Cobbs: It’s my time

Blair Cobbs on his victory: “It wasn’t easy. Even after I tracked him on that special shot that hurt him, he got up, he’s resilient, and he kept pressing forward. He even got a couple of good shots in. He got me with that right hand one time. Not too many times he landed, but when he did, he landed very well. But Blair “The Flair” prevails. I stay consistent on pressure with high, low, high, low. I make myself as unpredictable as possible.”

Blair Cobbs on what is next: “I saw something on Instagram. Ryan Garcia was rooting for “AB”. That was hurtful because I thought we were boys. But get your girl out of DMs. It’s my time, it’s Blair “The Flair” Cobbs, the most exciting man in boxing and the People’s Champion. Woooooooooooo!”

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  • First let me say Broner was awful, he look like an old sparring partner who hangs around the gym. Secondly Broner is actually a lightweight at the most a jr. welter. He was actually smaller than Cobb although being heavier, Most lightweight and jr.welters are bigger than Broner natually, it is the dirty living that put paid to a once promising carreer. It was amazing how inept this former world champion was, there are top 20-30 rated welters who would have done better. Cobb did what he had to do, but he is nothing special, he ran more than any Haney or Stevenson ever did, but he was up against a small chunky (even his face was), old wash up fighter. I hope AB has some money saved up, otherwise this guy will do something crazy.

    • You make some good points. Broner’s better days are past him now. Broner needs to reassess his life’s goals and realize his current boxing situation is putting his health at great risk. Broner’s background is a colorful one to say the least. Hopefully, he can stay out of trouble and keep focused on a straight clean path in life. Time will tell with Broner.

    • Truth, Broner was never very effective at 147. 140 was definitely his limit. I think he could have still made the weight if he made better choices outside of the boxing. He tends to blow up between fights. As it’s already been said, we suspected Broner was at the tail end of his winning ways but he’s definitely done now.

    • You know, I’ve seen the same thing. He looked like he was tired slow and older. Just did not look right to me

  • Another loud mouth clown!! Broner will be his best win. Cant see this dude going very far. His gimmick is lame and he thinks he’s bigger than he is.

  • People had so much praise for AB but I never thought he was special regardless of what weight he fought at. At best he would always be a charismatic poor man’s version of Tank. The best he beat were guys who gave him the right range for him to work with. DeMarco was good example of a fighter who could’ve kept AB at bay with his reach but elected to trade in the pocket with the shorter guy. He looked bad against Malignaggi and had problems with movers. I thought he lost to Ponce DeLeon but a potential star will get that push in order for big future fights to be made.

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