Canelo: Golovkin no longer poses any challenge

WBA and WBC (franchise) middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez says he wants new challenges for his career, not a third fight with IBF middleweight king Gennady Golovkin. In an interview with Azteca 7, Canelo stated “I am the one to beat, the one everyone wants to face. Ever since Golovkin fought me, what has he done? He didn’t do anything.”

Canelo Sumio Yamada
Photo: Sumio Yamada

“…I’m facing a pure world champion and going up two weight divisions and his opponents come from losing. He no longer poses any challenge. I’ve already beat him. I gave him 24 rounds and he couldn’t do it. What’s going to happen in the third fight? I’m going to beat him again. I’m even going to knock him out. It’s just business.”

“I’ve already spoken to my promoter. If they want me to fight him, all it represents to me is business. If it doesn’t represent a challenge, I’m not going to do it. If they want the fight, give me the numbers and maybe. I want other kinds of challenges!”

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  • Canelo is still young and in his prime. GGG is no spring chicken. I can understand Canelo’s point as GGG showed some aging skills in his most recent fight. However, we must understand that Canelo is no angel when it comes to being the perfect boxer. How? I think Canelo puts a sour taste in all our mouths over some of his judge “gifted” decisions, cherry-picked fights, questionable promoter favoritism for edges in fights, and the best one, the excuse of eating “bad” meat for performance enhancing drugs. Yeah, ok. Hmmmm… The whole time Chavez Sr. fought in Mexico he never ate “bad” meat. You get the point! Canelo in my opinion is a good fighter, but not a great fighter. His bumpy road in his boxing resume taints his actual diehard skills that I call pure performances built from grit, raw talent, and sheer determination. Can someone please bring back the fighters from the 1970’s thru the 1980’s as a great example of raw talent?

    • I think you have to update your knowledge about past and present boxing Scooby. Today’s boxers and athletes in general are under more advanced scrutiny about the use of banned substances. Regarding to raw or cooked talent, that has been present in any era, the differences are in the way we communicate today , the way boxers are getting smarter about matchmaking and financial rewards in exchange of their sacrifices. Today we no longer we have to wait for the radio or newspaper to know what a writer or broadcaster think about a determined athlete, today we have the resources to express are thoughts too, and these boards are a proof of that. I am sure is more than silly to try to compare past boxing with the present, honesty.

    • For your uninformed ass 79 percent of Mexican meet is tainted the steroids inside these meats is a everyday fact of life for us here in Mexico. Just because you don’t have this issue in America and the media in your country lies to make the Latino fighter look bad does not make it true. It’s not a coincidence that the one time canelo decides to do some light training in Mexico this test pops up. Look up some history involving the world cup a few years back involving team USA team Brazil and other teams eating tainted meat in Mexico and having positive test results this a real thing and it’s food we have to feed to our children way bigger than some boxing match my

      • LOL, LMFAO!

        Canelo would have had to eat several thousand pounds of meat to absorb the amount of steroids found in his system!

        And talk about “your country lies”, LOL, this coming from a country whose corrupt media is controlled by criminal cartels and one of the worlds most corrupt government! Your country leads the world in journalist murders and self censorship.

        Your well deserved inferiority complex will keep you a violent, corrupt, poverty stricken third world banana republic forever!

        • Juan: I was under the impression it was trace amounts.. did that change? If so, what article. I wld love to go read up more on it.

    • They didn’t do vada testing back in days plus canelo is enrolled in all year voluntary testing. And really who wants to see 3rd fight with ggg next fight and canelo will probably ko him and he wont get credit because people will say his old

      • Canelo never came close to a KO in either of the two fights and majority of the public felt that GGG won both fights, considering the first fight was a draw and the second came down to one round. Stop making stuff up. Canelo barely scraped by GGG

    • Beat him twice now tell him he beat sheverenko also.!!!!
      You out of your mind he aimt got shit no more he got pounded amd he lost ke knoes he lost. And you want a third fight with canelo.???

