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Dubois destroys Dinu for WBA interim title

Dubois Wba

Heavyweight Daniel “Dynamite” Dubois (16-1, 15 KOs) scored a second round one-punch KO over Bogdan Dinu (20-3, 16 KOs) to win the vacant WBA interim heavyweight title on Saturday night at the Telford International Centre in Telford, England. A right hand by Dubois laid out Dinu for the count. Time was :31.

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Dubois-Dinu undercard results

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  • Wba interim champion?wtf is next wba next in line champion wba I was a champion wba stands for we buy anyone a belt if you pay our sanction fee champion

  • Take no crap, Daniel Dubois is back.

    Daniel, good for you. To be honest, I thought you were finished. Toast. Too soft for the game. You proved me wrong. I am very proud of you. The sky is the limit. Give it everything you have. And don’t smoke, vape, drink, or do drugs. Don’t be a schmendrick.

    I am very proud of you, Daniel.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • I must say, one defeat on Dubois record does not mean it’s over for his career. Ask Anthony Joshua about the same concept. We must give Dubois a fair shake and see if this kid can overcome adversity.

    • Wtf are you talking about? Who cares. Are you his mom? Get a life.

    • Jennifer, what did I say a few days ago when you said Dubois is soft, lol.

  • Well managed, 10 titles, at least he won the way he supposed to.

  • It should have been Joy Joyce fighting for this (meaningless) title.

    • Exactly my thoughts. How does a guy coming off a bad KO loss get a title fight? This is low, even for the absurd WBA. I think Dubois is a legit contender, but he was well beaten in his last out and had no business being in a “title fight.”

  • wba has been around since 1962, wbc since 1963, and especially in the 60’s,70s the nabf title was one to win cause if you had that belt 9 times out 10 you got at shot at one of those two belts, not like that these days

    • Absolutely right Brian. In days gone by, the NABF and USBA in the USA was highly looked upon as a great way to earn a world title shot. Here, the Lonsdale belt was revered, not any more. Quick British title win and then on to the world interim, pan-mid-Cotswold-Eurasian-silver-belt nonsense before getting a shot at one of 238,519 world champions! This sport is now absurd. Other sports too though. In football, the F.A Cup is no longer sacred like it used to be. Money, fees, court cases, manipulation etc etc etc. Will it ever change? I very much doubt it sadly…..

      • As a Bundesliga fan, I still think the Pokal has clout… so it would stand to reason the FA Cup still means something. It’s sort of like the “everyday championship” because anyone can win it.

  • You can’t say just because he lost once he’s a bum. He’s young & got many years to evolve. David Haye got knocked out early in his career only to come back & become cruiserweight champion. People need to get off this undefeated record Worship bs

    • Thats the way people are today. They bash anyone but their fighter. thats why they are fanboys.

  • Well, not much to say really. A boost for the confidence.

    He’s 23. The only boxer under 25 among top 25. A majority are 30 years or older, many even between 35 and 40.

    Time is still to come. Don’t hurry. Learn and be prepared when facing top 10 again.

  • So aside from AJ (which it obviously won’t be) whose belt is he the interim holder of? 3 to choose from as I type.
    Still he got the W. He could rematch JJ. Maybe too early but if JJ doesn’t get the shot vs Usyk it’s a possibility?

    • AJ has the WBA, WBO, IBF belts. Fury has the WBC belt. Interim belts actually make sense. IF a champion gets hurt in a car crash, is it far to strip him? if he is a nobody, sure nobody would care, but if they stripped AJ you people would go nuts, so thats why we have interim belts. Also because of mandatories, when you own 3 belts you have 3 mandatories, you won’t be able to fight 3 of them in the required time, so one of the 3 mandatories will go over time. is it fair to tell the challenger too bad? again if somebody like AJ was the challenger and didn’t get his chance when he was supposed to people would go nuts. So this ensures the mandatory challenger gets his shot at the title. It allows the regular champ to fulfill his other mandatories. Its really a good thing, as it allows the champ to keep his belt and more time to fight mandatories….If you are a AJ fan should love it.

  • the Paul Mayweather fiasco was a joke that anyone would have paid for that and for paul to think he won cuz he went the distance yea after he got hit once he was happy to go the distance by just holding on it looked like a giant fighting a kid with the size difference no one will pay to c your brother fight floyd maybe if u actually fought and got knocked out people might have believed brother was doing it for revenge but.i think everyone knows no sense in letting u both make a million canelo Alvarez would have hurt u I less than 2 but he would never stop that low

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