would think less of him. You think if this fight happened the other way Crawford would not have activated a rematch? Sure would. Spence isn’t going to tuck his tail and stand in the corner. His going to comeback. Does he do enough to change the outcome, we will see, but if he doesn’t he knows he didn’t run and hide.

  • Spence is punch drunk. The guy is shot as an elite boxer. Everyone is fawning over Crawford’s “awesome” performance…it’s not what he did right, but that Spence looked like shit! Give me a break!

  • No excuses here…but this is not the Spence we know.. something definitely wasn’t right…time will tell if the truth will come out..
    By the way I think it’s time to retire..he couldn’t see the punches,,…? Bud could have ended this way early .. Was the eye a bigger problem than thought..? Something different at 154..? I doubt it…ur health is more important thàn ur pride, u have made decent money invest wisely take care of urself and ur family cos health is money …what does it pay to have money but no health..?
    Absolutely nothing…

  • Keep your head up champ. He’s living his dream which 99.99% of the people on earth can’t claim and went for greatness. I hope he doesn’t go for the rematch. What he experienced at the hands of Crawford is equivalent to a second car wreck. No need for more unnecessary trauma to the body. Hopefully, Derrick James proves why he was coach of the year. Try and convince him a rematch with Crawford isn’t what he wants. With all due respect, there are two things Errol needs to avoid in this life. Excessive drinking and Terrance Crawford.

    • I would say take the rematch but only at 150-154lbs.

      Spence was obviously weakened from the weight cut.

      I actually expected him to get knocked down by Crawford, but not from a jab. I also expected him to get up make it a competitive fight but that never happened.

      Hell the moment Spence tried and couldn’t push Crawford backwards I knew he had no chance to win because he had no plan B after that.

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