Baumgardner: Result essentially impossible

Statement from undisputed women’s 130lb world champion Alycia Baumgardner:

On August 12, 2023, I was informed that an “A Sample” provided on July 12, 2023 resulted in an “Adverse Analytical Finding” of mesterolone and methenolone acetate metabolites, two substances I’ve never heard of or used in any way. The sample provided immediately after my fight on July 15, 2023 tested clean and negative for all banned substances, as did my sample on June 16, 2023, which makes the July 12th result essentially impossible.

To be abundantly clear, I know that I never have, never would, and never will take this or any other drug. Not only would doing so be unethical, but it would also be completely contrary to how I’ve trained my entire career.

As a professional athlete, I and I alone am responsible for what I put in my body, and my body is a temple. I am also a proud role model for any young woman or girl who seeks to follow in my footsteps. I take those responsibilities very seriously – which is why I know that I did not and would never put these substances in my body.

I have a lot more to say about my journey and why the very idea of me taking an illegal, banned, or even dangerous substance would never make sense. So I have no intention of sitting back in silence and letting this “play out.” I plan to keep you all updated every step of the way as I work to ensure my reputation as a clean athlete remains fully intact.

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  • Hope she’s telling the truth! Otherwise it’ll tarnish her reputation and career!

    • I hope so too, BoriMex. I think she’s potentially a star and if this goes against her, Alycia Baumgardner is about to lose A LOT of money.

      • I see this scenario: She provide an example in June 16 2023, a month before the fifgt. Ok I got one month to do the process and be clean one day before the fight, but oh no! unexpectedly in July 12 ( right in the middle) another example is requested, and bang! nailed, so, I continue the process and after the fight, with a clean result will be my defense

        • It seems SO risky though, Burucho and it reeks of EXPERIENCE. It’s someone who has the confidence — because they’ve done it before — that what they’re taking will be untraceable in a month and if I know that sometimes they have random tests, surely she knows it.

        • My understanding is that the A sample and B sample are drawn at the same time. The reason for having an an and b is to allow for a confirming second test if the a is positive so as to help rule out lab error or other “false positive” event in the first assay.

          Also, the reason why random screening is particularly important is because the half life of a specific substance will be different from other substances. If you don’t know when the sample will be taken, you cannot plan for days when the substances in your system are likely to become undetectable.

  • Half life of those two drugs is not that much.

    You could have a dirty sample on the 12th, box and provide another sample on the 15th and be clean

    Half life of drugs and how often they were taken all are key factors on how long a drug stays inside

  • Drug testing, as used, is garbage. Testing for metabolites is a fool’s errand. Instead of testing for metabolites, the tests should show enhancement. High testosterone? That’s a fail. Blood oxygen, etc, also instant failures. Metabolites? There’s always going to be room for error. If her testosterone count was high, than she ought to fail no questions asked. Without that information, no one knows. This is the same logic with meldonium and the BS involved in having that cause a failed drug test. If it has no qualitative or quantitative affect, it shouldn’t be banned. The error here is that athletes with the best doctors will always pass, even when they cheat to high hell. While athletes without money will fail tests having done nothing wrong.

    • Some tests do that. Isn’t that how Floyd Landis got busted? His specific testosterone profile was out of whack, only achievable by performance inhancers.

    • Very technical area. On what basis are you able to form this opinion? If we laymen, the promoters and fighters are in the best position to select valid testing because they have both the economic incentive and resources to do so. In this instance, Hearn has stated that he brought in the testing at the request of Baumgardner. Lacking both the scientific expertise and the facts of this case, you have to assume that the results are evidence of cheating. Now, it does seem from what has been said that the final results are not in yet.

  • I’m with you my sister I believe you stay strong You’re an excellent role model for women boxing

  • Has any athlete who tested positive for PED’s ever come out and admit it? They will deny it until they absolutely can no longer.

    • The only one I ever saw admit it at the time and not years later was the early days UFC/Pride fighter Don Frye when asked if he was on them shocked the interviewer by saying something like “Yes, everybody in here is on them. I am just honest enough to admit it.”

  • It’s a mistake. They tryna tarnish her image. Itll come out that it was a mistake

  • Give her the benefit of the doubt. But all the way to grandmother’s house. Through the mud we go.

  • She can deny and make excuses. It does not mean she is telling the truth. Bottom line is she got busted. A donation will make this turn into a “mistake or tainted test”. She will forever be labeled a cheat by fans and fighters. She will be under suspicion for the rest of her career. That’s the way it goes.

  • An athlete tests positive and you hope she’s telling the truth? Risk vs. Reward. It’s business.

  • She can go the Canelo/Fury route with this and become the so-called face of Boxing. Jojo Diaz had the best opportunities come after positive PED test.
    She is in good company :)>
    Its a shame now people will question her muscled physique and face acne.
    I expect her to get a pass based on her good looks and engaging personality.

  • There are and have always been a false results. It happens and when you get tested as much as some fighters do there is bound to be a few bad results. That’s why they have A and B samples. personally I think a positive test should never be released to the public. It should trigger a fast and immediate test of sample B and then if that shows the same results the findings should be released. My daughter tested positive for cocaine and I’ve tested positive for stuff too just for a second sample to show clean. I just see no reason to not test the second sample since once you post the findings of sample A the damage is done. I dont care if she passed sample B, passes a lie detector and so on there are boxing “fans” that will always say she is a cheat because of this.

  • Heard it before ,you got busted its as simple as that and no amount of I didnt do it will help you.

  • I have zero interest in female boxing but I don’t trust their drug tests. They are crooked like almost everything is in boxing. They manipulate them for their own crooked reasons.

  • This crap needs to come out BEFORE a fight. The opponent’s safety needs to be # 1.

  • star boxing cheats usually get cleared there is much money to be made ,so there is test after test and when explanations are finally plausible and the cheater is exonerated

  • 99.9% of the boxing world doesn’t care because most people would rather watch their neighbor tie his shoes than watch women’s boxing.

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