Boxing Safety Protocols Updated in Las Vegas

The Bubble Ring
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

With numerous fights being cancelled due to non-fighters (trainers, managers, cutmen) being infected by COVID-19, the safety protocols in Las Vegas have been updated. Now upon a positive test for someone in a boxer’s camp, that person is immediately quarantined.

Top Rank will then consult with infectious disease experts and a risk level will be assessed for the non-infected team members. If deemed tolerable and acceptable, the fighter and remaining team are immediately isolated in their room and both must test negative daily until the fight.

Does it work? Under the original protocol, three of the six bouts taking place Thursday night would have been cancelled.

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  • There should be no boxing matches. Shut. It. Down. This is absurd!

    • I would agree, but these tight restrictions seem to be catching cases before they enter the bubble. I think it’s relatively safe given the standards in place.

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