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Gennadiy Golovkin arrived first and did a short interview. Then he hung around until Canelo Alvarez arrived and they did a pretty intense 20-second face-off.  No smiles. No handshakes. Golovkin then left and Alvarez did a quick interview.

Gennadiy Golovkin

On fighting at 168:
“It feels the same. Maybe one or two more dinners…more burgers, more tacos.”

On what a win would mean:
“This is not only for me, this is for the sport. I want to bring back boxing’s position. I want a clean sport.”

Canelo Alvarez

On fighting Golovkin for a third time:
“I’m always 100% focused on whatever fight I go into. That’s where I have my head. To be 100% focused on this fight.”

On what a win would mean:
“It’s really important for me, this type of fight, for my legacy and for all these people that are here. I’m really hoping I can put on a good show for the people.”

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  • Hope GGG can dig up his legs for one last go around! Like Sweet pea did against Oscar, even though he got robbed too lol. Can’t see them giving anyone a decision but Canelo, I mean look at the scores of his last fight and he lost 10 rounds!

    • Man, sweet pea sucked vs De La Hoya, stunk out the joint. Besides the flash knockdown round, he might have won a couple or a few of the last rounds. People tried to blame Dr La Hoya for that being a bad fight. Sweet Pea’s style was hard to like, d e. De La Hoya was trying some things in that fight for the first 8 rounds, he always faded late. He saved himself vs Quartey in round 12. Whitaker was a good body puncher. Who knows how long he used drugs in the late (maybe mid) 90s while still fighting.

    • you really think Canelo lost 10 rounds of their last fight.. you must be out ur mind buddy… now, if your talking about the first fight, then I totally agree.

  • Then the question, how does 168 end up suiting GGG. Hope it gives his now getting older legs some energy back.

  • I love GGG, but he’s only a shadow of what he used to be, he was robbed of his titles and his ability to make big when he was at his prime. Canelo finds himself in a no win situation even if he wins by a ko in the first round. If GGG goes the distance regardless of the decision it would be considered a victory for him and anything else would be a cherry on top. Be careful Big red bully because CARMA is a bitch.

    • Disagree. Yes, GGG was robbed on the first fight but didnt lose the title due to it was a draw. Canelo won the 2nd fight no matter how you look at it. GGG had plenty of opportunities to get all his titles back, he chose not to. He could have answered the call outs to Charlo and Andrade but instead chose lesser opponents like Rolls and Maritrosyan, and Szermenta. That is purely GGG’s fault.

  • Should be an easy fight against 40+ yr old shell off GGG.

    He really needs to retire. This fight shouldn’t even be happening.

    Canelo should retire as well. Once you go up as far as you can go in weight it rarely ends well going back down in weight.

    Chris Byrd, Roy Jones immediately come to mind.

    • SteveG, agree on Byrd and especially Jones who lost huge muscle mass, but Canelo will probably still weigh e.g. 174¼ like he did against Bivol, drop down to 168 for weigh in and rehydrate back to being a light heavy again.

    • I agree SteveG… BUT not before we see a fight against Benavidez. After this fight, I would love to see a Benavidez fight and then he can retire lol

  • This fight could be set up for GGG if he did the rope-a-dope. Early rounds he needs to absorb the punishment. And then come on in the later rounds. Mind you, he shouldn’t have to do anything to prove he’s the better boxer. Canelo is one dimensional. He’s been given far too much credit, which just suggests the boxing world at the moment is light on with champions, but also it suggests that the broadcasters know which side the butter is spread. And, as an aside, what other boxers in history have walked down their opponents like Canelo has. I’m not talking Tyson like. I’m talking a bloke who is fighting the best in his division and can stand and take their power and it mean little…complete horse s**t. The bloke is juicing. The one dimensional juicer. Don’t worry about saving the queen, let’s save boxing!

    • I doubt he would bro. He wldnt even fight Andrade or Charlo which IMO are not dangerous opponents at all

  • Game plan? Throwing the dice out there. Saul is in his prime fighting a 40 year old opponent that has questionable legs. Will Saul take the Hagler chance and go full bore for the 1-5 rounds? Or Marciano vs Walcott pounding away like a jackhammer the entire time it will take to chop the legs down?
    Triple G does not like to back up and punch. He better have trained for this scenario and worked on his punch angles as Saul will be in a crouch and bringing up home run hooks. Those straight right hands of GGG will sing right over Saul’s head. A puncher’s chance for GGG.

  • it seems most want GGG to win and for many good reasons. but its so unlikely for more reasons

  • I hope GGG wins this one by stoppage because there is a high probability the judges will give it to Canelo. Canelo is good but was schooled easily by Bivol and he is way too self centered and arrogant.

