Errol Spence: I’m fighting in May or June

By Karl Freitag

Since his horrific single-car accident that took place on October 10, WBC and IBF welterweight champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. has been laying low. He broke his silence Saturday night on PBC’s Harrison-Charlo II telecast on FOX.

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Photo: Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

“I really was just sore,” Spence told FOX Sports’ Brian Kenny. “My whole body was just sore. It was, I guess, a miracle from God. He protected me during the accident because anyone else would probably have been killed. It was a blessing from God that I was able to make it safe and I’m able to return back to boxing next year…no restrictions. I’ve been cleared. They’ve done all kinds of scans on me. They think it’s a miracle.

“I don’t remember too much, but I can’t really talk about the case too much I’ve been advised by my lawyers. It’s still a pending case going on. I’ll definitely get through it. I’m fighting in May or June. I’ll be back real soon.

“I already started training last week and I was feeling good. I hit the mitts and everything, ran and stuff too. I’m feeling good so I can continue training in 2020.

“I was back last week and I wasn’t sore or anything. I felt like I just took a long time to rest. I feel real good. It was like a miracle and a blessing from God. There’s nothing serious that would keep me out for a year or two or would have ended my career.

“I took some time off and now I think I’m rejuvenated and ready to get back in the gym and train hard and hopefully fight one of the top fighters. I don’t want a tune-up fight. I want to fight Pacquiao or Danny Garcia, if he wins his fight.

“I am the top dog in the division. I am the king of the welterweight division. None of those guys wish I was back so fast, but I am back and I want to fight the top names in the division. Whether it’s Manny Pacquiao or Terence Crawford or Danny Garcia, I want the top names. I do want to be undisputed champion of the world.”

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  • Spence did not look good, I hope continues his career but I don’t know if he can compete are the same level based on how he looks today.

  • I really hope that IF Spence does fight in May’ish, that it will be a tune up. Just to make sure he is ok n not get hurt by one of the big dogs. Juan is right, he didnt seem like the old Spence that we know. Hopefully it was jus cautious nerves of saying the right things vs internal head damage.

  • So glad errol The truth is ok,his career is still on schedule to be the undisputed champion of the welterweight division…come on people we need really get these fights with spence & Paqual or Terrence Crawford. Super fight.

  • The way he speaks is puzzling at best. Hey, why not call it a career and enjoy the rest of your life with your family and friends without getting hurt in the ring? I mean, I’m afraid some greedy people around him may try to lure the biggest fights knowing that his abilities are now limited while he’s still bankable.

  • Spence did not sound goodat points he sounded out of it. I hope that before he decides to fight again, he fights a couple of journyman fighters, just to see if he still is a top level fighters. He probably is still in a lot of pain but is trying not to show it.

    • Spence has always spoken with that country inflection in his voice with the slow drawl to his voice. That’s how people from Texas sound often so I think some of you are overreacting because of the accident and seeing things that are not there.

  • PBC Welterweight Landscape. WTF. Like that group of guys and that division runs boxing>Crawford and Porter should both go over to Golden Boy and sign a 2 fight deal, first fight each other, than they fight one of Golden Boy’s fighters, but if the first fight is so good and close, they could do a rematch on Golden Boy too. Spence does need a tune up. Spence probably isn’t ready for the top fighters in May or June. I would say he is ready for a big fight after 1 tune up, if it goes well. He thinks he is the best and the top guys at PBC are not at his level. He wants to make the money and fight the best.

  • Yea the way he looked it seems he might never come back the same.I would have given him a year off.Make sure he’s 100% back not 85% then get worse because of sparring. We’ll know in the next few Fights if he wobbles easily he definitely has some neurological damage. Remb. he smashed his face ,lost his front teeth while drunk. Lets not forget also an extensive amateur career getting hit.That adds up – so he definitely needs a year off. Better be safe than sorry.

  • Fellas, I was thinking while he was talking , he was slurring his speech. He did not sound or look right. Sorry, just being honest. I love watching this man work, but I really think there is something not right there. Hope to god he does not get hurt in the ring. Who knows what damage this did to his brain/reflexes etc.

  • Spence is so lucky. Lucky that he didn’t die or sustain life changing injuries. Lucky he didn’t kill or seriously injure an innocent party. And lucky he wasn’t jailed.

  • I think Errol, hasn’t cleared the accident from his mind. His talent as a boxer will allow for some success, but it will be sometime before he’s mentally back. One can sense it in his conversation. Anytime you’re realize how close to death you were, it shakes your world, unless one totally discredit God.

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