COVID KOs Benn-Granados

Benn Vs Granados Press Conference
Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

Conor Benn has tested positive for COVID-19 and is out of Saturday’s Fight Camp main event vs. Adrian Granados. New date to be announced shortly. The Xu Can vs. Leigh Wood WBA featherweight world title fight will now headline Saturday’s show on DAZN.

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  • very irresponsible on Benn’s side. I get it, no one goes out looking for Covid but at this level, you should be more selective of you you invite in to your bubble.

    • Stop, you’re pushing fear. For what?? 99.9% survival rate? Did we do this for a cold or the flu ever?

        • It’s about control.. And you’re servile. This is about taking freedom not health. And you are here being a spokesperson VOLUNTARILY to willfully offer up/lose your freedom. Servile Bootlickers don’t help anything.. they’re just useful idiots that help push the agenda.

          • In 2019, 13,000 people in the US died from the flu.

            Guess heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension are for sheeple and are hoaxes, right? LOL, you are entertaining!

          • Nada. Heart disease, cancer, diebetes and obesite are cause of death of these people. Already 12,100 deaths after vaccination on vaers (vaccination adverse effect reporting system) – compared to 366 deaths last year. Every drug causing that type of havoc would be normally recalled in a heartbeat. Add Midazolam in the UK (that killed tens of thousands of people) where side effect are hypoxia – exactly the symptom attributed to “con-vid”. Keep sleeping.

    • Wow, it’s been over a year with this bullshit and you are still virtue signaling and act like you can keep a virus away with a mask and talking down and virtue signaling to people on the internet.

      You’re a disgusting human being. You have no clue what Benn was or wasn’t doing to hide from covid, and frankly it’s none of your business. The guy is training to possibly get killed or kill his opponent or give them severe brain damage or multiple other life altering injury’s. But yeah. He should spend what could be the last 6 weeks of his life not seeing his children or wife/gf etc.

      The fight isn’t canceled it’s postponed. Oh well. At this point it’s should be up to the fighters if they wanna continue the fight if one of them gets covid. You have the vaccine and for most 20-40 year olds covid at worst will be a bad cold. At best 60-70% won’t even have symptoms.

      How awful is your life that you need to comment about how a give that risks his life Everytime he steps in the ring is “irresponsible” even though you have no clue what he was doing. And outside of having a literal bubble that you need to get trainers sparring parteners, children, wife’s, strength and conditioning coach, media etc to all agree on? How are you suppose to function for 6 weeks in n a complete bubble. How do you get food? Who goes and gets the food?

      You’re dumb.

  • These guys are going to start missing pay checks and opportunities to win titles, then folks will start being a little more aware of their activities.

    It’s like anything else, someone is always waiting to take your spot no matter how accidental a situation might be. In my opinion, title bouts are gonna need three fighters available if to lower the chance of cancellations.

    • Yeah, a postponed fight is gonna ruin his career. It’s almost like you are getting off on thinking about it. About being able to comment on someone’s career being ruined and you saying “haha, should been a better person, as I sit here judging you on the internet even though I don’t know you and have no clue what you could’ve been doing for you to contract covid”.

      It’s sick how after a year people like you pretend that covid is just something you can make disappear of you follow the government’s rules. You probably think that if everyone in the world wore masks covid would go away. Or that always vaccinated being are spreading covid. You really get off on people dying and getting sick , except the ones that followed all your rules, them you’ll blame them getting sick on a mysterious anti masker, anti vaxer Trump supporter, because there in no way that smart liberals get covid and die because they wear masks and they only die because of people without mask.

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