    • Agreed… Canelo does not do well with good boxers who use the ring… unfortunately, that is not GGG’s style nor at his age have the stamina/legs to pull that off….

  • Ganelo trying to act all hard against GGG but you know he’ll fight tentatively because it’s been proven that he can’t hurt the Kazakhstan fighter. There’s nothing wrong with Gena’s punch resistance, so I expect this fight to go 12 rounds with the privileged Mexican getting an undeserved nod.


  • My only problem with this fight is why the hell does GGG get to fight for Undisputed SMW. I dont understand that at all. GGG didnt even dare 2 try to be undisputed at his own weight even though hes had the opportunity. He should not be afforded this luxury at SMW. Looks like he has some favortism on his side as of lately

  • I will always watch these guys fight. One, because I always felt that GGG was one of those fighters Canelo couldn’t weight bully.. and two, their styles make for great fights. Each of their styles forces the other out of their comfort zones. Yes, GGG is older but he’s also heavier.. not sure if this will benefit him. It will definitely help Canelo because of his last fight at a heavier weight..but it’s still muscle loss. We will see, of course Canelo is younger and loves to go to the body. (I love those) .. GGG will be 8 pounds heavier from his last fight. Usually fighters putting on muscle preform better than guys losing it.. so hopefully this will even out the age difference for a more competitive fight. Canelo should have the edge because of his skills but since it’s the first time watching GGG that heavy I’m expecting the unexpected. There’s certain styles I love to watch and these guys are one of them. Fun night to drink .. feel the energy and enjoy the fight. I think I watched the last one in Foxwoods theater. People were into it.. maybe I’ll stay home this time though. May the best man win

  • Canelo turned pro at 15 ,GGG at 22. In the ring they are the same age, GGG is a young 40 he’s never taken a beating. I remember Vargas asking Oscar if he was still hungry in his silk PJ. I think it comes down to desire, Canelo didn’t show much desire his last fight, took his loss well. GGG feels robbed and is angry, I think the anger coming from Canelo is a hype job. GGG will win. And new!!!

    • Did Vargas ask Oscar that before or after he got stretched by him? I guess the answer was yes lol.

  • Chris Mannix has a cute little love affair with Saul. He like grab his bells, lmao!!
    Go DAZN!! YEE haw

  • 1st fight GGG WON easy, but robbed as “DRAW”
    3. CORRUPT JUDGES WILL BE THE SAME AS THE FIRST TWO FIGHTS so what do you think the decision will be? Hmmmm?

    By the way that 1st fight with GGG was delayed 3 years till GGG was recognized as past prime…

  • Canelo will prob win with GGG’s age factor. If he loses the Mexican bar I’m going to watch it at will explode.

  • GGG could get knocked out this time round. The 2nd encounter GGG lost without no doubt and his power was noneffective, now he’s fighting a third at 40 against Canelo. The older you get the slower you get, your respond is slower and you don’t handle shots the same way as before. The fact that GGG don’t stay active is bound to work against his favor. His last fight he looked shot against a scrub. I don’t see GGG winning the 3rd fight against Canelo. I can’t see it happening. Canelo is in his prime and a busy fighter. The man stays active he even moved up weight that he had no business fighting in against bigger stronger fighter, yes he lost but at Super Middleweight Canelo is king as of right now. One of the top fighters in the world the same thing can’t be said about GGG. While Canelo is fighting on a constant basis GGG is sitting on his ass waiting instead further making a name for himself. My money is on Canelo. I don’t see him loosing back to back fights while in his prime especially a man in his 40’s that he had previously walked through.

  • People have complained for years that Canelo did not deserve the draw in the first fight or the victory in the second. But we are forgetting that before the first fight people were saying Canelo, who was at junior middleweight, was afraid to fight GGG, and that if the fight occurred, he would be blasted out, because GGG was this frightening monster. And then the fight happens, and it is an evenly contested one. And suddenly GGG’s supporters are crying about a close decision, and not questioning why he did not destroy Canelo. Then before the second fight people were saying that Canelo would be afraid to engage and would run from GGG. The fight happens, and Canelo stands right in front of GGG, and dares him to match him punch for punch. And GGG gets the worst of it. But as we know, boxing has levels. Remember when people like Arturo Gatti and Bam Bam Rios looked awesome against limited opposition, but were proved to be levels below by Mayweather and Pacquiao respectively. Same with GGG. The man looks frightening against limited opposition or smaller people, but barely scrapes by against the elite (Canelo, Daniel Jacobs).
    While the unexpected may happen, I feel that GGG’s lack of hand-speed, his age, the higher weight, and Canelo’s defense and skill will be too much for him to overcome in Saturday’s fight.


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