  • I believe Golovkin has 4 more fights to go with DAZN . Best for him right now is to avoid an immediate rematch with Derevyankchenko or a third fight with Canelo. I don’t believe we will ever see again the even matchup of the first fight, where Golovkin was still very capable and Canelo on improvement process. From then on both men have been going in different directions, and that was evident in the second fight, where a declining GGG fought an improved and confident Alvarez. So, after what we saw from Golovkin against Derevyankchenko, what we can expect from him, what his chances are in a third fight?
    Who won, who lost in the previous two fights is a childish debate, a haters consolation, is something that will not help to evaluate what could happen in a third fight or change anything.
    I wish the best for both men, I don’t want see them fighting again an I hope Golovkin being matched according to his declining process.

    • Yea, Canelo did so much better in the second fight, that he won by one round. If 2 judges gave the last round to GGG, a round he def won, the fight woulda been a draw. Stop inventing fantasies. Canelo didnt look good again Jacobs, and how GGG looked against someone else doesnt mean he wouldnt knock out Canelo.

      • I agree. I always like to hear how people feel about Canelo. He said he was not a 160 pounder and that is why he did not fight GGG years ago. Then moves to 168 to fight Chavez Jr. Which was a joke. And everyone except Canelo knows he lost against GGG. Now canelo is moving up to 175 to fight Kovolev. I love Kovolev but he is not the best Light Heavyweight. He is probably the 4th. He was great 6 years ago but has looked bad. Canelo will lose against GGG, but it needs to happen in early 2020. That is the reason DAZN signed them is for a third fight

        • Canelo wasn’t a true middleweight but weighed in over 175 for many of his fights at jr. middleweight bouts.

        • Kovalev is going to beat canelo with his jab and reach. Canelo has to fight inside or its an easy unanimous decision for kov. If kov lands that straight right it’s lights out for cinnamon.

  • Althoug Canelo did have 2 brual wars with ggg, he could be right about the outcome of a 3rd one. (ggg won the 1st fight and the 2nd one could have gone either way) and Canelo hasnt been beaten up like that since.

    • Rwb: finally, someone with an unbiased, honest opinion. I agree whole heartedly…GGG won the first fight decisively, the second could go either way in my opinion. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a third to settle the score before GGG gets even older. I am a fan of both fighters, but you have to admit, Canelo has been gifted a few close decisions…Lara & Trout to name 2. I also admit that Canelo has improved greatly since those performances, and even though Kovalev is on the decline, I have to give Canelo props for stepping up and taking on that challenge. Still, I think the only way to settle the GGG vs. Canelo debate is to have a 3rd fight before GGG is over the hill, which, appears to be very close.

  • What an idiot! Both fights were literally razor thin close. The challenge would be to beat him emphatically and ultimately by stoppage. But I guess beating a guy who is clearly on his way out in Kovalev is a better challenge.

  • I agree with Canelo. Why subject yourself to another grueling match with GGG? You were gifted a draw in the first. The second match was a split decision via one point (not one round) was the difference.but yeah You are the straw that stirs the drink.You bring the fans to the arena. Your team has put you in the best position to succeed. Now Golovkin is 37. He is old and washed up. It is not a matter of IF you fight him, but when and where you decide to fight him. Weather it’s Vegas or the nursing home. Congrats Champ!!

  • He sounds like punch drunk. Let’s see. Prove that you are right. Maybe even hold the fight in a different county, so that we can have different judges if you are so confident. He’s making it sound like he beat GGG clearly, which weren’t the case at all.

    • Great suggestion MM! What about the fight taking place in Kazakhstan, and the judges chosen by Golovkin and his family?

      • Just new judges. Dont forget the judge that gave the fight to canelo was banned from judging anymore high profile fights because of how bad her judging was

  • Juan: right.. that Is an odd request. Let’s say perhaps Mexico??? That wld be a different country, right? Lmao
    Truth be told, there is absolutely NO reason for Canelo to fight dude.. he doesn’t even deserve this belt he just got.. If he wants to still be relevant, he needs prove himself by beating Charlo and then people will think he is ready and still able to compete at that level AND cause destruction.

