Canelo Alvarez says he’s fighting May 4

Undisputed super middleweight champ Canelo Alvarez confirmed today that he’s still planning to fight on May 4 in Las Vegas. He wouldn’t name an opponent, but revealed that he will be facing an American. Possible candidates include Jermall Charlo, Terence Crawford and David Benavidez, with Charlo considered the most likely.

“I always try to fight in May and September, the Mexican dates. I always like to look for those dates. We are fine-tuning some details for the May fight, but it’s going to be an interesting fight as I always like for the people,” said Canelo.

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  • Benavidez is American, despite he has Latin American blood, proof of that is that he is fluent in both languages

    • His passport is USA nuff said. Chavez Jr, is Mexican. Canelo will fight any pothead drunk Mexican.

    • A bit more on your post, Benavidez is American because he was born in the US per jus soil, and he is fluent in English and Spanish.
      On the other hand….
      Oscar Valdez is Mexican because he was born in Mexico and he is fluent in Spanish and English

    • His passport is USA nuff said. Chavez Jr, is Mexican. Canelo will fight any pothead drunk Mexican.

  • He is not going to fight Benavidez in May. He is going to choose Charlo. Then in September will probably fight Crawford or Munguía.

  • Hopefully I won’t feel the need to pass on another Canelo fight..
    not watching him until he has an interesting matchup with a competitive opponent that has a chance of doing well

  • Maybe fight Munguia in may, Benavidez in sept. and the winner between Morrell and Mbilli for his last fight in may 2025, there will always be contenders and new threats for his titles but the four i mentioned i think are Canelo’s biggest 3 fights now

  • Too much drama for nothing
    I don’t care who is gonna fight in May 4. I just want he really mention who’s gonna fight officially in may and not leave everything in the air

  • Canelo already gave up a middleweight belt because he was afraid of GGG next he will give up a super middleweight belt because he is afraid of Benavidez!

      • He gave up his championship as opposed to fighting him. That is scared.

        Canelo was so scared that he then did performance enhancing drugs and GGG said screw it I’ll fight you anyway.

        The only other fighter that i can recall giving up a belt was riddick bowe who was scared as hell of lennox lewis.

      • He aged GGG out until he was well past his peak, got 2 gifts and won the third when GGG was shot. He ran like the wind before that. The videos and interviews don’t lie.

    • Canelo is afraid of Benavides but he never was afraid of ggg otherwise they would not have fought 3 times

      • It’s all about the timing Carlos, he avoided GGG for a couple of years after he beat Cotto (2015) for one of the MW belts. Waited for him to age and slow a bit.
        Got a gift draw.
        Then took Mexican meat in the build up to the rematch, and got a close win. Said he’d never fight GGG again, but changed his mind and fought a 40 year old GGG 4 years after the 2nd fight.
        If that ain’t cherry picking I don’t know what is.

        • Canelo fought GGG in his prime twice wtf is all this nonsense you casual haters talking about? Canelo never gave up a belt to avoid GGG. The only belts Canelo gave up were when he moved up weight.

  • Canelo is losing credibility by acting like a soap opera diva, just be transparent and tell us who you will be fighting and let us decide if we want to pay to watch the fight or not.

  • So, y’all don’t think the bigger Charlo will give Canelo a better fight than “little” brother? Also, Canelo has nothing to prove in fighting Bivol again, he can’t beat him; so why do we need to see that again. Munguia is not better than the bigger Charlo. Crawford is too small and its obvious Canelo does not want to fight Benavidez anytime soon, or Morrel for that matter. Let Morrel and Benavidez fight and the winner gets Canelo in September.

    • He has absolutely everything to prove in fight Bivol again. The great ones always avenge their loses or mishap als. JCC fought Oscar again after getting blitz (although he didn’t fight Whitaker but I digress), Floyd fought Castillo again in a fight folks believe he lost the first time, Lennox fought Rahman again after getting flatlined, Manny and Marquez fought each other again, Roy Jones fought Tarver again. Canelo loses and he never fights his conquerors again. He barked about a Floyd rematch after he was old and retired.

  • I could be wrong but I believe Fightnews is late and it was already announced he’s fighting Charlo.

  • The name of the game is prizefighting, which means making as much money as possible in the ring without risking the title or your marketability. That’s what Canelo is doing, which is why he waited until 2017 to fight GGG and will wait as long as possible before he fights Benavidez. I just hope Canelo doesn’t experience an unexpected loss in the interim while Benavidez patiently waits for his shot.

    • You mean maximum profit for minimum risk right? Prize fighting is any professional fight for a prize(money). Every professional boxer is a prize fighter.

  • If anybody thinks Canelo is fighting Benavidez in May, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

  • business as usual ; not real boxing ; too much of a coward to face, benavidez, mungia, and morrell , even though he could beat most of them at this time; later on who knows ?

  • Told he would say he is doing it for the fans. I’m curious, what fans because the fans I know, want it to be benavidez. Hmmm.

  • This is a fight who wants to see?
    He last fight was a fight who wanted to see?
    He’s really not fighting the best guys out there he’s just picking names he think will look good on his record when people look at resume in 10 or 15 years.

  • Chingue su madre pinche wuero! I thought he was announcing a fight with munguia! He will probably fight either the other charlo bro or the easy, walk in the park, low risk boricua berlanga to make it a puerto rico vs mexico on cinco de mayo feast! I mean, the boricua is consider American so, beating the living crap out of berlanga on cinco de mayo makeore sence than charlo which might be a bit more of a challenge! Screw benavidez, he’s too ufffcking big for canelo! That uffcker is a damn heavyweight who should be fighting bivol, berteviev or even morell who, wants to get in the mix! The benavidez fight should be canelo’s last fight and retire after, where he will have nothing left to prove while collecting a nice check!

  • The sad thing is, I think Canelo would beat Benavidez. Canelo has one of the best chins in boxing, and would hurt the Ecuadorian with his power punches. The Mexican by late round KO!

  • That’s the announcement? We already knew of the possible opponents, but we could not contain ourselves from the suspense of wether or not we would have to wait 7 long months for a canelo return.

    Let’s take David off the list right off the bat. Might as well take Bud off too. So it might be another Charlo. The “final” decision will be made withing the next week or two in order to have a decent camp.

  • The people wanna see you fight Benevidez. Don’t tell us that you’re doing it for the people if you fight Charlo. There’s not a huge difference between both Charlo’s and hardly no wants to watch that again

  • He wants no part of Benavidez. Crawford will bust him up so Canelo will go with Charlo guaranteed!

  • Why are there so many Canelo haters? What else do you want this guy to do? He’s done more for boxing and fought more champions the last 10 years than any other fighter. No active boxer’s resume can match Canelo’s, that’s a fact. Sure he takes a tune up every now and then, but that’s like 1 every few years. Hate him if you like, but damn, this guy has laid it on the line his entire career. “Are you not entertained!”

    • he better fight AJ … ofc then some will complain he doesn’t fight Usyk …

      Too many frustrated people who have not achieved anything in life are giving directions to Canelo.

      Others are boxing whole life with smaller guys and nobody cares.

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