Golden Boy Statement

Golden Boy responds to allegations that Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney have not yet been paid for their April 20 fight.

“As we have always done with all our fighters, Golden Boy paid Ryan and Devin exactly what they are owed under their contracts. As with all PPV events, revenue comes in over time and additional payments will be made when more money is received. If they aren’t aware of this fact, we would hope that their managers are. Or perhaps Ryan and Devin should pay more attention to their contracts than their social media feeds.” – Golden Boy Promotions

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  • He’s Mexican!

    You trust ANYTHING Mexican!

    They’re ALL corrupt or easily corrupted!

    • j.j. you are obviously starving for attention and have a need to unleash and spread your hate. grow up and get some help. god bless.

  • Pay up golden boy! Oscarita De la pinga needs to pay what he owes! It was a great night of boxing and both haney and ryan delivered a great show, its time to pay up their dues!

  • So CANELO was right after all??!! Oscar is a crook!! Funny how Oscar said he’d sue Canelo for slander!

  • so much for golden girl saying he is all for protecting boxers – the only thing that his puppet masters do – because he cannot is manage cash flow….the flow he manages is up his nose in a snort!

  • In other news, Ryan Garica was picked up on a felony vandalism charge yesterday in LA. If I’m his handlers, I drop him into therapy immediately. There’s something not right and I very seriously believe he needs some professional help. It’s better to help him now than let him go to the bottom of this spiral.

    Frankly, I think the guy is a douche… but mental health is no joke. Somebody do this kid a favor and get him in front of a psych.

  • I have been a matchmaker in Professional Boxing for over 25 years… during that time I have made many fights for Golden Boy Promotions… I have worked with them on many shows in Chicago and made a lot of fights independently on their shows all over the United States…. and I can say that they have always paid me exactly what I was owed and sometimes more…. bottom line is I trust what they say… PPV contracts are complicated and it is true that all monies do not come in Immediately.

  • Oscar took a shot at both Ryan and Devin with the social media comment. This tells me, that even if Ryan wins, those two still have as strained relationship.

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