    • Charlo is black listed just like Crawford. Neither will get the big fights because of the bs between rival promoters. But honestly Charlo hasn’t beaten any real middleweight contenders since he moved up and be should be looking to fight the Suleki’s of the world in the meantime. Personally I think GGG or Canelo should fight Andrade.

      • Clyde: great point BUT Charlo is big and tough and still poses a threat to GGG. He only wants to fight smaller fighters or his size with a bigger payday. He ducked and dodged Ward all of those times. Andrade is still bigger than he would like. I doubt he would wanna fight Andrade or Charlo due to size

      • Andrade has not shown me anything in his last couple fights. Would love to see him fight GGG but the only fight that should matter is the third fight between Canelo and GGG. hopefully it happens

  • OK, you’re impressed with yourself, how about cleaning out the fighters who have earned at shot at you like Charlo, Andreas, Saunders or Plant in your division?

  • canelo you are full of it. triple g beat you last time ,so you are afraid of him .he would kick you in the bottom if and when you fight him. you are afraid of him you coward ,chicken and sissy

    • I have a question for you Jerry Cooperman Sr. It might come off as sounding mean but please don’t take it the wrong way…Are you retarded?

  • He beat you convincingly once and likely the second fight! Your name and revenue potential gifted you those two outcomes and not your skill!


  • Canelo, STFU with that shit. I think you won the second fight. However, you did not whip his ass. It was close. The first fight was closer. You were lucky to get a draw. GGG doesn’t look like the destroyer he used to be, but to say GGG is not a challenge, is the sound of someone who is ducking a fight. Sure you are fighting a bigger guy in your next fight, but that guy lost 3 of his last 8 fights. Most people think he is washed up. First Canelo said GGG needed to get a belt. Now how he has a belt, and you are making new excuses. If you think you can knock him out, then do it. The paycheck would huge. You look like you are ducking and cherry picking by not fighting Andrade, Charlo or GGG again. FOH with that sucker shit.

  • GTFOH. This guy flatters himself way too much, the audacity. This clown lost not once but twice to GGG thanks to the usual paid off Vegas judges he’s now going after a wounded light heavyweight gazelle who in reality has no chance of getting a decision in Vegas

  • Actions speak louder than words. Canelo waited YEARS to fight Golovkin saying he wasn’t (Saul) a full fledged middleweight. He was then gifted two decisions and miraculously decided to move to Super Middleweight to grab another title from the softest touch he could find and he now is going for a Light Heavyweight title only because he thinks the Krusher is past his prime. Alvarez is a good fighter but he has to stop lying to everyone and saying he’s looking for challenges. Here’s a few challenges if that’s what he wants: Beterbiev, Bivol, Rameriz, Andrade, Charllo, Callum Smith, Gvozdyk, David Benavidez and Billy Joe Saunders to name a few.

  • I think it’s fair to say that ever since Canela hooked up with Oscar, he has become somewhat of a sellout. His fights are fixed by controversy thanks to the judges.

    • Mexican fighters and promoters have found their formula to success, their business model is overtly obvious….manipulate and play up Mexican ethnic “pride” and nationalism!

      They know their target audience (Mexican- “Americans”) will uncritically and unquestionably eat it up and dole out the money to buy fight tickets, pay per views, souvenirs, etc…consequently, otherwise talented fighters will never be challenged or matched up with other talented fighters lest the cash cows dry up!

  • Canelo is getting pretty cocky in his self analysis as we all know, most ringside and boxing fans felt GGG got robbed in their 1st encounter with the so called draw and many of us felt GGG also won the rematch but in a much closer fight. Canelo’s arrogance as if he easily won both fights is far reaching, GGG old or not is still Canelo’s #1 challenger whether Canelo likes it or not. Unfortunately the more time passes more advantage to Canelo if & when they do fight again.

  • GGG already beat you without doubt the first fight, and squeaked out the second. You need to get real Canelo. You are a proud man with nothing to be proud of, especially concerning your losses to GGG. Those of us who are not biased or controlled as were the ringside judges know that you lost. Money is the name of the business. Boxing is the name of the sport. Money cannot control the unbiased.

