Charlo TKOs Harrison, regains WBC 154lb title

By Rocky Morales at ringside
Photos: Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

In a rematch, Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (33-1, 17 KOs) avenged his loss to WBC super welterweight champion Tony “Super Bad” Harrison (28-3, 21 KOs) on Saturday night at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California. Charlo knocked down Harrison in the second round with a left hook but Harrison not only survived the knockdown but made it a real battle for the rest of the fight. The end came when Charlo knocked down Harrison twice in round eleven and got the stoppage with his follow-up barrage.
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Harrison, more often than not, controlled the center of the ring and was doing great work to the body while Charlo was headhunting.

The fight was all about ebbs and flows with each fighter trying to figure out how to beat gain an advantage. Some rounds were fought in a phone booth while other rounds were fought at a distance.

Harrison not only erased the deficit from the early knockdown but was arguably ahead through ten rounds. Whether it was for that reason or another, Charlo came out on fire in the eleventh round and with each fighter landing a left hook, Charlo’s was the more damaging and floored Harrison and badly hurt him. Harrison would get up but was still visibly hurt. Charlo would land another hard left hook to drop Harrison for the second time in the eleventh round but Harrison was able to make it to his feet again. With Harrison taking heavy punishment, offering nothing in return and trapped on the ropes, referee Jack Reiss called an end to the bout at 2:28 of the eleventh round.

Charlo regains his WBC super welterweight title with a dramatic and emphatic victory over Harrison. With Hurd and Munguia no longer a part of the division, a fight with WBA/IBF super welterweight champ, Julian “J Rock” Williams, looks like a fight that must happen in 2020 especially with Charlo’s brother Jermall already having handed Williams his only loss in a 2016 title bout.

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  • Crappy stoppage by idiot ref Jack Reiss. I hate the fights in California because you always get him for the main event.

    • you are out of your mind. He was dropped twice by vicious shots and his head was snapping back like he was going down again.

    • That’s laughable. He should’ve stopped it before the 2nd knockdown. So your right that he made a mistake

  • Well I thought on defense alone Harrison was way ahead! 2 judges on crack that had Charlotte ahead 96-93. Harrison blocked most shots except the ones that counted! When they stopped the fight not one of Charlo’s punches landed flush. I’m not impressed with charlo as I used to be.

    • Tony Harrison was light years ahead in this fight he was pitching a shutout minis the knock down in the second round I had him winning every round accept the the second round of Charlo won point it would have been the biggest robbery in the history of boxing.

  • Harrison obviously had no chance in winning this fight. The corrupt scum known as boxing judges had Charlo winning. 2 of 3 judges had Charlo winning…. how?? Also, compubox is the biggest joke in boxing. It’s been proven 1,000 times to be wrong and corrupt. Charlo bro’s aren’t anything special, he was CLEARLY losing and Harrison should feel like a fool for taunting and not sticking to his game plan when he SHOULD HAVE been comfortably ahead.

  • Great Main Event. I thought Harrison looked better in this fight ( although two of three judges had him behind ), but being confident should never mean clowning around ….he made Charlo miss a lot but the punching power was always there at any time Harrison wasn’t on his “A” game.

  • Harrison’s poor stamina is what it cost him this fight.. the Charlo’s are both B level fighters who will get beaten whenever they step up to the highest level in their divisions.. these two might fool the casuals, but they don’t fool us aficionados.

  • Tony, you don’t celebrate before the fight is over, you were dominating Charlo but gave him the chance to go to the offense while you started to showboat, that’s your reward, hope you learned from this fight.

    • Tony Harrison was in complete control he was so much in control he started showboating it did’t matter what the judges scorecards said if that fight went the distance and Harrison lost on points it would have been the biggest robbery in boxing history.

  • Tony Harrison was in complete control of this fight no matter what the judges score cards said, if this fight went one more round and Charlo won on points it would have been the biggest robbery in the history of boxing.

    • Jesse I totally agree. Not sure what fight these corrupt judges were watching. Even with the knockdown in rd 2 I thought Harrison was beating him more than the 1st fight.

    • you’re foolish. Ever heard of bluffing? Harrison was getting hurt and using showboating as psychological warfare. he was the better boxer but Charlo was landing the more telling blows.

  • Also, the stoppage was BS. Like most of the night, not ONE or Charblows punches landed at the end. Garbage.

  • Good stoppage. Reis was generous to let the fight continue after the second knockdown. I agree the scorecards were ridiculous but it was clear that Harrison was on his way to getting brutally stopped.Fans have no respect for fighter safety. Harrison himself didnt dispute the stoppage. Always better to err in the way of caution.

  • Harrison was winning this fight, and merely needed to continue what he was doing. Charlo was winging shots, hitting gloves only, taking wild desperation shots. Harrison was walking his man down, scoring more, outboxing Charlo. But Harrison started to clown around, drop his guard, and get careless. He got tagged and never recovered. I agreed with the stoppage.

    I’m not impressed with Charlo, primarily because he wasn’t creative enough to figure out how to stop just hitting Harrison’s gloves. He was predictable with his shots. He has a very limited arsenal and punch combinations. Sure he won, but that’s because Harrison became careless, dropped his guard, and had begun to clown around, proving that he doesn’t have the pedigree of a true champion.

