Canelo sues DAZN, Golden Boy, Oscar

Boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez has sued streaming service DAZN, Golden Boy Promotions, and promoter Oscar de la Hoya personally for allegedly breaching the largest contract in the history of boxing. Canelo inked a $365 million deal for eleven fights 23 months ago. He is seeking damages of no less than $280 million and is demanding a jury trial.

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  • Oh, oh. How long Ward and Mikey Garcia were out of action because of court litigations? DAZN and Golden Boy can back up their defense with the pandemic situation, but could be other issues on the contract that might play heavily on Saul’s favor. These are just my speculations, the truth is that Canelo could be the bigger loser in here, because this type of cases with such amount of money in dispute, take years to be sorted out, which means inactivity, lost of career momentum. I hope this can be solved quickly in an amicable way.

    • You’re probably right, but Canelo should just retire. He has nothing more to accomplish and if he exits now, he leaves on top.

  • Maybe Canelo is wising up and realizing Oscar is only looking out for himself and his bank account. Either way you slice it, many folks were losing confidence in Canelo over favoritism in fights and gifted decisions in some match ups and those antics had “Oscar” written all over them.

    • And the way Oscar was “looking out for himself” was by “looking out” for Canelo!

      De la Hoya made sure his cash cow never faced a prime or defensive fighter, along with likely corrupting judges, thus practically guaranteeing a Canelo victory!

  • Canelo wont get far in court. There are too many cases on file where contracts are extended because of issues like the pandemic. If the contact was made and signed during the pandemic that’s one thing, but this will come down to what courts call “act of god” and they will not enforce the contact. You cannot make as much in boxing when the fans cant come see the fights. In the end this will only hurt Canelo.

  • He will have a hard time winning this for a couple reasons….the pandemic is not the promotion company’s fault. Also, the term of the contract is not over, so they will argue they have till the end date to make good on promises. Hard to sue somebody in the first quarter of a contract for not living up to the agreement. Theoretically they could wait till the last year of the contract and offer a bunch of fights. In reality all they need to do is promote 2 fights a year, and im guessing they were on pace for that before the pandemic hit.

  • When this contract was signed at the time, I thought it was way out there. Reading the lawsuit, I was amazed that DANZ would even enter into a contract which gave Alvarez and Da Lahoya almost soul right to pick the opponent. Interesting to read they were talking about a match on top of a skyscraper.

  • Not enough interest being generated by the unknowns they wanted him to fight – who the hell was the next dude that was in line. They need to think outside the square and think inside the octagon. He should take an easy warm up v Darren Till – then have an all macho brawl with Masvidal – then a winner take all bout v McGregor. Imagine the interest if he went on a tear through modern sport just like that – he could add another zero to his contract and his career.

  • DAZN wasn’t doing well pre pandemic. Canelo probably caught wind that they wanted to drastically renegotiate or get out of the deal

  • That DAZN subscription renewal is looking less and less likely for this one sport viewer. I’m sure others haven’t been overwhelmed with their coverage either.

  • I will make a prediction, based on prior experience in boxing-related legal issues. My prediction? The attorneys for Oscar, Canelo and DAZN will do well financially.

  • I feel like boxing is lagging here with current opportunities. Fights can and are happening……on islands, in peoples back gardens, on skyscrapers, even in a circus venue. So let’s just get get Saul fighting and fulfil the contract. Yildirim will be a test, so would Till, Saunders does not have the nuts for this bowl of soup, Masvidal could overawe him, but speed & precision would be key. I heard that Diaz brother was also coming out of retirement. Anyways, I digress…..they key is to just get the fights happening and let’s stop lining these lawyers pockets to fund their 21yr old gf‘a next cosmetic surgery

    • Agreed we a need a fight – a fight anywhere – is he the saviour of Boxing post world pandemic? – he’s supposed to be a world star… I was happy when he fought the Krusher I expected he would continue like Tony Mundine Snr did in Australia a he won national titles from Middle to Heavy. Lets do it. Lets go Champ! Rip up the contract and just fight man.

  • 5 years, 11 fights. 3 years in, and he’s fought 3 fights, but with the pandemic, knock 6 months off that. They could still fulfill the the number of fights, but the kicker is that it specified $35 million per fight after Rocky Fielding. Where are the 8 fights that can make that feasible?

