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YouTube boxer KSI stopped two opponents in one night Saturday before PPV audience on DAZN and a crowd of 20,000+ at London’s O2 Arena. One opponent was a rapper, the other was a real pro boxer named Luis Alcaraz Pineda, who brought in a record of 2-5, 0 KOs with four KO losses.

On that telecast, it was announced that boxer Hasim Rahman Jr. will face Vitor Belfort on DAZN PPV October 15 in the UK.

YouTube boxer Jake Paul says he’s signed an unnamed opponent for October.

Tom Loeffler’s 360 Promotions has announced the next Hollywood Fight Nights boxing card set for Thursday, November 3 at the Quiet Cannon / Montebello Country Club will again feature ‘King’ Callum Walsh in an eight-round junior middleweight bout. UFC Fightpass will stream live.

The NSAC has assigned Russell Mora to be the third man in the ring for the September 17 trilogy fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. Judges are Steve Weisfeld, Dave Moretti and David Sutherland. Moretti and Weisfeld both worked Canelo-GGG 2 and both scored that fight for Canelo. Moretti also worked Canelo-GGG 1, scoring that one for GGG.

Results from Pico Rivera
Pedraza-Commey ends in a draw

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  • I can’t believe Russell Mora is being assigned such an A list fight. He is one of the worst refs in the business.

  • Alvarez will be coming very focused for this fight. Why? After he was schooled by Bivol in his last fight I am sure he feels frustrated. Alvarez has already fought GGG and knows his style, power, and aggressiveness. Therefore, he will pick up where he left off in the last fight with GGG. Alvarez basically knows a victory in this fight will gain his confidence back and allow him to refocus his energy on bigger things to come. I like GGG, but it seems his advancing age has slowed some of his reflexes and natural abilities. Alvarez has a granite chin and can barrel through some of GGG’s hardest shots which will make his counter punching very effective in the later rounds. Alvarez on a UD.

    • Great assessment!!! This Canelo haters will never give him his respect. Canelo started his career at 140lbs and won titles in 5 different weight classes… you have to respect that!! Golovkin has fought his whole career at 160lbs.. how many weight classes did the great Marvin Hagler move up in? The marvelous one is considered one of the greatest ever…. May the better prepared man win on September 17th…. Respect to all who enter the chamber of truth!

      • Hagler stayed in one weight class becaue he wasnt a drug cheat..I cannot believe you brought Hagler into this conversation.

      • Hagler did not have to move up…this is prizefighting…the money fights were the welterweights coming up….Hearns…Duran…Leonard..
        that was one of the golden ages of that division…Note how Hagler retired and did not comeback….cause the money came up from the welterweights to his division….

      • Dont put Marvin Hagler and Canelo in the same sentence. Show some respect to the Marvelous One.
        Hagler is an all-time great because he fought the very best. He didnt have people to “up” his (acceptable) amount of PEDs he can have, give him a franchise title to avoid mandatory challenges, media favoritism, fanboys to praise his every move and discredit the fighters he avoided.
        You are far removed from the “chamber of truth” smh

  • I’m predicting a very slighty diminished Canelo. The beating and schooling that he took at the hands of Bivol might have an effect on him. We’ll see.

    • Canelo had a few glimpses he was ready to quit. I actually felt sorry for him. Hopefully he takes the pajamas off and he’s ready to go back to work.

  • Great analysis Scooby….Fredd….Graham….hard to predict the winner though….fight kinda reminds of the third Ali vs Frazier fight… both fighters a lil shop worn..showing a few dents in the armor now…both expected to bring the best out of each other just like the third Ali v Frazier fight….the boxing Gods may even unexpectedly give fans
    another face plant like the Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 fight….

  • Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin is a good Boxing event but shows again “the face of Boxing” isn’t willing to give the fans the fights they actually want. This is another money grab and both fighters are happy to avoid the other fighters they should be fighting.
    GGG sat around and waited and the fanboys never cared to ask “Oh, what did he do to deserve a fight”.

  • “YouTube boxer KSI stopped two opponents in one night Saturday before PPV audience on DAZN and a crowd of 20,000+ at London’s O2 Arena. One opponent was a rapper, the other was a real pro boxer named Luis Alcaraz Pineda, who brought in a record of 2-5, 0 KOs with four KO losses.”… My Granny would have stopped these two bozos. DAZN had better start putting real boxing undercards.

  • Now, the YouTuber wanna-be wants to keep conning the dumbasses that follow him… GEESH!

  • Weisfeld and Morreti were both judges in the Bivol Canelo match as well. They have got the right result but that was some of the worst scoring I can remember. I am more empathetic to scoring then most as I know it is subjective and people I believe forget that rounds are scored individually and if you favor the same fighter on close rounds you can end up with a score that many will disagree with. That does not mean you were a bad judge. However the rounds with Bivol were not close for the most part. Almost everyone on these boards felt Canelo could not be given more then 2 rounds. The fact that all 3 judges gave Canelo the first 4 rounds is just wrong and impossible to defend even with the most open of minds. Now we have two of these judges back for another Canelo fight? I mean they may as well have two of his brothers judging.

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