    Message to the bruthas. Resist the urge to act like a buffoon and a clown, especially in situations that don’t call for it. It could cost you. In this case, it caused Harrison to be separated from his senses and he lost his title.

    • Harrison wasn’t clowning when he got tagged. Also, I thought it was a pretty close fight up to the point of the knockout. Charlo was just out-working him IMO, even though not everything was landing, he was hammering Harrison to the body pretty steadily throughout.

      Charlo is flawed for sure, but he got a legit win tonight over a good fighter, and he has put together a decent resume up to this point in his career, and is not overmatched against anybody in the division.

    • Hopefully the “bruthas” aren’t dancing and buffooning around their stereos so they can get to hear your all important message. Fighters have the ability to learn, by watching from outside the ring, just like you. Surely, they can appreciate your reminder. Maybe their trainer never mentioned to stay focused during the fight. lmao

  • For the first half of the fight, I thought Charlo was making a huge mistake. He ignored Harrison’s body, allowed Harrison to back him up and land brutal body shots, and was throwing wild swings that had me cringing. He had success when he got aggressive and roughed Harrison up, but he didn’t do much of that. Going into the 11th round, I thought Harrison was ahead in the fight, the official cards notwithstanding. He was first most of the time and was confident that Charlo couldn’t hurt him.

    Charlo was headhunting most of the night and was having trouble getting through Harrison’s tight guard. He eventually did in the second half of the fight what he should have done in the beginning. He went to the body more often and finally threw a left hook to the body followed immediately by a left hook to the head. He was throwing individual body shots before that combo. He should have used that combination much earlier in the fight. The body shot opened up Harrison’s chin to the followup left hook.

    It was a dramatic win for Charlo but he really didn’t look good in this fight. His power bailed him out, but he could have made the fight a lot easier by mixing up his punches to body and head and by roughing up Harrison whenever he got close enough to grab. He also should have made a concerted effort to be first in the exchanges. He failed miserably in that regard. Harrison is a tough man to beat when he gets comfortable and he got very comfortable when Charlo was headhunting. Only when Charlo mixed up the body shots with the head punches did he finally get through to Harrison’s chin.

    A fight with Julian Williams should be next. Williams looked extremely sharp in his win over Jarrett Hurd. His confidence is sky-high and will be a tough man to beat. Can’t wait to see that fight.

  • Unlike most of the posters on this comment section, I actually watched the fight. I know what the Fox Sports commentators were saying: According to them, Harrison was dominating the fight. Don’t believe it…Harrison was having his moments, for sure. He showed good defense and landed some great body shots and counters. But, the truth is, it was a pretty evenly contested fight. Charlo landed the harder punches all night… Charlo also landed more in combination and showed great defense too. It was Charlo’s greater power that eventually broke down Harrison. I had it about even when Charlo finally took over, but I felt Charlo had made a tactical error by trying too hard to fight Harrison’s fight…Whenever Charlo pressed the action, he was usually effective. Still, it was a great fight…fight of the year candidate, in fact. I’ve been following Harrison’s career since his ESPN boxcino days…Harrison is a great young fighter and sure to win another title down the road. But tonight Charlo showed true championship skills and power.

  • Not impressed. Wild swinging, dumb strategy that he got lucky he connected with. Harrison made him look foolish at times.

  • Harrison owned that fight for most of the rounds. But he decided that he was so far ahead that he could do his act and got to loose. I must say that Charlo came alive and started to take advantage of Harrisons loose moves. The 11th round was all Charlo, the 2 knockdowns were really the end, when he got up the 2nd time he was not there, and in truth he is lucky that the ref did not like it when Charlo attacked him right away. Harrision protested to the ref, but truthfully he had nothing left, and did not throw a punch in return. The judging as USUAL these days leaves everyone with a bad taste. Still we watched a good tough fight, congrats to both fighters. I would not mind a trilogy, but both need to have a couple of fights before they go at it again. Charlo got the redemption he sought, whether or not he is the man at 154 lbs remains to be seen.

  • Charlo vs. Harrison was a fight where 2 warriors showed up and after all the trash talk they actually delivered a nonstop action fight. A must see fight

  • What fight was those judges watching. Charlo punches were blocked and he missed most of them. Harrison landed the cleaner punches. Even with him being knocked down if he wasn’t TKO he should have won this fight. Charlo won’t dear take a 3rd fight.

  • You guys a bunch of Charlo haters that give him no credit. He took Harrison’s best Boxing and beat him down slow. He made the adjustment, shortened-up his power shots and got his man. He showed late fight power, the ability to adjust to land his big shot. Those guys simply could do no right. Especially in the eyes of the Canelo protection agency/cheerleaders. He delivered what GGG couldnt. so -called Mexican style Boxing. He dont run around the ring, he makes a good entertaining fight every-time out. Came forward throwing hard punches, bringing the action the fans beg to see. Wilder does the same. They just so happens to be on the coincidental list huh?

  • I was fortunate enough to be at this fight. With no commentary to sway my opinion, Harrison was clearly winning the fight – despite the knockdown in the 2nd. Charlo is supremely overrated – Harrison foolishly clowned his way to a defeat as he was clearly the better, more highly skilled boxer. Charlo is just another head-hunter who relies on his power and the hope that a lesser opponent will lose focus

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