Canelo dissects the Mexican style

WBC/WBA super middleweight champion Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and the WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders, will clash in a unification duel on Saturday at the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. In an interview with ESPN, “Canelo” commented on some key aspects of the famous Mexican fighting style:

“I think that in the history of Mexican boxing there have been many styles. For me, the Mexican style is not about going in there to trade, hit and take, get knocked down and get back up. I think the Mexican style is more than that. Mexican boxing is also about knowing how to move, hit and not be hit.

“The mentality mindset is that a Mexican fighter has is to never give up, and to always give his best until the end. That is something that makes a big difference among Mexicans.”

Canelo is a 7:1 favorite.

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  • The Mexican style is don’t take any backwards steps and take one to land one. That’s why JCC, Morales, and Barrera, amongst others, are so revered in their homeland. It’s also why everyone in the stadium was booing the Ruiz victory after the fight. He did enough to win a boxing match but he was out-Mexicaned by Arreola who kept coming forward and landed the more damaging shots. Fundora and Cota fought Mexican style and the crowd went wild. Might not be the most effective style but it’s definitely the most fun to watch! Marquez-Vasquez 1,2,3 or Morales-Barrera 1,2,3 are great examples. Idk wtf Canelo is talking about! Going in there and trading punches is EXACTLY what Mexican style is!

    • WillisLV, not really. If you see Chavez, his head movement was awesome. I took a shot, but he didn’t stand there to take it. What if was is he was willing to take the punches if hit, not back down and keep going forward. Be he wasn’t intentionally staying there to get hit.

      • I doubt any boxer, not named Ricardo Mayorga, was intentionally staying there to get hit. Chavez was a master at rolling of punches (head movement), using his arms and gloves to not get hit clean, to land his harder thudding shots. Not that Chavez walked in like a robot, you get the sense he was willing to take your shot to deliver his.
        Canello obviously learned a lot from his schooling from Mayweather and even started talking a lot like him ever since. Mayweather helped Canello evolve and in turn evolve the identity of future Mexican boxers.
        Canello – “The new face of Mexican fighting style”

      • Same as 50% of all boxers from every corner of the world!

      • I never said he was trying to get hit. That would be pretty stupid. He was a pressure fighter who rarely took a step back. And a great one. All of the fighters I mentioned are very skilled, not toughman participants. They all fought on their front foot for the most part and that’s why when they fought each other it produced some of the best fights in boxing history.

    • Sounds like FIGHTING and BOXING!

      There is NO such thing as Mexican style, every fighter in every country in the world fights the same!

  • Saunders lacks the power I think to keep the Mexican beast at bay. Saunders will have success early moving and creating distance, but eventually, Canelo will walk and chop him down. Canelo UD.

      • Yes, I agree…that is odd….. Your icon was “legend” a few days ago.

      • You can have my interim champion belt. Ive had it for months and months. LOL. Must of rubbed the editors the wrong way. The little Gods in power.

  • The ‘mexican style’ isn’t new or Mexican for that matter. It literally just translates to ‘BRAWLER’ which has been around since boxing first existed. Jake LaMotta, Dempsey, harry greb, Joe Frazier, Henry Armstrong, Chávez snr, margarito, Ruben olivares would all fall into this category. Canelo isn’t a true brawler I’ve seen him on the back foot quite a few times..

  • The Mexican style is only for true Gladiators and boxing Warriors. Salvador Sanchez was one of the best ever. Canelo is more of a De La Hoya style. Box and box and box and hold. Canelo is NOT a true Mexican warrior. He’s good but not great.

  • Canelo is the real deal and very smart as well. Canelo and Crawford are 1-2 pound for pound. The most unreal thing about Canelo is his stamina. Canelo is less face first – pedal to the metal then other Mexican fighters but that is a good thing. Hard to believe he can get KO’d at 160-168 but he is too small to fight Betterbiev at 175. Prime Kovalev also beats Canelo, so good timing on that.

  • Hera the real “Mexican” style:

    Pick the weakest champion
    Negotiate a catch weight
    Show up 15 lbs heavier on fight day

    Bingo! Mexican style

  • Based on the Mexican born fighters I observed through the years, I noticed nine (9) commonalities that some would call, “The Mexican Style”:

    1) Left hooks to the body;
    2) Keeping the chin tucked to absorb punch impact;
    3) Rolling punches;
    4) Maintaining pressure, pressure y mas pressure to set up the left hooks;
    5) Slight but quality head movements while punch rolling and/or chin tucking;
    6) Keeping their hands in position without the arrogance;
    7) Avoiding excessive movements;
    8) Win, lose or draw, a quiet confidence; and
    9) Punching in position.

    However, let it be known that I am seeing Mexican born fighters make solid transitions to upper body movements, hand speed, quick/fast combination punching; quality punching out of position, counter punching, fast jabs, hooking off the jab; slight shoulder rolling and some defensive foot movements. Over the years, I wonder if FMJ played a primary factor in this Mexican boxing transition????.

  • Well……..true up to a point but he can’t and won’t beat the chechen style by Beterbiev. No man it ain’t cruiser or heavyweight. Its light heavy. Remember a way back when he beat an old champion right off a tough fight with a few weeks notice? Step up the competition man. Bivol or Beterbiev.

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