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Charlo KOs Rosario, unifies WBC/WBA/IBF belts

Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

In a super welterweight world title unification clash, WBC champion Jermell Charlo (34-1, 18 KOs) took the WBA and IBF belts of Jeison “Banana” Rosario (20-2-1, 13 KOs) by eighth round KO on Saturday night at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut. Charlo was credited with an early knockdown in round one, although it appeared Rosario’s foot slipped out of the ring. After that, Rosario proceeded to fight pretty well until the end of round six when he was knocked down again. This time he was hurt. A Charlo jab to the belly finished Rosario in round eight. Time was :21.

Charlo said afterward, “I definitely proved that I’m more than just a puncher, but I also showed again that I’m a big puncher. I’d give myself an A tonight. I stuck to my game plan and listened to my coach. Everything we did in camp, I used it in this fight. I pushed myself the whole way through training camp. It’s been a journey for me. I’m bringing the straps home to my family like they told me to.

“I knew that he was going to keep coming after the first knockdown. He kept pressing for four or five rounds until I floored him again. I’m growing and learning that the knockout just comes. I know that I have explosive power in both hands. I utilized my jab more than any other punch in this fight and that’s what got me these straps.

“Rosario hits hard, but if you have to know how to wear a fighter down. That’s how you take the power out of him.

“I think some of the previous punches I landed hurt him before the jab. The body shot that landed just hit the right point. I wish him well. I give any man who steps into the ring respect. I hope he recovers and bounces back.

“It’s Lions Only forever. We’ve been doing this for a long time. Dreams do come true. This is a part of my dream and a part of my destiny. I’m satisfied and I’m happy.

“I know right now that I’m going to talk with the sanctioning bodies and see what’s next. I’m holding the crown. I’m the king. We’ll see what’s next.”

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  • To me seemed kind of 50% or more a low blow than a clean body shot. But regardless, Jermell was in route to KO sooner than later. Good performance though

  • Impress by jermall and his attitude. Not crazy about jermell boxing skills or attitude. It’s only obvious Jermall is the more polished fighter. Jermall should fight Andrade and take that strap… Easy victory.

  • Charlo was fighting way too cautiously in the early rounds and was continuously moving around the ring. Rosario was heavy handed but his punches didn’t seem to have the snap that Charlo had in his shots. It seemed to me that Charlo was ignoring the wide open body of Rosario while throwing mostly headshots at Rosario’s high guard. Rosario’s middle was really exposed throughout the fight.

    After Charlo started standing his ground more in the 6th round, he began landing clean shots and had Rosario badly hurt at the end of the round. He let Rosario off the hook in the 7th but knocked him out by (of all things) a left jab to the pit of the stomach. The replay showed that the jab bounced off Rosario’s elbows and landed in the pit of the stomach. I certainly didn’t expect that kind of reaction by the well-placed jab. Rosario was in real pain writhing on the floor for a couple of minutes.

    Charlo won spectacularly, but I suspect if he had gone to the body much more, he would have gotten Rosario out of there earlier. Rosario’s high guard protected his head, but left his body relatively open and looked like an inviting target.

    I suppose Charlo’s strategy was to let Rosario throw and miss punches early to take some steam out of those shots. However, his constant backward movement during the early rounds just didn’t look good to me. I also didn’t like the fact that he often neglected the jab and moved without punching. After he started planting his feet and throwing his shots, he looked much better.

    A great night for the Charlo twins. Jermall won decisively and Jermell stopped his opponent. Now on to bigger and better things for both of them.

  • Rosario is huge 154 pounder, and he had an excellent jab with authoritative punching. Jermell had to take his time, provide angles and stay out of range of Rosario’s punches and high pressure. Jermell also had to work some body punches behind his fast, powerful left hook to get Rosario’s attention.

    All of a sudden, Jermell stabbed the sh*t out of Rosario – ‘Money’ Mayweather style. A jab to the solar plexus can suck the air out of you as rounds progress – one of ‘Money’ Mayweather’s secret weapons. However, I do not recall seeing a fighter crash to the canvas so hard after a jab to the solar plexus. I hope Rosario recovers to good health for himself and for his family.

