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  • By the way, great highlights in case anybody missed the fight or needed to save cash. I was off and predicted Canelo with a UD. BJS had a few moments, but as we discussed, no power to keep the hungry lion at bay. BJS did not even get the lunch pail out and do some effective boxing till round 6. He should have done that from round 1 instead of backing up and blocking. Again, once Canelo realized BJS could not hurt him, Canelo just barreled thru some of BJS punches and even dropped his guard some.
    Canelo had two key components in his arsenal that make him an effective fighter; a granite chin coupled with an effective left hook. Until someone out there can force Canelo to gain their respect through power punching and isolate that left hook, it’s going to be tough to beat him. As in all fighters, advancing age changes everyone. Canelo will be around a while unless someone can take him out or his advancing age forces him to retire. Who knows!

    • 160 and 175 when he fights that Division I’ll start back watching Canelo i’am not impressed at all I didn’t watch I figured he would beat BJS and he will beat Plant to get all the Belts let see what he does after that but the top dogs are at Middleweight and Light heavyweight

      • Slim, whatever. If he goes to 175 then you’re going to want him to go to cruiser. Plant and benavidez are there. Then maybe. Till then, enough with that nonsense.

        • Yeah. He’s 5′-9″…… no way he should be going up to Light Heavyweight.

  • Easy win for Canelo! BJS was waaay overrated and had no resume and completely lacked a punch.
    He was all hype by the Europeans. It was amazing to see Canelo literally beat him into submission. So much for gypsy magic.

  • Canelo is good boxer and puncher but why the pt him with another puncher like Lemiux or Berbier is will another history.

  • I saw alot of swinging and misses by Canelo. He is nothing special and he a bubble that will eventually burst. If Mayweather did it to him, somebody else will eventually do it to him as well. Dont believe all the media hype.

    • Whether he swung and missed is besides the point, he literally broke BJS’s face and made him quit. Lol

    • Jake76. Until then, he’s the guy to beat. Everybody is beatable and his day will come but right now he’s the best.

  • Jake, both fighters swung and missed plenty…. In fact, ALL fighters miss more punches than they actually hit. It’s a fact. If a fighter lands at, or above, 50 %, they are considered masterful.
    But we knew that the Canelo haters would come out with every lame excuse to discredit his victory.
    BJS is a very good boxer, but Canelo is simply a better fighter. No shame, BJS is now a millionaire.
    Caleb Plant believes he’s got what it takes to beat Canelo… But the prediction is, midway thru the fight, he’ll claim a broken hand derailed his performance and cost him his “0”….
    Unless he simply claims a broken hand in training and doesn’t even fight.
    Both possibilities are high… But come September, the haters will be minimizing Canelo’s accomplishments again.
    While Canelo dominates the sport and keeps adding to his Hall of Fame career.

    • I don’t see Caleb Plant lying down at all. Not sure he will win, but I see him landing a lot of leather on Alvarez.

  • Well one more convinced victory for canelo but still lot of haters that don’t want to accept his quality as a boxer always looking for excuses or flaws I stead accept that canelo is the best

  • Billy fought well, until the injury he didn’t look wobbled, beat up and was close (behind) on the cards. No shame in that loss – can’t name too many fighters that once they felt a bone in their head break and they would Keep fighting on – although he made it to the end of the round which was pretty tough – to keep getting belted by Canelo with a busted face bone.

    Never a huge canelo fan early on……but he keeps knocking em over and lately he fights regularly.

  • Hey everyone Do like Roy Jones Jr did to Tarver Roy Jones went to Heavyweight beat Ruiz the Tarver interuptued his post fight Interview Roy look over and instead of saying Tarver get out of here or who u fought Roy said u next u next and who was next Tarver Canelo don’t want to fight Boo Boo one don’t get me wrong he is a Boring fighter but his Southpaw stance will give him trouble I understand people money is important but give him a shot u beat him he can shut his Mouth then

  • 168 is a good weight for Canelo. Doesn’t have to suck weight as much. He’s way more mobile, faster than his opponents, and his stamina is better. He doesn’t have the same power at lower divisions, but this seems to be a really good weight for him.

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