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  • Boxing is whack! Does anybody care about him beating these bum euros to become undisputed champion. There are so many belts who cares. Having all 4 don’t mean nothing. Fight the best. Benavidez will Cleary destroy the money train and that’s why the have avoided him at all cost.

    • clearly Benavidez has had trouble making weight so maybe he should fight Bivol and Beterbiev

      • I’ve been watching Bivol and Beterbiev fight bums for many years! I used to think they’d both be stars but all these years later and they haven’t even fought each other! They are both trash who had extreme potential but never dared to be great

        • yes great point. though it is always difficult to say with there promoters. Sometimes the promoters have an investment in them and don’t want to take chances.

        • Saying that Bivol and Beterbiev is trash is going overboard. Fighters cant just pick and choose who they gonna fight.

  • I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t a complete fan of Canelo. I was one of those critics who said he needs to go up or down to fight there best. Unfortunately Canelo is in an era like the Larry Holmes era. Larry beat everyone they out in front of him and he still never got the recognition he deserved. Like Canelo, there isn’t much talent or super fights in these Canelo divisions. Therefore this makes. Canelo the best there is and we should wait and see till he unifies the 168 division and he can stay in that division and challenge the top dogs until he retires.

    • well the thing is Canelo fights nothing but current world champions and did have 2 mega fights with a in his prime GGG cant say that about Floyd

      • We all know what happened when Canelo fought Floyd . It wasn’t even close. The chiefs beat a lot of teams too but Tom Brady F-d em up didn’t he? Ohh Yeah! Accept It

      • You’re crazy! Floyd fought more current champions than just about any other fighter. He had mega fights with Canelo, Zab, Mosley, Maidana twice, Castillo twice, Ortiz, Deago Corrales, Pacman, Oscar, Cotto, Hernandez, Marquez, and a bunch of others

        • Man he fought everyone passed there prime boxing just not the same no more

  • I started to like Canelo more after the second GGG fight. Now he’s opening up more and becoming likable.. I think he’s hilarious and the confidence is good too. Even though I do believe the division is lackluster his personality and boxing skills in the ring makes it a lot more interesting than it was. Look, people talk bad about people like me who bring up the weight stipulations and careful movements of his career but that’s good for boxing and Canelos career. Imagine buying a Canelo fight knowing 100% that all his opponents were going to be like Yildrim.. people would love him but would rather watch UFC instead. Because they’d know he’s going to win. We need to talk about his vulnerabilities.. we need to say he won .. BUT.. he got the KO ..BUT.. that’s good because it gives future fighters the opportunity to exploit these BUTS.. or our belief that they will. Floyd made millions playing a villain and people watched him fight to lose.. he got to the point where he had to exaggerate his opponents abilities because people knew that he wasn’t going to lose. Now after earning peoples respect he can fight a Mop on PPV and make millions. All Canelo has to do is keep winning.. he needs the haters so that when he win.. if he truly is the best. He’ll get the respect he deserves either way wether he gets it now or later. People will watch a fight they think is going to be competitive.. or at least a good chance of an upset. Look at when pacquioa piggy back on Floyd’s past opponents and demolished them after Floyd beat them with a UD. That’s promoting the fight in itself!!. More fighters have to do that.. it was a fun fight wish his eye didn’t mess up like that. It was just starting to get more interesting.

  • This fight hasn’t changed my opinion that canelo is vastly overrated. Vs Saunders he looked confused at times & one dimensional, no disrespect to Saunders but he tries to fight like Fury or mayweather but has short arms & doesn’t have the lateral movement, hand speed or reflexes of either of those fighters his power is also average at best. Canelo is on tremendous amounts of growth hormone therefore his skull has grown in size & bone has thickened, that’s why it’s near impossible to rock him (similar to valuev) if you look at him throughout the years his skull & has doubled in size.

    • I think the PED issue is the Elephant in the room. He seems so much stronger than anyone he fights but his dedication is unquestioned. I’m going to say he’s clean but I’ve thought about this too. I’m a big fan though so until it’s proven otherwise I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt

      • well Saunders had 3x the amount of those same elephants and it didnt help him so…….

    • L……you are a sad sad individual. Or you’re on a tremendous amount of magic mushrooms.

    • I mean, I was with you until the steroid talk. The second GGG fight was fishy because of his test.. but I don’t see it that way really. I see Canelo as being carefully managed specially after the Floyd fight. A lot of welterweights and middleweights he beat he fought them as a light heavyweight.. he was able fluctuate that much in weight for an advantage probably because of his young age. When he went up to fight Kov he didn’t want him to have that advantage so they made a weight clause and knocked out a drained fighter.. just like they tried to do with Jacobs. But then finding a home at 168 a lackluster division.. imo. I mean, who even knew those fighters. If you see them fight there’s not much talent.. they look like regular dudes fighting. There’s not any A class fighters in that division they’re full of B maybe even high Bs.. Canelo has developed as a fighter so his skills are much better than average fighters who are champions in that division that’s why he looks so unbeatable. but because he’s there now we have to appreciate the buildup and entertainment that happens in that ring. Yes he’s very good.. he doesn’t suck. But Canelo has managed to avoid good fighters after GGG. Champions in a lackluster division only looks good on paper. I agree that I saw the same Canelo who fought Mayweather.. anyone with mayweathers skills would still beat him.. on an even playing field imo. So I still don’t consider him the best.. but where he’s at.. he is the best.

