Claressa “GWOAT” Shields Exclusive Interview

By Jeff Zimmerman® caught up with the “GWOAT” Claressa Shields, who is in the UK to watch her boxing rival, Savannah Marshall, follow her path to MMA as she makes her pro debut in the PFL. Shields talked about a potential showdown in the cage with Marshall and how she was her motivation to try the sport.

Shields is “daring to be great” as she faces WBC heavyweight champ Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse on July 27 at Little Ceasars Arena back home in Detroit. She shared her thoughts on Alycia Baumgardner, the lightweight clash between Tank and Frank Martin and addressed Adrien Broner’s loss to Blair Cobbs. She also gave her opinion on Tyson-Paul and whether she would fight Jake in this exclusive interview.


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  • I recall when some years back when Sheilds was riding on the confidence train she made a goofy comment she would fight Sean Porter to prove her worth. Yeah, ok. First, you gotta have some punching power with KOs to make yourself marketable. Shields was a better talker than a KO artist.

  • Damn she’s fugly. She’s got a face that would make a train take a dirt road.

  • People need to stop feeding into boxers delusions. This boxing has had 14 pro fights and people keep calling her the GWOAT. First I think the women’s division is week because its still new and there are a lot of woman who jump in with little to no training. We see world champions who little to no history and its just crazy. As for the title of GWOAT. I think there are at least ten woman I can name that I consider better, and I think the list would be a lot longer if I watched more of the Woman boxers.

    • Pretty sure she calls herself the gwoat not people in general. I never thought you could call yourself the goat/gwoat I thought that was instilled on you by your fans and peers.
      Good post though mate

  • not interested in clarrisa a lot of talk not that great for womans boxing if she left the boxing game womans boxing would be better off

  • She ain’t the GWOAT. Not even close. Serrano and Taylor’s resumes alone are far more impressive.

  • Fightnews, you might wanna check in first with the Gwoat next time before you introduce her, as it looks unprofessional being corrected by your guest.
    I’m also team Mike Tyson against Jake Paul. I like what Jake Paul has done for Amanda Serrano and the boxers he promotes but I don’t see his career to date as anything but a cash grab.

  • Decent interview. Not over the top, but it wasn’t without a few silly comments. Shields is chasing greatness, yes, by going up to heavyweight, but I don’t think anyone has send her the memo about not being able to return to her weightclass after competing with the big girls. It won’t be the same. Regardless, I wish her the best.

    In terms of fighting Jake Paul, she said that anyone who thinks that Paul can beat her is smoking door. Lol!!! I’m not a dope head, but as soon a Jake connects with a bomb, and he will, it’s lights out for the “gwoat”.

  • She is a horrible interview she can’t put words together and there boxing websites should stop making a fool of her by calling her a great there is no gwoat at least in todays boxing she sounds like a second grade education

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