“Chocolatito” Gonzalez Returns July 12


Roman “Chocolatito” has announced live from a press conference in Managua, Nicaragua, that his much anticipated return to the ring will be on Friday, July 12 at the 15,000+ seat Alexis Arguello Arena. ESPN Knockout will televise. Roman will have the support of his fellow Nicaraguan people for the first time since his championship title run, claiming 5 world titles and dominating the “fly” divisions in the process, all while traveling on the road.

Gonzalez’ return to Nicaragua is the biggest boxing event since the legendary Alexis Arguello last fought on home soil in December 18th 1977.

Roman Gonzalez: “I am super happy and excited to be fighting in front of all my family, the Nicaraguan people. It will be a dream come true if I can crown myself a 6x champion in 5 different divisions here in Nicaragua. For me and my team the greatest all time will always be Alexis Arguello.”

Felix “Tuto” Zabala Jr/All Star Boxing: “The Nicaraguan people will experience a historic night of boxing, I am happy to deliver this along with my partner and mentor Mr. Akihiko Honda of Teiken Promotions. We have been diligently working in the country for over 20 years developing boxing in the region and producing world title fights. Roman was always a dream to have and now we are making it reality, This will be a special one”

Carlos Blandon/Roman Gonzalez Manager: “After this inactivity of close to 19 months, It will make for a very interesting fight. We expect a positive victory and look forward to a title shot there after and why not at home with the support of his fans”

Five different opponents are on the table for Roman’s selection including countries like Mexico, United States, Panama and Phillipines. The historic night is billed as “Regreso a Casa” or homecoming.

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  • Sounds like a farewell retirement fight. Roman deserves to go out like the true champion that he is.

  • This fight in Nicaragua is a ten ronud “shake rust ” fight as Roman debut at the bantamweight category. The logical opponent for Roman on his quest to get the bantamweight title is Emmanuel Rodriguez, because the others are more difficult to get, especially Moloney, maybe Takuma Inoue could be the other one, because Junto Nakatani is a NO,NO, for su extreme quality and also is Gonzalez stable mate.

  • Was wondering when Chocolatito would return, here’s hoping he can turn back the clock again

  • Would absolutely LOVE to see Chocolatito – Donaire before they both call it a day and head to the HOF.

  • Gonzalez epitomizes what is good in sport demonstrating dedication, perseverance, honor and humility. He will have many rooting for him in his quest for a 6th title but win it or no he has already had a stellar career and comfortably stands as tall as the man he reveres – Alexis Arguello.

  • I Always liked chocolatito
    A real warrior,but it’s been awhile since he’s fought I wish him well and hope he doesn’t get hurt

  • >