Eric Gomez: Canelo-Derevyanchenko rumors false

By Hesiquio Balderas® had the chance to talk to Golden Boy’s president Eric Gomez about the ongoing rumors that Canelo Álvarez Is in talks to face Sergiy Derevyanchenko. On Canelo vs. Derevyanchenko rumors: “There’s no truth to it, this is very much premature. There isn’t even a date for Canelo right now. Everything is up in the air until boxing makes a full return, those rumors are false,” said Gomez.

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  • The variable in all this is Canelo’s matchups will have very predictable outcomes. Therefore, cherry-picking fights to push more victories on one’s record overshadowed by monetary gains for Oscar’s checkbook is what makes some of Canelo’s legacy. Sorry, but I am not a huge fan. Canelo has been handed a few gifted decisions that still puts a bad taste in my mouth especially the first fight with GGG. Canelo is a good fighter, but Oscar’s antics, few coverups, and a slap on the wrist for violations still lingers with me. Your opinion and thoughts may vary, but everyone is allowed to have an opinion.

    • Pretty much sums up my feelings too…good fighter, but too many smells around him.

    • Yea i feel ya scoobs except for the cherry picking part for a potential shiwdown with Sergiy. D’Chenko IMO is a harder fight than a GGG would be. We all saw what D’Chenko did to GGG, he cld do the same to Canelo. But yea, all the rest, im with ya for sure….. Canelo is a true warrior BUT Oscar tarnishes his image very badly. Soon Canelo will realize it and leave Oscar behind.

    • I’m not a Canelo fan but I’m glad he beat GGG. GGG was looking to make a legacy by fighting guys in his weight class or smaller. He never had the balls to go up like Mayweather, Canelo, Manny so fuck GGG. If you’re going to call out Canelo, you need to call out GGG.

      • If a fighter such as GGG is in a weight division that is absolutely his natural weight class, why on earth go up to another weight class unless it is purely for the money. That is silly. People like you and Larry Merchant always seem to think a fighter has to move up, move up, move up to prove himself. Dumb. And unfair. You are off the mark, Marc.

  • If he can make weight the Murata fight makes the most money and world wide fame. He might pick that one. Seems BJS was willing to fight for a fair deal unlike Smith who I can’t believe turned down that fight. So what if your not getting what the past 7 opponents got fighting Canelo. They all had a better resume. Would’ve fell through anyways but still….

  • The first GGG fight (which Canelo clearly lost) the Lara fight and Canelo’s fight with Austin Trout and the bullshit open scoring cards which showed Canelo with a large lead going into the later rounds in fight which should have been scored very even or in favor of Trout along with some of the shady shit when it comes to drug testing in the state of Texas will have always leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to Canelo.

    I give Canelo some credit for moving up in weight to Kovalev even though Kovalev is clearly far past his prime, but I would like to see Canelo actually stay at and unify a weight class though instead of jumping around and cherry picking his opposition. It would be great to see Canelo fight Beterbiev or Bivol, but we all know that is not going to happen.

    • I thought Lara won fight with Canelo, but saw the fight a second time, I could see Canelo winning because Lara kepting running and Canelo chasing him down. GGG did win the first fight with Canelo, no doubt, but Oscar is pissing off boxing fans, he’s treating Canelo like Coronal Parker treated Elvis. I’d like to see Canelo fight Charlo.

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