Canelo Interview

By Miguel Maravilla

Mexican superstar undisputed super middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Álvarez (59-2-2, 39 KOs) is set to defend his crown against undisputed super welterweight champion Jermell Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KOs), taking place Saturday, September 30 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas live on Showtime Pay-Per-View.

Wrapping up the two-city press tour in Los Angeles Wednesday, Canelo spoke about the tour which kicked off Tuesday in New York.

In a historical matchup, undisputed champion vs. undisputed champion, Canelo shared his thoughts.

Canelo is coming off a unanimous decision win over England’s John Ryder in May. In his homecoming fight and defending his undisputed super middleweight titles. This will be the third defense of his undisputed crown; he won back in November of 2021 when he stopped Caleb Plant to the IBF title and become undisputed at 168.

The preparations begin now for Canelo as he will team up with his longtime trainers, father son duo of Don Jose “Chepo” and Eddie Reynoso. Camp will be held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada this time unlike the previous camps held in San Diego as Canelo prepares for Charlo.

Charlo became undisputed super welterweight champion by knocking out Brian Castaño of Argentina in his last fight.

Leading to this fight’s official announcement it was expected that Jermell’s brother, WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo would be taking on Canelo. Alvarez decided to go with the 154-pound undisputed champion, instead of the 160-pound champion.

This fight also marks Canelo’s return to PBC as he is signed on to a 3 fight deal which begins with Charlo.

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    • Apparently, you speak nor comprehend either English or Spanish.

      Canyellow is a FAKE champion!

      He chooses the weakest champions to fight and/or then places so many demands, in his favor, upon a fighter as to practically assure a Canyellow victory.

      • @Juan- Gracias a Dios puedo hablar bien los dos idiomas, y por lo tanto no tengo problema alguno en entenderlos.

      • It’s worth noting that he learned this little trick from Mayweather, who essentially ruined the sport by making it about money instead of fighting the best at their best. Modern fans have also been fooled by Mayweather’s materialistic example and many now support this sort of BS, talking about how it’s all “smart business moves” instead of recognizing it for what it is, a way to avoid the tough challenges so as to protect their savings accounts.

        • At least someone is pointing it out for others. Thanks. And yes, this business approach has definitely ruined MANY potential matchups. We used to call this being a b*tch-a$$.

  • Sorry Canelo, but you are sooo full of shit!! A fight versus Benavidez would do far better numbers than both Charlo’s put together!! Furthermore, a win would cement his potential greatness?!!!

    • Canyellow thinks he’s an Olympic fighter, refuses to fight another “Mexican”, laughable.

      Don’t know why if neither Benavides or Canyellow are true Mexicans (don’t accept the dual citizenship bull)!

      One is American by birth the other is American by choice.

    • totally agree with you. Why is it not Benavidez? Both men are the only two to defeat Caleb Plant. Also the article above is so full of it as well. HISTORIC MATCHUP. Also the article did not do Canelo any favors when it is claimed that he decided to go with the 154 champ, and not the 160 champ.
      Some have said the lighter Charlo will give Canelo more problems than the middle weight one. Considering there inactivity, I am not convinced.

    • Bori, bad form, bad form. Remarks such as yours will offend the Canelo-sexuals.

  • Why doesn’t the train in his beloved Mejico instead of in the United States?

    Cause, as typical of most Mexicants, he’s a fake Mexican “patriot”.

  • Álvarez will win. -425 is an easy blessing
    Should be -2000.
    This Charlo is ducking Tszyu and media thinks this is real? …. is Jake Paul Logan on the undercard?

  • Canelo haters are like my wife….. Doesn’t matter what i do for her, she’s never happy.

    Doesn’t matter who Canelo fights. They are always going to come up with a new excuse.

    i guess they hate because he’s make a Sh** load of cash and still making millions and millions and they still live in an apartment with mom.

    • Just like your wife, we don’t like Canyellow because he doesn’t give us what we need or what we want!

  • All these Canelo haters are getting boring Canelo is one of the greatest fighters around today and has one of the best resumés in the sport. Yes he has a few suspect wins, like the first GGG fight. But so does Mayweather, Haney, Ray Leonard, Lewis, Fury etc etc.. Canelo is also the only champion who fights consistantly several times a year.

    • Best resume? A FEW suspect wins?

      Canyellow fights soda cans on Mexican holidays to bring out the fake Mexican patriots who fled Mexico and make them give him their hard stolen money.

      You’re just like chuckys wife, loves to get ??? by Canyellow and cause you can’t get it from your spouse.

      • I like Canelo but you’re not lying. On Mexican holiday he fights subpar fighters when Traditionally Mexican fighter fight against other top fights.

  • I think this will be a tough fight. Charlo is bigger and longer. And Canelo’s flat footed plodding style has finally been exposed.

    The blue print is there to beat him with movement and controlling the distance and catching him as he tries to pressure.

    I’m actually surprised plant didn’t beat him, but he eventually succumbed to the power.

    charlo has good lateral movement, but how will he adapt to the weight and power?

    I think Charlo will look for 6-8 rds as he sticks and moves. But even tho canelo looked like crap in his last couple fights i think he will eventually trap charlo and land some crushing body and head shots.

    I see a late rd (10 or 11) stoppage win for canelo. I think the scorecards will be very close at the time of the stoppage tho.

    Hopefully benavidez is next for canelo.

  • I see this as a tougher fight for Canelo than Benavides would be, MUCH TOUGHER.
    This is a bigger challenge for him.
    Charlo can move much better and has quicker hands & feet.
    I can see Charlo potentially winning, I don’t think he will but who knows.
    I think Benavidez gets KO’d as soon as Canelo gets past the feeling out stage.
    Canelo is a great counter puncher. His ring IQ is exponentially higher than Benavides’.
    Benavides is a very good fighter don’t get me wrong. He has a great jab and can be very active with his swarming style, but styles make fights.
    He would get countered eventually or his body would be exposed and he’d take a beating downstairs.
    His body is HUGE.
    He is the opposite of Canelo in that regard.
    His SIZE is his biggest advantage.
    All of his opponents have been much smaller than him.

    • Benavidez’s length and activity would dictate the fight with Canelo tho. Canelo would have to eat a lot of head shots to get in close enough to tag that body. Canelo has the power to hurt Benavidez, but he will have to endure a lot of punishment himself. Not sure he can withstand that anymore, he looked like he was about to get knocked out against Bivol and Bivol is not a hard puncher. I’m picking Benavidez to finish the job against Canelo if they ever fight.

  • he should just say,
    i dont care if everyone wants to see me fight benevidez. i will be giving all of the fans a mismatch/cherry pick. i have done it my last 2 fights, and if i want, i will do it for my next 3 fights. because thats what i want to do…….. enjoy and pay…. lol

  • >