    • What a liar! “His skull has doubled in size” ??!! Are you nuts?!

    • I, I feel sorry for you I am raotfl! Reading your absolutely ridiculous comment I am convinced that you are on some type of hallucinant!

      Kids please say nope to dope or this will happen to you!

  • Not impressed at all 160 and 175 when he fights that Division I’ll start back watching Canelo i’am not impressed at all I didn’t watch I figured he would beat BJS and he will beat Plant to get all the Belts let see what he does after that but the top dogs are at Middleweight and Light heavyweight

    • why does Canelo have to do ALL the calling out and fights? all the 160s and 175s wont risk fighting each other in hopes Canelo picks them whatever happened to “earning” your way up use to be novel idea

      • Absolutely. Maybe he should not have gone up to LH to fight Kovalev because it gives the haters ammunition to say he should be fighting the other LHs when he’s not really a LH.
        He is the cash cow and the others should fight each other to give leverage to fight him.

  • Did Canelo just tell Andrade what ALL of us have been trying to say.. wow!! I love it.

    • Hey everyone Do like Roy Jones Jr did to Tarver Roy Jones went to Heavyweight beat Ruiz the Tarver interuptued his post fight Interview Roy look over and instead of saying Tarver get out of here or who u fought Roy said u next u next and who was next Tarver Canelo don’t want to fight Boo Boo one don’t get me wrong he is a Boring fighter but his Southpaw stance will give him trouble I understand people money is important but give him a shot u beat him he can shut his Mouth then

      • I think if Andrade really wants a shot at Canelo, he would stop talking so much and ask Benavidez for a fight (which i’m sure he would gladly accept). IF he can get thru Benavidez, then I believe he truly deserves a shot and the right to stalk Canelo like he has been. right now he reminds me of a crazy ex-girlfriend!

  • I think we need to understand Canelo’s plan before we say he should fight A or B …
    He says he wants to unify the division and he’s three quarters there. Of course there’s Benavidez and I think he’d take that fight too.
    Not sure he can still do middle if his body has grown into the SM division so it may be a case of catchweight fights or the middles coming up to fight him.
    Maybe the middles can unify? Can’t see why Andrade/GGG can’t be made as they’re both Hearn promoted and it would give the winner better leverage to get a shot at Canelo?

    • cant see why any of these fighters wont try to “earn’ their shot they all want to “talk” their way into it

  • The fact that anyone says Crawford in the same sentence as Canelo is a joke. Crawford still hasnt even fought Spence. Canelo is the current P4P King.

    • well according to the ESPN/Top Rank crew Crawfish is the top dog lmao

  • I am 100% sure Canelo will defeat Plant. Benavidez has not helped his cause, but I believe the dust will not fully settle until Canelo and Benavidez have a scrap in 2022 (at 168).

    I would rather see Canelo and Benavidez fight at 168 instead of 175. Benavidez must find a way to maintain his WBC mandatory spot and hope something develops for him in 2022.

    Otherwise, at 168, the boxing world will/may suffer true sadness if Canelo and Benavidez do not have a final Texas scrap for the world and for 70k roaring fans attending the fight.

  • I’m no Canelo fan I think he is an arrogant self absorbed prick but I glad that he beat down that even more of a prick Saunders. He talked so much shit about so many things including mocking Daniel Dubois for quitting then did the same thing.

    This pathetic POS is a loser! His ladyboy son who must be real proud of his Ladyboy father for quitting! I’ll never forget when little son pulled a that coward move by hitting Monroe in the nuts during daddy’s weigh in for the fight. And afterward “apologized” for hitting him in the “nuts”. Which judging by his laugh was meant as a sarcastic insult rather than a sincere apology. Poor daddy must be demoralized right now, hehehe. LOSER!

  • Poor Saunders if he learned something else besides having his face bashed in is what goes around comes around.

    I wonder what Daniel Dubois is thinking right now when Saunders had the audacity to question Dubois’ heart yet did the same thing….

    Karma is a bitch lol

  • proved he’s the best P4P boxer with that win. He’s laying everyone to waste. These are undefeated champions he’s doing this to. He did it to a LH champion. Unstoppable right now. Benevidez get your act together, Bivol and Beterbiev fight , Charlo fight GGG or Andrade. Those fights have to happen!

  • Well I hope Mr. Saunders isn’t too depressed. I don’t want to hear that Billy Jo jumped off the Tallahassee bridge.

  • WOW! I never saw this side of Canelo! He’s hilarious! I was pulling for billy jo Saunders and didn’t really like canelo before the fight. This kinda makes me like him a bit.

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