Canelo vs. GGG III is official for Sept 17

It’s official. Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Gennadiy ‘GGG’ Golovkin will meet in a trilogy clash on September 17, live on DAZN Pay Per View. The venue will be announced soon.

“The Canelo vs. GGG trilogy is the biggest fight in boxing and I am delighted to get this made for September 17,” said promoter Eddie Hearn. “These are two men that bitterly dislike each other and want to end this incredible series with a blistering KO. I truly believe this will be the most thrilling fight between these two great champions and it will be fireworks from the first bell to the last man standing.”


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  • “The Canelo vs. GGG trilogy is the biggest fight in boxing”.
    – I believe that the biggest fight in boxing would have to be Crawford vs Spence.

    • We all know as fans that Canelo’s team will promote this event like it’s going to be a dead even war to sell tickets. However, we all know Canelo is on a recovery and re-collection effort from his loss to Bivol so picking on an older GGG with slower reflexes seems like the more predictable path to take for money and a win.

      • They said they wanted to fight each other next. The guy just won the damn title. Let see what they’ll do next. What does this have to do with Canelo being a coward?

        • Fighting a 41 years old past his prime GGG and making him move up to weight class he’s never fought in, instead of running it back with the man that kicked his arse in Bivol.

      • Maybe Spence beats him to the canvas hands down and looking up at Crawford who just KO him? Hmmmm? HaHa!

  • this fight is way tooo late. canelo waited and waited and waited. and now he will fight a 40 year old ggg at 168lbs, where ggg has no business. canelo will step into the ring so mush bigger and heavier than ggg, hell he was much heavier and bigger than ggg at 160. i do Not find this entertaining, No thanks.

  • Biggest fight in boxing?

    More like Canelo doesn’t want the heat from bigger fights, like Benavidez or a Bivol rematch or a shot at the Beterbiev – Smith winner.

    As good as Canelo is, and he’s got a great resume, it seems to me he chooses his opponents cleverly.

    Seems he avoids big punchers in their primes and opts for fighters on the decline or those with low KO ratios, sure there’s the odd exception, but generally that seems to be the way he rolls.

    A 3rd fight with GGG is a weak choice, Gennedy is 40, seriously on the slide, and not a SMW.

    I’m not hater, more of a cynic, he’s a great fighter for sure, but for me he’s too choosey.

    • Jim Bob, I was a Canelo hater once, but when he finally picked a Division to unify i was on board. Moving up to fight Bivol seemed like a logical step, but it was a bridge too far. For what it’s worth the GGG match was in the queue prior to Bivol. Remember, Bivol joked about ruining it.

      While I don’t think this third fight is necessary at this point, I don’t begrudge them for taking the “bag”. Besides, I thought GGG won the first and probably deserved a Draw in the 2nd. Despite, it’s aged nature this fight can still be fun. I’m definitely giving Canelo a pass on this after the last 2 years of activity and if GGG can pull it off somehow, then maybe he’ll get some overdue credit.

  • This does not look good for GGG because I do not recall him ever trying to fight at 168.

    I hope GGG’s corner keeps a close eye on him during the fight because Canelo is highly determined to make sure GGG does not get to round 12.

  • If Canelo’s output is the same like his fight vs Bivol, GGG might be able to pull this off with a high work rate while avoiding punishment. If GGG decides to bang with Canelo, the outcome won’t be good. I am hoping Canelo gets back to being serious about fights. Seems like his love of golf and other distractions are starting to creep in. Maybe hang a picture of Chavez Jr in the bathroom as a reminder of what can happen if your mind slips.

  • I agree Canelo is the favorite but GGG is a live underdog. He might be a little better off with the added weight. Canelo might not be the same coming back down to 68. Plus GGG will not lack motivation and will not be coming off a long lay-off this time.

    • Not a live underdog at his age and with officials who fill out their scorecards before the fight.

    • I really hope Triple G has one more great fight in him. I see Canelo winning but I want it to be a controversial decision. Beating a 40 year old fighter, past his prime is not part of legacy you brag about.

  • This is ridiculous!! Honestly! Nothing to prove against GGG! Golovkin will surely get stopped in this fight. Can’t believe he’s never fought @68, but yet he gets this fight before Benavidez??!!

