Crawford comments on boycott by rivals

The name of unbeaten WBO welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford is rarely mentioned by the other top welterweights and promoters. Some networks won’t even acknowledge he exists. Why? Crawford is aligned with Top Rank. His chief welterweight rivals are aligned on ‘the other side of the street’ with PBC. Fights between boxers of the two organizations do happen, but only occasionally.

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“Deontay Wilder is about to fight Tyson Fury and you never hear about any ‘sides of the street.'” Crawford said today. “It’s just something people say when it comes to Terence Crawford.

“You don’t hear ‘wrong side of the street’ with any other fighter but Terence Crawford. Why do all these other fights get made, but when it’s Terence Crawford, it’s about the ‘wrong side of the street?'”

With no title unifications in sight, Crawford takes on the best welterweights who are willing to face him, including Saturday evening at Madison Square Garden against WBO #1 contender Egidijus “Mean Machine” Kavaliauskas (21-0-1, 17 KOs)

“{New York} is one of the big stages. Vegas is a big stage. I do my thing in the ring, and every time I fight, I send a message to all the welterweights out there,” Crawford said.

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  • You are the mastermind behind all this Crawford. You wasted a golden opportunity when you signed an extension of your contract with Top Rank, having just two years remaining to be a free agent in 2020.
    Has to be carefully analyzed the events and final results, when a promoter got into dispute with their fighters and after the feud end it, the fighter, as a free man, succeed. Floyd Mayweather, Miguel Cotto, Oscar De La Hoya, Many Pacquiao, Mikey Garcia are good example to evaluate and decide which path to follow. Obviously Crawford chose the wrong one in a more or less dumb move.

    • So very true all made top rank plenty of money then decided to make more money for themselves since they are the ones putting their life’s on the line at the end of the day business is business

      • Well said Peanut. Fighters should realize at one point on their boxing career, that they can be part of the business, not only the gladiator with a fixed salary, merely a fraction of the profits generated by their sacrifice.

      • Now they make money for Al Haymon or Oscar. The only difference is the politics. They can make money without fighting TC so why go out of their way to risk their cash cows? All the promoters are the same.

  • Maybe it’s because he is a thug from Omaha. We all know that the only thing that is good coming from NE is excuses.

  • Bob arum engaged in these tactics for decades now he’s on the losing end of a battle and his fighters are paying the price for it. Crawford has to make a decision whether he’s going to be loyal to Bob Arum or do what’s best for him and his career

    • Bob Arum made his bad shit in the past, but the real problem now are the PBC (Haymon) PBC fighters mentality is to stay healthy. And that simply means not caring about Crawford. Even in PBC events, you’ll NEVER see Crawford in the rankings that they show when it comes to top welterweights. It’s OBVIOUS man.

  • Crawford just doesn’t sell tickets, His biggest fight to date was the over rated Jeff Horn. No one watches his ppv. Sorry but Crawford is now a bum with a belt.

  • The big money and the commercialization of boxing might be good for some actors in the market now but in the long rong it is killing the sport.
    If you are a non rich fan there is almost no way to follow your favorites. Before you could at least watch the fights afterwards. Not today when the owners stop it.
    The only thing you can do is do watch the old fights from a time with boxers that today are pensioners, if still alive.
    There is less and less regrowth of fans and that is truly devastating for the sport and future boxers.

    • We watch all PPV fights the next day on YouTube, we will not pay to see these mismatches, sparring sessions, this next fight for Crawford is a walkover!

  • There are only 2 pbc guys worth fighting. And thd best 1 was just in a bad accident. So that leaves the 2nd best guy with no belts. Or the 3rd guy with No belts who just lost to pacman. Oh yeh, forget pacman. So not such a problem

  • In the end it should not matter what promoter you are with, what matters is who deserves to fight who! Crawford is more than deserving to fight any one of those boxers affiliated with PBC. The real question is why aren’t the sanctioning bodies doing anything about it, to get this going!?

  • It is because you re-signed with that crook Arum. All the top welters with the exception of Pac is with PBC, and Pac is now a free agent. The PBC welters are fighting each other, and Pac has been fighting the PBC fighters,no one wants to deal with Top Rank.

  • Bitch plz, Who has Crawford beat>? NOBODY! He beat nobody for the title and fought nobody after.
    He is a club fighter at best with a lot of hype.