    • I dont think canelo can win vs Inoue. I am ariel magbanua, I am the best software developer and I am best in boxing prediction

  • Canelo is a backstabbing two faced bi**, just like Oscar was I remember Oscar going through trainers and managers from day 1. Little Floyd might have his issues but outside of Arum’s Top Rank who are two faced promoters as well Floyd has held on to his team since day one. I give him props for being loyal something Canela and the Golden girl know nothing about.

  • Golden boy is done. Oscar and his team were already struggling financially with Canelo as their only bankable star. This is a death nail in Oscar’s business. Perhaps that’s why he’s talking about fighting again. Canelo’s going to end up at PBC or top rank

  • Who does this joker think he is? I will tell you what he is, the biggest prima donna in the history of boxing. Anybody with a brain knew this deal was going to get nixed and DAZN had every right to do so, because Canelo was not holding up his end of the contract. I will bet anybody on here that if this goes to trial Canelo will end up with nothing. He better be happy to get a settlement around 50 million dollars, because that’s all he really deserves for the crap fights he has had since he signed the contract.

  • Canelo is the greedy one. When Canelo went to Oscar, or Oscar took him under his wing ten years ago (however you want to slice it), Canelo was nothing but a no money loser looking for a chance. Oscar invested millions into Canelo and built him into the fighter he is today and helped him earn millions. Oscar was a fighter too, a great one at that, and much more talented than Canelo could ever dream of. Oscar was one of the most beloved fighters of our generation, yet as soon as he becomes a promoter everyone (including the fans) hates on him. Like, WTF? Hey Canelo, shut your mouth, fight a real fight (which your promoter has protected you from because he knows your skillset), fight who they say you fight, be happy about it, know your role, get paid what they pay you, and stay in your lane. Understand? Five foot fuck all gingerbread acting like he’s god. Respect the people who got you to where you are today (because you couldn’t have done it on your own).

    • Agree 100% with you ! Fuck the haters and Fuck Canelo.. Oscar is the reason why he’s winning such amount of money.. Shame on you and on what you become ; a primadona fighting past their prime Legends or chasing bum’s lucky enough to possess a belt.. You chose Kovalev because you knew his chin wasn’t the same again ; why not Beterbiev or Bivol ? I was a fan of Canelo years ago but no more since he vacated the MW belt instead of fighting GGG when he was in his prime..

  • So there goes the biggest deal in Boxing. All smoke and mirrors. But Im sure its hard to pay that type of money to a fighter not willing to make the best fights. Canelo was a huge disappointment for raising the brand for DAZN. Thats why they were paying him so much. They should have owned Canelo for that type of money, not let him do whatever tf he wanted.

  • The thing is,there’s zero point in Canelo fighting behind closed doors right now.
    There’s maybe 3 or 4 fights we’d want to see..Smith,Saunders at Super and maybe Andrade and Charlo at middle and all of those would benefit from waiting for a time where an audience can be present-after all the gate at a Canelo fight is a huge part of the earnings.
    Better just to wait it out and enjoy his already considerable riches.

    • All the fighters you named would lose against Canela ! He’s a true LHW what about Beterbiev or Bivol ?

  • This is what has happened since HBO left the sport. Between Oscar, Dazn and the PBC, not only is it virtually impossible to have fighters fight regularly, it’s very hard to get a fair decision when facing these protected fighters. Everyone of Canelos fights were already sorted out with judges in DLHs pocket and that act that Kovalev put on (going down on cue) made this act a WWE wannabe act. As for PBC, it’s not that they have bad fighters, it’s that these guys never fight more than once a year.Add to that PBC figures if they don’t mention Crawfords name nobody will be aware of him, certainly shows how much they want to avoid him. Boxing besides Arum does not know how to cope with this entire sad sack story.The reality is, the UFC already is putting boxing aside, because NO MATTER who is fighting on those UFC promotions you always get fights that in many ways are epic throw downs.Truthfully the fighters themselves have become very much to blame as the promoters and the networks like DAZN.

  • Where is the corruption? Follow the money!
    I am sure Canelo is a good guy, but I do not trust the scorecards in his fights no longer, and I do not trust the people nor the business around him, I have totally lost interest for this guy because of that, even though he is such a good fighter.

  • One of the great things that Canelo can do to establish himself as a substantive, great fighter, worthy of adulation and respect, is to get the hell away from fluff De La Hoya. De La Hoya is all about marketing, no substance.

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