Canelo a 3:1 favorite over GGG

It didn’t take long. has already posted odds for the September 17 trilogy clash between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin.

Gennady Golovkin +260 (13/5)
Saul “Canelo” Alvarez -350 (2/7)

Graduation Night
Canelo vs. GGG III is official for Sept 17

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  • Sure it is now.
    But,, Why not wait 2 or 3 more years and fight at 175lbs? Then it can be 10, 11 or 12 to 1 ods.. lol

    • Only a fool would bet on GGG. It has been made clear that if Canelo oversleeps and misses the fight he will still at a minimum get a draw.

  • I’m not sure I would even buy this fight tbh. Maybe in 2019 but it just doesn’t seem like it’s worth it at this point. GGG hasn’t looked the same in the last 4 years. I’d argue this is only happening because Canelo lost and he needs a big KO win for the “he’s back!” headline and you know what? He’s gonna get it.

    • Fightfan, this could be an entertaining matchup, but it desperately needs an undercard to get my money. There are a ton of fights they can make underneath to garner more interest, but two names they should include are Bivol and Benevidez. They don’t need to fight one another, but I’d definitely be a buyer if they did. I’m thinking Charlo vs Benevidez would be a great fight prior to the main event.

      It really could be any number of fights underneath, just make them at least title eliminator types and throw in a lower weight Title fight for good measure. At that point, you can open with the prospect of the week against a no hoper.

  • Old Oscar tactic here. Pick on an older GGG when the conditions are right with weight stipulations and tangle a paycheck in front of him. Canelo learned all these tactics from the great himself named Oscar.

  • What is even more stupid than these odds, as they should be like 50-1, are the people that will buy tickets for the fight or PPV!!

    • Yep, you are right. I bet they will charge $70-90 US dollars to see the event. Good grief. I am sure all the Firestick users will be snickering on the side when it’s free to them.

  • Happy for GGG to get another pay day. If GGG does win, maybe he will be the one to fight Benavidez.

    • GGG won’t win, he can’t win. He’ll have to utterly dominate Canyellow for 12 rounds to maybe get the win.

      We all saw the scorecards in his last fight, waaaay too close in a fight Bivol clearly controlled.

        • I did 2 tours in Afghanistan and 1 in Iraq as an infantryman, any other questions?

      • Agreed. Sadly, his only hope is a clear knockout. A TKO victory will only end up in a no contest.

  • Bet Canyellow ran to his phone to call his promoter after watching the GGG-Murata fight, he saw a clearly diminished GGG struggle and hurt by Murata on several occasions.

    It’s exactly what he was waiting for.

    Can’t wait to see him KTFO against Bivol in their second fight.

  • GGG might be 40 but he is not an ‘old’ fighter. Yes, he has had tough fights but he has never taken a beating in the ring. I thought he looked good against Murata yet many thought he didn’t. I also think 168 is a good move for him. Canelo is naturally the favourite but GGG is a proud man and he will not be beaten without a massive struggle.

  • what is funny is, neither is fun to watch anymore.
    Canelo could have beaten him easy when he lost to Bivol. GGG is not Bivol. Even he knows it. Pitiful, this boxing mess.

  • Stupid allowing that fight to happen, GGG too old nothing to prove

  • Canelo rapidly agreed to this fight, after avoiding it (again) for so long, to pick up a win after an absolutely demoralizing loss. Golovkin is WAY too old for this fight to mean anything now. I mean he is what 40 and Canelo is 31? At least GGG will get a good payday. Now, Canelo has packed away a good legacy at this point, and I take nothing from him, but this is a truly questionable decision here. He should be fighting Benavidez, or someone of that caliber, not a clearly aged Golovkin. What happened to Canelo’s whole “I like to challenge myself” bit? It is NOT being displayed here.

    I suppose there is a chance that GGG could pull this one out, if Canelo ends up having trouble taking off the weight, but that is HIGHLY doubtful. What weight is the fight being contested at, has that been announced yet? I wish it would be middle weight, but I seriously doubt it.

    Anyway, not particularly thrilled about this match, I would have much rather seen Canelo take on a fighter at the top of their game. However, this is how modern boxing works these days…

  • GGG should turn it up a notche by using Canelos training regimen from their first 2 fights. It’s the only way that this will even be close.

    Golovkin has not looked anywhere near his best in his last 3 fights. I would like GGG to win, however, logic states that father time has picked a winner.

    • Surely if he did not look yet still won – and comfortable at that against Murata & Szeremeta in my view – then he will at least be highly competitive against Canelo if he fights well! I’m surprised people are so negative about GGG despite the fact he has only lost once and a disputed decision at that. Just remember he only turned pro at 23-24 so he does not have as much pro mileage as other fighters of the same age.

  • I’m gonna get clowned hard here.. but I’ll throw 100.00 on GGG for sure!

  • 3 to 1 favorite makes sense to me due to GGG’s inactivity and Canelo’s busy fight schedule. Will go the distance, NO KO’s or knockdowns…

  • Wow! has the fans turn against Canelo bigtime with this decision. GGG is no slouch and you still need to be very good to beat him. GGG finally gets the moment he’s been waiting for, so good for him. He turns a left-hook over the top of his opponents heads that is very hard to block and makes him a very dangerous fighter with possible long term effects getting hit like that. Could be a dangerous fight for Canelo.
    But for all the Canelo fans justifying why a certain fighter didnt deserve a shot, GGG just sat around and waited for his. Im sure the Canelo fans are understanding when convenient :).

  • 3 to 1 for canelo ill take triple g to win he is still a good fighter at 40 years old

  • May or may not beat GGG but if he dies lose to GGG Canelo needs to take an easier fight against a Charlo. No way he will ever beat a Bivol at 175.

  • Canelo is a con man. He fought Kovalev at the right time when he wasn’t at his best and now he’s going to fight a 41 years old GGG. Canelo has no pride. Hell… he might as well call out Oscar next considering they have beef hahaha.

  • I don’t expect a whole lot to change between this fight and their first two fights. I expect it to be close and highly competitive.

    The variables: Canelo, being more comfortable at 168, may have the slight edge. However he didn’t look really good against Bivol. Has he lost a step? Maybe. GGG is 40 and fighting at 168 for the first time. Will the rise in weight help him or hurt him? How much will the Bivol fight affect Canelo’s confidence?

    These two are very familiar with each other. I don’t expect to see anything drastically different from the first fights. Maybe Canelo wins another close decision. Just a bit less controversial this time.

  • Basillio vs Fulmer fight one should be of interest to GGG. Fulmer changed his style from a bull into a matador. GGG has a hard time fighting in a retreat mode but he will be up against a light heavy or better. At 41 his legs are suspect so the right trainer could give him an edge.

  • Oscar taught you well Canelo, oh if GGG were 2 win, who would be next Chavez Jr?

  • put your money on GGG and thank me later!! Canelo is finished he will come to the fight with less motivation!!

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