    Unfortunately, Rosario’s future opponents will try to hit Rosario on/near the top of his head and jab to Rosario’s solar plexus.

    Outstanding victories by the Charlo brothers. Despite COVID-19 conditions/restrictions, I am 100 percent sure the Charlo family will find a way to enjoy a wonderful victory party(ies), Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    • As far as I know and saw, the punch landed on top of Rosario’s trunk, under or close to the belly button, far distant of the solar plexus, that is located around 5 to 7 inches above the belly button.
      The solar plexus it’s found in the pit of the stomach in front of the aorta.

      • Correct. Don’t know why people ‘dislike’ what you saw, because that also is exactly what even the slo-mo showed.

        • Probably they saw the fight in a flip phone, but in 55″ tv the punch can be seen landingvery in the strap of Rosario’s trunk in ascending trajectory and what really hurt him was that Charlo pushed to accentuate the impact. All legal in my point of view, because the trunk was a big higher. I have seen others referees make clear where is legal and where is not before the fight, this referee didn’t do that.

    • Michael Second to Nunn knocked out a Jamaican with shot to solar, and the Jamaican just rolled over in pain, believe couple ribs were broken as well.

  • The best in the world charlo I knew he was going to win over rosaro.remember the best in the world.

  • The Charlo Brothers or should I say Young Lions got the boxing world on lock way to go Brothers keep doing your thing from Philly to you.

    • Those cats will be around for a while love there attitudes and determination no pain no gain.

  • If Charlo maintains humility and continues to JUST BOX, he will remain a Boxer for the History Books…

  • Jermell overall did well in his movement and counter punching. However, there is always room to improve as with any fighter. Jermell tends to smother himself at times and tends to hold more when he should roll his shoulder off the incoming punches more often. I think this improvement will allow him to counter more effectively on the inside. Jermall does a much better job at rolling the shoulders and effectively countering.

  • I’ve followed the careers of the Charlo brothers for s good minute and I am not st all surprised to see them both holdings straps. Big ups. From a real fight fan of the game.

  • Entertaining evening. It is time for Jermall to step up to the top tier. No more delays. No more excuses.

  • The fix was in. Ive watched this several times, and I see the eyes of Charlo looking at the ref or the corner when he thru the jab. In all my years, which is over 20, I’ve never seen anything so bogus before. The dude overreacted…horrible. i won’t pay for another PPV again, unless its against a real top tier. That was horrible.

    • Spider you sound ignorant to think this fight was fixed. Rosario really cared about those belts and would never take a dive he worked too hard to get them. The problem is the guy you wanted to win was destroyed his trainer never wanted to fight Charlo because he wasn’t on that level. You must never had the wind knocked out of you before so you don’t know how it feels. I usually never respond to these post, but yours sounded so stupid I had to address you. Boxing is called the sweet science for a reason, so never get in the ring because the same thing will happen to you. Don’t worry about responding back because I’m through with it.

    • Why would you pay to begin with? Buy a firestick and never pay for another fight again. It’s a no brainer.

  • Very impressed by Jermell. I’m really impressed by his superb conditioning, sizzling intensity, and ring presence. He seems dedicated to his craft, disciplined, focused, and able to execute. He’s a compelling figure. As long as he acts like a professional, stays humble and respectful of his opponents and the sport, he will go far, inspire, and be a great asset to the sport. I’m far more interested in watching his fights than those of Canelo. This was a good win for him. Similar comments for his brother Jermall too.

  • Rosario said no mas tonight. He couldn’t have been hurt that bad like he showed unless charlo had a knife and stabbed him in there. It looked like a paw at his stomach not even a real jab. He needs to bring his oxygen tank with him the next time he’s going to take such a dive. smh.

  • The Charlo bros are just too damn strong. You can see why they are so heavily avoided. Even with straps. Nice show taking on the quality competition. Both The Real Deal. Champion Stock!!!

  • ROSARIO WHO????? Charlo beat a nobody with a shady record, and he wants to say he’s the best. Why doesn’t he fight Triple G or Jacobs or Lara or Trout and finally Canelo. THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT!!!!

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