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Fight fans are invited to attend a book signing party for “Thirty Dollars and a Cut Eye” by Hall of Fame boxing promoter/author J Russell Peltz on Thursday, October 21 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. Books will be available for purchase. Masks required.

Former four-division world champion Adrien Broner was arrested over the weekend in Covington, Kentucky, on an outstanding warrant due to missing a court date. He was released on bond the same day.

Anthony Joshua has officially exercised his rematch clause for a return fight against conqueror Oleksandr Usyk.

Thank You Fury, Thank You Wilder
Barrera-Castillo to clash in exhibition

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  • Such a naturally talented boxer Broner is. If he had put in 50% of what a hard working boxer does he would be a good championship boxer making tons of money. We can all be our own worst enemy, but the degree he goes about it, and over and over.

    • Broner is officially the IF man. If he would let his hands go more… Only if he would be more disciplined… Only if…
      We’ll be saying this prob next 20 years

    • No Henry. Broner is an overrated fighter with some talent but not much else. Even if he trained like a Spartan he still loses the big fights all he has going for him is a big mouth not much else. He only became a 4 division alphabet bogus champion because today anyone can win a title.

      • Victor Gomez: When Broner started you can’t deny had had something, showed he could be quick and tricky. Sure he lost it all, but he had something.

    • – I remember Broner proclaiming to be the “Can” man. Everyone “can” come get it: Mexican, Puerto Rican, etc…”
      – Gotta love Marcos Maidana.

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        • @Johnny Ace:
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          – Gary G.

  • — Highly recommend Russell’s book, a sorta good, bad, and ugly insider look over the past 50 years of boxing.

  • Can’t help being on the side of Usyk, again, in the rematch. Can he pull it off again, I don’t know? Can see Joshua fighting even more negative, like he did against Ruiz II against Parker. But saying that, Usyk seemed to get past Joshua’s negative style in this first fight.

  • I think we all knew Joshua would exercise his rematch clause as he stated that in the post-fight conference after his loss. Plus, he gets more cash in his pocket as well for another fight win or loses.
    No surprise on Broner in getting in trouble with the law. Broner appears to have anti-social personality traits in his behavior. In other words, really has no remorse for his wrongdoings and if one would care, they would not have an outstanding active bench warrant. In addition, Broner seems to “live” in the moment of his life rather than planning a well-organized future so getting arrested is par for the course at that moment. Effective planning requires cleaning your act up, staying focused, staying out of trouble, and quit blaming everyone else for your problems.

  • I’m not a Joshua fan, his two loses must be hard for him to take but can you imagine what’s in his mind being in the shadow of Fury, Fury was finished when Joshua first got the title & now it seems he is destined to almost be forgotten in boxing history compared to Tyson Fury’s achievements. Imagine losing your titles with such a lacklustre performance only for Fury to produce this weeks fight of the year performance within a fortnight. No way will Joshua win against Usyk a second time. The rematch is purely a payday & he spoke about fighting Wilder without belts, Wilder would absolutely murder him.

  • Ok let’s say Anthony Joshua does win the rematch. Does the Fury vs Joshua has the say buzz, the same excitement? Joshua blow that HUGE payday. I wouldn’t pay to watch Fury outbox/outclass and KO Joshua.

  • Peltz once quoted me a fee of $200 in the early 90’s for a VHS copy of the Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Jerry Martin light heavyweight title fight from 1980 because he was once EMM’s promoter. That’s all you need to know about the guy.

  • Can we just get updates when things are going well for Adrien Broner? He is a talented fighter, but is two weight classes above his best. Hopefully he can salvage a couple years of boxing and make a good retirement out of it.

    • Derrick Jedlicka: Ok, you at least also see that Broner is/was actually a talented fighter. When he started at the lower weights he had something.

    • “Can we just get updates when things are going well for Adrien Broner?”
      – I don’t think that you will be getting these kinds of updates any time soon 🙂

  • Im not sure if Eddie Hearns was being honest when he gave Wilder praise. I have always been a Wilder fan and I dont think Eddie has said anything positive about him. If AJ loses the rematch the next bog money fight would be the two former champions facing off. AJ vs Wilder would still be a money fight, but not if Eddie kept saying Wilder was nothing. I think Eddie is just keeping that fight an option in case AJ loses his rematch. He has to start giving Wilder more credit than he has in the past or its a hard fight to sell. In a matter of a month the HW picture has changed. The long reign of Wilder is over, AJ has lost to two top HW’s and Fury seems to be mentally stable. There is going to be some interesting fights coming up.

    • Derrick Jedlicka: I’m a Wilder fan because of what he brought to the hw division. Don’t care if he could not box, appreciated him for what he was. He always showed guts, to his own detriment, and he was part of many exciting fights.

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