Chavez Jr: I had conversations with Jake Paul, they made an offer

By Hesiquio Balderas

Coming off his victory over David Zegarra, Julio César Chávez Jr. is ready and eager to step into the ring again ASAP.® had a conversation with the former middleweight world champion regarding the buzz created for a possible bout with media sensation and YouTuber-turned-fighter Jake Paul.

“Jake Paul and his people contacted me regarding a fight with Paul,” said Chavez Jr. “I said yes, but then again Lupe Valencia, who is with Paul now and used to be with me a few years back, said they offered me one to three million dollars plus PPV. When it’s a fight that can sell millions and can break records because he is popular and I have a name, I’m a former world champion, so I made it clear that it has to be a 50/50 split for me to take the fight.

“Take into consideration that I have to go all the way up to 190 pounds. Jake Paul is a big guy and weight matters, so it’s a risk. Their people may want to see me lose and take advantages, but he doesn’t know how to box. I know I can knock him out.

“I just want to be treated fairly. What I bring to the table and my name, I have 61 fights already and yes I haven’t looked the same in my last two fights, but I fought with serious injuries in my body that I will tell you about later on. I’m feeling better little by little and if the Paul fight happens, I will be very well prepared to win. I will not lose,” concluded Chávez Jr., who said he is ready to resume his training camp in Culiacán.

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  • I thought this fight seemed like a natural. Chavez is still on suspension though in the States, would either have to get him re-licensed or take the fight to Mexico.

      • Nope… Nobody likes jcc anymore, not even his hometown, not even TV… And BTW Chávez would lose to a taxi driver, a butcher or anyone that can throw a punch, he’s so out of the game

    • The fight will happen in USA, most likely California. Business are business, a suspension for not taking a test happened under a world class fight with all the rules, sanctioning bodies and comissions involved. Showtime and all the parts involved have the power to convince to whom this might concern, that Paul vs Chavez is just an spectacle with entertainment purposes with great economical reward to the city that might host the event.

      • Also, PPV sales of this event will be one the best in recent years, with Amanda Serrano vs Katie Taylor on the undercard

  • i know Chavez jr continues to surprise us with losses, but surely he should beat Jake Paul easily? i feel like i am missing something about levels. He fought Canelo!

    • He fought Canelo nearly 5 yrs ago and Martinez nearly 10 yrs ago. Not sure those fights are relevant in how we would do against Paul now. He just lost to a 45 yr old retired mma fighter in Anderson Silva.

    • He will embarass himself and all of the boxing community. He will lose or quit when he feels Jakes power. He just got beat by Anderson Silva a retired MMA guy.

  • Everyone says these guys should fight real boxers, weather your a fan of Chavez or not he is no amateur.
    The heavy weight will probably work to jrs advantage.
    No way Paul call pull this off

    • A former world champion “Boxer”, veteran of 60 pro fights pretty much killed his marketability with due to weight issues and no mas injuries. This guy gets offered 1-3 million to fight a Youtube boxing sensation with 5 fights at a more natural weight and he wants to demand a 50/50 purse split, wtf. JCC jr said, “I have to move all the way up to 190 and that is a risk”………. you lost 100 K because you couldn’t make 182lbs against Silva, what a joke. JP can pass JCCjr by and still make millions on his next fight. Who else is knocking on JCC jr’s door with that kind of $$$, no one!

    • Yep, I thought the same thing. His record doesn’t mean much today – it’s history. At the moment he’s not a hot commodity and would be lucky to get a couple million to fight anyone else. I don’t think too many people are interested in watching Chavez fight. They’d come to see if Paul can get past him. And unless Chavez deteriorated even more and Paul got much better, Chavez should take him out easy.

      • And for the record – I’m not interested in watching any of them fight. I’ve seen a couple of minutes of Woodley vs Paul and turned it off – it was poor performance on both sides, more wrestling than anything else. If anything it showed both Woodley and Paul don’t belong on the big stage. And don’t get me wrong – Paul’s resume is very good for someone with only 5 pro fights. I’m just not interested in watching beginners.

        • His resume is good? How? A good resume would have boxers on it. Those are professional fights. Should’ve been against boxers. Wow he has a impressive record without one boxer on it. Wow???

  • Chavez Jr.: ““Take into consideration that I have to go all the way up to 190 pounds, Jake Paul is a big guy and weight matters, so it’s a risk.”