  • Hearn embellishes too much trying to hype these boxing matches as if they’re UFC fights. Boxing doesn’t need that type of crappy marketing. This fight sells itself. These two don’t “bitterly dislike each other…blistering KO”. What nonsense. They’re both competitors and champions, respect each other, and both are determined to overcome the crucible this fight represents. Nothing more needs to be said.

    • No it won’t. Fans are fans and haters are haters. As long as he’s fighting that won’t change. He still has you here talking about him….

    • I agree to a point. His last fight was so underwhelming and I won’t be buying the PPV this time.

  • Well hopefully this fight can get Canelo’s motivation and confidence back as GGG will be right in front of him all night. On the flip side if Canelo loses his career is over!

  • the biggest fight in boxing is fury vs the winner of usyk/josha. literally and figuratively.

  • ok good GGG can retire after this fight with a comfortable paycheck please again why is it ONLY Canelo willing to take risk in todays fight game? nobody at 160 wanted GGG not BoobBoob Not Charbroil Not Munguia everybody Keeps talking coke head Benavidez yet this dude has lost his belt twice to weight issues and fights nothing but home depot workers and has beens doesnt move up to 175 like he should but yet people say Canelo i ducking this chump pleeeeeease even though GGG is old he can still crack which is evident seeing that the other so called champions dont mention his name as if he was the bad guy from the Harry potter series so once again Canelo is taking risk fighting somebody know one else will……

  • It’s sad.. GGG already beat him..
    He’s too old now and without a KO they won’t give him the win..

  • Would be nice to see this one outside of Vegas. MSG would be cool. Doubt it though

  • Note to the promoters: please give us a good undercard or this won’t be worth the 1/2 tank of gas you’ll be charging!!!

  • When Rambo III came I had already stopped watching those movies.

    No difference here.

  • GGG won the first fight easy, the second edging out Canelo or at worse a draw, but at this age and the slide that has shown lately Canelo is the easy favorite. Canelo has the faster hands, but GGG has the better chin, footwork and power. The only one to be staggered in either of the last two fights was Canelo in the 10th of the last fight, but he came back immediately and drew blood. The bottom line the only way GGG could have ever won a fight against Canelo is with the KO. The refs would not allow any other outcome.

  • This fight is happening because Canelo is afraid of Bivol. What is the honor in fighting a 41 year old GGG past his prime?

    • Because he lost the 2 first and at 168 ,he knows he can win with the older ggg…

  • Canelo picked GGG because GGG has gotten old. His reflexes have slowed down to the point that he is taking too much punishment to the head. Canelo will start seriously battering him after the 8th round and the fight will get stopped at around the 10th round. Still Canelo will take a good beating while it lasts.

  • What BS, there are at least 3 fights that would be far bigger in boxing than Canelo fighting a 40 year old past his prime GGG at 168, being Usyk-Fury, Bivol-Beterbiev at 175, and the biggest of all Crawford-Spence at 147. All three legit prime meaningful bouts with lineal titles on the line.

    • I’d love to see those 3 fights David. I’d also add in Shakur vs Tank and Ennis with another top welterweight. Plus Benavidez vs one of BooBoo, Charlo or Plant.

  • What ?at 168? First GGG won the first one and at worst it was a draw the second…..Canelo waited GGG to slow down and made sure to win the third fight….At 168 ,he have a chance to win by KO against GGG who never fought at 168….Golovkin at 168 means a lot slower!!! My money will be with Canelo big time but not my heart!!!!!!

  • I’d bet GGG learned more from the Canelo Bivol loss than Canelo did. I’d expect much the same outcome if not the KO GGG deserves after the two thefts.

  • good fight to watch i like triple g to win by decision

  • i don’t see age being too much of a factor, ggg hasnt showed signs of being too old. that said size may be his problem as i believe this is his 1st time at 168 and canello moving back down where he belongs. in any case these 2 put on 2 great toe too toe fights and a 3rd i expect too be just as entertaining, my hope is if ggg can do as well in this as the 1st time they met he doesn’t get robbed.

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