Barrera-Castillo to clash in exhibition

Ring legend Marco Antonio Barrera will face José Luis Castillo in an exhibition on Friday, October 29, at the Arena Theater in Houston, Texas. Barrera-Castillo will take place on the third session of the WBC’s “Big Belt Championship” tournament for four-round fighters. Part of the proceeds will go to support amateur boxing by creating a series of tournaments to boost young fighters’ careers.

Marco Antonio Barrera: “When it comes to helping altruistic causes, you always must raise your hand, and what better than to be in front of José Luis Castillo, an extraordinary boxer. I never imagined being in a ring with him, but it will be a pleasure for me since it will be the first time that I fight in Houston.”

José Luis Castillo: “I am proud to participate in this event and more if it is to support a noble cause such as amateur boxing, which is often forgotten, and even more so against a champion like Marco Antonio Barrera.”

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  • On a side note, on paper, Mayweather beat Castillo in their first fight. However, we as fight fans know a gifted decision was a nod to Mayweather in their first fight. Castillo beat Mayweather in the first fight.

    • Naw Scooby-Doo,
      He didn’t. He made it a good fight and even stung Mayweather but he was clearly outpointed. Their 2nd fight was just a continuation of the first with Castillo losing clearly again. Making the top guy uncomfortable doesn’t mean you beat him.

  • He clearly lost to Castillo! He out landed him . But he needed a knockout to take the decisión out of the partial judges!

    • Laughable Rafa.. uniformed hate.. Castillo fought well, but in no way did he win. His pressure got to Mayweather but he didn’t do nearly enough to win and he didn’t win the early rounds.. by the time he forced Mayweather back and got to his body, he was well behnd in the fight. Even when Castillo was most effective, Mayweather was still tagging him. If anyone is close to competitive with Mayweather then they won the fight in the simple hater mind, this is evidenced by clowns who believe Mayweather lost to De La Hoya, Maidana, and even Pacquiao.

  • >