  • Crawford is a damn pussy. he probably did all this just so he wouldn’t have to fight all the best fighters. ive always thought he was just a MEH type of fighter and the fact that he only fights trash can fighters nobody really cares about will come back on him when he tries to fight a top dog. “caugh” Thurman…ya he faught Garcia…..meh hard hitting bum and porter who won that fight imho but when he stepped up he got sat down. Crawford is the same but id like to see him step up! just to see what his big lips have to say about being sat down!

  • Yes wrong side of the dtreet is an exuse. If Lewis/Tyson was negotiated then it can be done. Sugar Ray Leonard had the blueprint. Just get a lawyer and accept the highest bidding promoter on a fight by fight basis.

  • Crawford has a belt why won’t. The pbc fighters like Porter and Thurman who don’t have a belt now go take his because they can’t beat him.crawford is the best welterweight hands down

  • Boxing is the only sport where the best don’t compete against the best. Imagine NFL, MLB or NHL teams dodging other top tier teams and then winning a championship. Crawford isn’t dodging, that’s not what I meant. The way this sport is ran is a total joke.

  • Crawford beat postal former world champion Beltran former world champion Molina dangerous knockout puncher diery Jean top contender Hank Lundy a former perennial contender Jeff horn who a guy that was lucky to be given a title.

  • Kavaliauskas is no slouch and may likely definitely give Crawford problems. Mean machine puts guys out , very skilled finisher. Undefeated 2- handed aggressive strong fighter with good pedigree. Dont talk like Crawford fighting nobodies if you know nothing about the guy.

    • To whom of real value he has faced so far? Best name on his record Ray Robinson, where he barely got a draw

  • So many of you think it’s best to go to the PBC ? WHY? To fight once every 2 years or once every year? The fact is that every PBC fighter is running away from Crawford, NOBODY is man enough to fight him. Now having said that, in the days of real promoters, Arum and King, they made it their business to put on the best fights the world has ever seen. Like them or not they knew how to promote and if fighters from different camps had to fight, they made certain they fought. Now we get the PBC once in a lifetime fighters, and the Delaho buy the judge fighters, now Hearn takes that formula and makes the hwt championship a MEATBALL eating contest , in the Saudi Arabian center to wit the King, Hearn, Dazn all made sure their Joshua had all the cards fixed for him to win. Now as for Crawford, all Terrance has to do is keep busy, fight 4 times a year and show everyone why he is the best Welter and all the other AVOID him like the plague. Pacman if he is called out enough would fight Bud, because Pacman is not afraid to fight anyone. Boxing will never become a legit sport again, unless the WBA/WBC, Delaho, PBC, and Hearn stop making boxing the new WWE. Fans need to boycott every PPV, ESPN2 DAZN and any other fights that have to cost you the bank to watch. When these AZZCLOWNZZ see nobody will buy their phony fixed fights,they will get the idea that boxing needs to be a real sport again with 1 champ per division, and EVERY FIGHTER being active and honorable, we do not need 70 CHUMPIONS per 70 divisions O.K WBA??????!!!!!

  • It’s obviously simple. The PBC champs are scared to unify with the toprank champ(I refer to them this way because it has turned into a SmackDown and Raw situation). If fighters really 2ant the fight to happen, it will. No one is a slave(unless the Haymon contract rumors are true). As if right now, Crawford smokes them all. The healthiest fighter at welterweight for the PBC right now is Danny Garcia, everyone else is injured or too old for the risk.

  • Since all those PBC welters are ‘all on the same side of the street’, and for some time now, like TC says, “how come they don’t fight”?

    They don’t even make any excuses, they don’t fight each other, and they won’t fight TC… stop cherry picking and fight.

    Let’s go champ(s).

  • Porter challenged Crawford right after Spence fight and keeps challenging Crawford. Crawford and team are avoiding him. Spence is out! May never box again

  • He been fighting for over a decade yet still ain’t fight no p4p fighter now compare to all other top5 p4p entrants and it’s easy to see Crawford is a liar and his resume speaks volumes so he need to quit lying because he woofed out his ass than ran to Bob because contrary to what he said there is two sides to the street and he actually thinks he’s the A-side and he won’t negotiate unless he gets more money even though other guys are way more deserving dudes a bum

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