  • I love comments that Canelo cherry picks. Lol. He built his record up that way but the list of names on his resume is awesome. You can’t blame him for fighting some guys beyond their prime. Ever fighter in history has pretty much done that. He got the first GGG fight gifted to him but that’s it. Lara has been in the wrong side of a lot of fights. That’s because his style. Most judges score for the more exciting fighter. You could say GGG was beat this weekend and by Jacobs. He definitely lost to Canelo part 2. Canelo moving up in weight is insane to fight Kovalev. Despite what anybody says. I actually use to box and moving up just one weight class in between fights was extremely hard. He’s moving up to fight a dangerous man. I can’t wait!

    • Agreed Anthony!! Moving up in weight or even a fighter missing weight is cause for some panic.. Canelo is doing what GGG was always afraid to do and that was face a bigger guy.. Everyone Criticized Canelo for fighting a Smaller Khan but no one did that when GGG fought Brook.. Golovkin was calling out all of the smaller fighters including Mayweather when in reality Mayweather told GGG that if he fought Ward first, then he would fight him… then we heard crickets out of GGG camp. He wanted no part of that… He does not want to fight bigger guys. Could that mean he feels his only thing left is Power, and that is taken away with a bigger guy that can take the punch.. Quite possibly.. If he wants canelo, He should agree to fight a Plant, Benavidez, or smith.. I seriously doubt he would take on one of those champs.. That would be the true indicator of how bad he really wants Canelo.. or is it Just for the payday..

  • glovinkin really beat canelo twice. he is full of shit with his bad meat eating ass. ha ha ha

  • Sounds like an excuse to me.. The guy needs to quiet his critics and he didnt do that. Hes a opportunistic fighter that never wants to be in the ring with Golovkin again. Thats truth, plain and simple.

  • Truth is Golovkin has always been over rated he made his name fighting middleweights and blown upJr Middle weights that were past their their best.

    The moment Golovkin started facing live opposition that wasnt shot is when you started to see him go the distance and even more than that we started to see him in very close fights that could have gone either way.

    Truth of the matter is Golovkin is past his best its his fault for avoiding real opposition assuming Canelo would be worth the wait because he felt Canelo was soft.

    After being exposed by Jacobs and it became obvious to me that Canelo would beat GGG and thats what happened in both fights.

    its time to accept the truth folks GGG was the fighter that could have been but never will be because he waited too long to take on big fights.

    • Agreed Diego!!
      its easy to KO a smaller fighter. That’s the only reason he is who he is right now.. picking on the little guys instead of staying where he should have been. i’m surprised he doesn’t wanna fight Crawford or Spence or even Mikey Garcia lmao OR that may be coming soon lol

    • What? Going the full 13 rnds is what it’s about. When a fighter walks over people in several rnds, then he’s not fighting true level compitition. That’s what made GGG and Canelo great fights! And if you truly believe Canelo won both fights, then you need to seriously watch the fight in a open minded state. Not a Canelo bandwagon man. I love Canelo, but im also realistic. Every swinging dick out there knows Canelo did in fact NOT win both fights
      He was given

  • GGG wasted his career fighting cab drivers and chasing Canelo. GGG was lucky to come when the Mid weight division was soft and he was able to get contracts and make some money as a white hype. Before, it was too soon to take tough challenges, like Ward. Now, he too old to fight with the young lions in the division. I side with Canelo in GGG not wanting to take risks but he feels entitled to get in with the cash king

  • Every true boxing fan knows canelo and golden boy robbed golovkin in the 1st. Felt Canelo edged 2nd. Should be a third to decide it once and for all. Canelo will go down in history as a very rich fighter but on paper he won’t be a legend, too many cherry picked fights and obviously the performance enhancement drugs.

  • — Canelo tested in ghost nanograms well below WADA fail levels consistent with local food contamination.

    None of your politicians, business leaders, and ball athletes could pass a VADA test much less boxing commish/orgs or you whiny Fans.

    Shame that but most anti-social media fans are utterly shameless as comments prove..

