Weights from Orlando

Photo: @platinum_shine_187 / Boxlab Promotions / Undisputed Promotions

Atif Oberlton 176.5 vs. Harry Keenan Cruz 175
Herich Ruiz 231 vs. Brandon Carmack 278
Carlos De Leon Castro 129 vs. Christian Reed 135.5
Chavez Barrientes 125 vs. Daniel Olea 125
Corey Marksman 138 vs. Jonathan Perez 140.5
Jonathan Gonzalez-Ortiz 160 vs. Edward Ulloa Diaz 159.5
Jamar Pemberton 159 vs. Luis Florez 163
Yoelvis Gomez 158 vs. Marcelo Bzowski 158.5
Carlos Lebron 121 vs. Miguel Rebullosa 122.5
Jockson Blanco 147 vs. Dante Concepcion 149.5

Venue: Caribe Royale, Orlando, Florida
Promoter: Boxlab Promotions

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