Update: Shenanigans in Germany

Former world title challenger Rafal Jackiewicz seemingly won a six round majority decision over house fighter Rico Müller on August 29 in Braunlage, Germany. After six rounds, the 43-year-old Jackiewicz was announced as the winner of a majority decision 57-57, 58-56, 58-56.

Normally when a decision is rendered in boxing, that decision is considered final. Boxing’s history is riddled with controversial decisions that weren’t changed. So the decision of the BDB (German Boxing Commission) to strip the win away from Jackiewicz and hand it to Müller after a close fight that could have gone either way is highly unusual.

Müller and his team were very upset at not getting the W against a hand-picked opponent and protested to the BDB supervisor at ringside. Rather than giving Jackiewicz the win, the BDB supervisor logged the bout as a no-decision.

The commission then reportedly brought in five new judges to score the video. All five agreed that it was Müller who won a narrow decision. Scores were 58-56 5x.

So that’s it. The Commission wiped Jackiewicz’s win off the books and declared Müller the victor. Müller’s record changes to 26-3-1, 17 KOs, while the ledger of Jackiewicz goes to 51-27-2, 22 KOs.

Jackiewicz is already scheduled for another fight in Poland this Saturday.

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  • Certainly I would have to see the match. But in general, I don’t have a problem if a match is not a unanimous decision, and then it can be reviewed by some other judges. In this case, I would say that if there had been three alternative judges, and they would have gon for Muller by majority, the decision would still stand. A fairer decision in this case would be a no decision match. This could also be used in title fights, where perhaps the champ wins a very close match, but when the scoring is done, he has not lost the fight, but he has lost the title, and an immediate rematch is declared, same as if it went the other way.

  • So video replaces on site judges? Let’s use this genius move to retroactively review some prior “injustices”. What a steaming pile of trash.

  • Do not let the BDB (German Boxing Commission) with the 5 judges review some of Canelo fights or the one between Rolando Romero vs. Jackson Marinez. A mess can happens

  • That solves the problem of the house fighter losing. The commission can just refuse the scoring of the official judges they assigned and have their kangaroo court of video judges make sure the “richtig” fighter gets the win. This is pretty transparently corrupt, but no one cares so they’ll get away with it.

  • The BDB are undoubtedly corrupt. This stinks and the bigger governing bodies (who of course are squeaky clean) should refuse to deal with them on international fights. But, as someone has noted on here, they get away with it because no one cares.

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