  • Champions dont do drugs.. Claim it was in cow meat(which is completely stupid)and then say someone is not worth it that everyone knows actually beat him. He takes no accountability for the blatant robberies over fighters he fought and the drugs hes taken. Hes no champ.. Hes a chump

  • From what I saw last week ,he’s right. Expiration date coming quick for G.
    Besides,I believe he’s fighting Kov at the full 175 right. So who’s ta say he wants to get that low again? To much of that is what brought on Roys early decline.

  • That is what Mayweathers did before fighting Pacman. A pure business not a brave fight coz the other fighter keeps on running

  • Selling the trilogy early is all I see. Don’t think canelo won the 1st 2 fights. But I believe he wins the 3rd.

  • Both fights were close, at that time Canelo and GGG were so evenly matched now its obvious that GGG is out of his prime. I would love to see GGG vs Charlo or Andrade to see what he has left in the tank.

  • Canelo is the biggest diva in the history of this sport. He is also the most protected and carefully matched. But, it is his general attitude and entitled mentality that really pisses me off about him. GGG not a challenge anymore? Da fuck you keep bringing him up for? You ducked the guy he fought over the weekend and dumped the belt in the trash can, so STFU. Somebody needs to be honest with Canelo and his fanboys, and tell him he is not the middleweight champion of the world.

  • Canelo lost both fights to GGG. He also a drug cheater. He will be knocked out by Kovalev. He is soon to be a nobody. A sad story, but that happen when you get greedy. What goes around comes around.


  • I think there is a lot of bias on this page against Canelo. The truth is, Canelo has sold out to the all mighty dollar and I can’t hate him for it.

    GGG was clearly robbed the first fight. The rounds were close so a draw was acceptable. But that 118-111 score card for Canelo was absolutely ridiculous. That score card is what tainted the whole fight.

    The second fight was a clear win for Canelo. Coming from a GGG fan, I can say GGG disappointed when he didn’t finish Canelo and would take breaks in between exchanges when he had Canelo on the ropes numerous times. Additionally Canelo was answering back most every time backing GGG off of him. GGG showed his age that night a little.

    If a 3rd would occur GGG would need to move forward at the beginning and not stop until Canelo hit the floor. That was his mistake in the 2nd fight.

  • Certainly if Alvarez wins the light heavyweight title from Kovalev, and decided to fight at light heavy a match with Glolovkin would be ludicrous. But if we look at Alvarez’s fights with Glolovkin and Jacobs, and than those two fighters with the Ukranian, it is possible that the Ukranian would have given Alvarez a run for his money. Also even the Charlo brother who is champion (is it possible the Franchise Champion that Alvarez has is so he might avoid Charlo by the WBC? Alvarez of course is a big box office draw. This has I think allowed him to win some controversial decisions, over Glolovkin, Lara, Trout etc. The third I point out because only the Phillipino judge in that fight showed any semblance of fairness. Though certainly more talented, Alvarez for me is the Sven Otke of Mexico (Otke a former Super Middleweight champ from Germany who won some very dubious decisions and went undefeated). As for Glolovkin, it is sad but true that boxers like Sergio Martinez and Miguel Coto really went out of there way to avoid him (though Coto would have been able to give Glolovkin a difficult fight I think) and Alvarez got Glolovkin when it seemed with Golovkins fights with Jacobs and Kell Brook that he was on the tail end of his career.

  • the. top middleweights and super- middleweights feel the same about you canela! sad you have become a wimp like your promoter

  • This is how divas talk, Canelo needed Oscar to get the draw and squeak by a win. What he really means is the fans can blow it!!

  • With the help of the judges neither the two fights you’ve had were a challenge you fake champ! You’re a protected fighter and that’s the end of the story. Legacy?! You’ll never achieve that.

  • I tend to agree with Canelo here not much to gain from a 3rd GGG fight. I watched GGG recent fight and he’s definitely lost a step. Canelo’s counter punches would tear GGG apart. My advice to GGG stay away from quick counter punchers and fight flat footed fighters.

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