    He was 184.4 for Silva when the contracted weight was 182. He forfeited $100K of his purse to Silva because of that. Not sure what he weighed for his recent bout with Zagarra, but 190 doesn’t seem that out of reach for a guy who never seems to make weight anyway.

    • Weight for him is a negotiating tool. This isn’t Amir Khan genuinely concerned about giving up too much to Canelo. This is Chavez thinking of absolutely anything that can make his position stronger to get more money.

      And it might just work. I really think this fight is going to happen.

      • No doubt about it that he is negotiating a bigger piece of the pie for himself. He’s making it sound like it’s some enormous burden on himself to come up to 190, when that’s probably music to his ears.

        Odd that Paul could be fighting a former world champion in his 6th fight….albeit a lazy, seemingly completely unmotivated former champion who would be 30 lbs above his prime weight. Wouldn’t pay for it, but would be interested in seeing it.

        • I’m tempted to say that if he found a way to lose to Paul it would be the end of the line for Chavez…. but I probably said that before the Silva fight as well.

          • Chavez Jr doesn’t mind to stay on his stool after 4 or 5 rounds or at soon Paul lands a good shot on his nose. I wouldn’t be surprised if he request a recliner on his corner when that happens

  • Now this I would definitely watch!! I won’t pay for it but I’ll watch it for sure

  • stupid not to take the deal. who else will pay him that much money? at this point.. nobody..

    • This is a 15 millio fight if its take place in USA, being a lot more for Paul. This encounter might generate around 150 in gate, PPV, endorsements and advertising. So, even he might not deserve it, but Chavez Jr. Is right in asking for more.

  • At this stage of Jr.’s wastebasket career, I would make this an even money fight or maybe even have Paul as a 6-5 favorite. And of course they would charge PPV for this laughable event. SMH.

  • Can Chavez Jr make the 190 pound weight limit? Serious issues with weight and I wouldnt be shacked if he came in heavy. As for the money does he have anything thats going to make him 3 million? Im a fan of boxing, but Chavez has had his 1st, 2nd and 3rd chance and failed them all. I have no interest in seeing him again, but would watch the match with him and Paul.

  • What’s really important here is- who is Lupe Valencia? Was she romantaically linked with Chavez and is now Paul’s lady, or is it strictly a business relationship?…Haha, this is what boxing is coming to! A goddamn latin soap opera!…By the way, but not incidentally, Chavez should be able to beat the living shit out of Paul with ease, but Pauls feeling that YouTube juice. Ya never know!

  • As bad as Chavez has been lately, the fact that there is a chance he can still make a few million is crazy. He should consider this hitting the jackpot and I wonder if Chavez would cave on his demands if Paul starts saying he will look for someone else?
    The last thing Chavez should worry about at this point is pride. He has already embarrassed himself enough.

  • Paul will win 100%. Chavez is at bar fighter level right now. He loses against almost everyone and everything. Yes there are levels to the game, but you have to know that there is a thin line between these levels.

    You only need to be 5% better than the rest to be the called the best and become a star. But if you lose that 5% you’re back to ordinary, and if you lose another 2,5 to 5% you’re at or near bar fighter level.

    That’s how it goes. And that’s why Paul needs to fight a good boxer in his prime. A fighter who hasn’t lost his touch. Chavez won’t win. Bet big on Paul.

  • Pretty sure Junior will jump at the chance to balloon up to 190lb. He’ll be living the dream.

  • All jake has to do is make to the end of the fourth. Chávez won’t come out after that.

  • Paul is a joke. He’s a gimmick. He’s not a boxer. It’s why he hasn’t fought one yet. Is Chavez Jr still good? No. He’s been washed up for about 6, 7 years. But he’s still a legit boxer. He just beat David Zegarra. David Zegarra would fucking destroy Jake Paul

  • Chavez Jr may as well take the fight. He can`t possibly drag the sport down any lower than he has already. He may as well make some good money while doing so. I would actually welcome a Paul victory with this match up.

  • maybe greg haugen will stage a comeback and fight paul or chavez jr its taxi cab fight time

  • Paul is a joke as a boxer! He is just making money (more power to him for that) but he will get knocked out easily against any real boxer. I don’t care how Chavez has looked or that he is past his prime. Chaves is a real fighter and will damage this kid. Period

  • Sorry Chavez no one gets excited by your ‘name’-take what you can while you can!!

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