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The September 18 fight between Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant for the undisputed super middleweight title, which was supposed to be practically a done deal, has apparently fallen apart. Plant told ESPN that he agreed to everything but Team Canelo’s “ridiculous requests” became too much.
Even without Alvarez-Plant, there are still four PPV boxing events scheduled within seven weeks, Pacquiao-Spence (August 21), Paul Woodley (August 29), De La Hoya-Belfort (September 11) and Fury-Wilder (October 9), so fans’ PPV budgets are already stretched thin. If Alvarez-Plant is resurrected on September 18, that would make five PPVs in less than two months.
All five members of the U.S. Men’s Olympic team are still in the medal hunt. No big-name pros or ex-champions competing in Tokyo this year.

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  • Ummm. Yea, I don’t buy that crap that Plant is selling saying Team Canelo’s “Ridiculous Requests”. Sounds like he is just trying to play a few mind games. Who cares if there are any “Requests”. This is your biggest payday (and probably your last biggest Payday unless you win) of your life. Unless Canelo’s team is saying something stupid like you have to spar 10 hard rounds the morning of the fight before entering the ring, the rest are just semantics. It cant be a weight issue cuz Plant never blows up after weigh-ins. hmm interesting.

    • So you don’t think Canelo’s team is trying to get every advantage including a smaller ring size? Lmao. Good for Plant taking a stand! Canelo is probably trying to get steroids legal for this one seeing as he has been popped twice already. I hope Plant schools this fake punk. Remember it was Canelo that said he was not a true 160 pounder even though he had a middleweight belt. so he dumped the belt because he was scared to fight GGG in his prime! then he goes and fights chavez at 164lbs in his next fight and takes steroids. Canelo ain’t nothing but flat footed Drug cheating douche!

      • SteveG- I like Plant as a fighter as well. When was the last time you saw Plant as a track star? that’s right, NEVER. Plant is slick and quick and tough. His movement has sharp angles. So a smaller ring doesn’t really matter unless of course its a 10×10. lmao Canelo has been popped twice with Steroids? wow, I didn’t know that bro. I do know what Clenbuterol is and I know they found trace amounts. I wouldn’t expect you to know what “Trace Amounts” are especially if your classifying Clen as a Steroid. Do some research bro before throwing non-sense out there. apparently flat footed Douches are winning fights these days.

        • clenbuterol is abused by bodybuilders and athletes due to its ability to increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat.

          Hmm if it quacks like a duck must be a duck.

          A bigger ring will always be an advantage for a boxer that is slick and moves as opposed to one who constantly plods forward trying to throw power shots.

          Canelo plants hard on his front foot before he throws power shots. As soon as he lifts that front foot, Plant will stick him with a jab. As soon as Canelo plants that foot, Plant will be gone.

          It will be up to Canelo to chase and cut off the ring and trap Plant. That’s why he will want a smaller ring.

          BJS fought him well when he was moving. He just got too confident and started standing in front of him. Plant will not do that.

          There’s no denying he threw a belt in the trash because he was afraid to face GGG. Just like Riddick Bowe did back in the day because he was scared to get knocked out by Lennox AGAIN!!

          • so with that logic, if I walk in to my buddys house and he is smoking up some green, even though i don’t smoke, obviously ima be around the smoke even if it was just 20 minutes because I couldn’t take it anymore, I am now a pothead because trace amounts would be found in my sample? nonsense….
            the rest of ur comments are pretty accurate though. u are correct as far as the way Canelo plants his foot. apparently the ring size is in question. a 22 ‘ ring is being asked for even though Nevada recognizes a 20’ ring. that sounds like Plant is trying to maximize as well. Very normal.

          • abusing Clenbuterol as body builders to and finding Trace amounts are COMPLETELY different situations going on there bud.

          • My employers drug testing program doesn’t care how the cheeba gets in my system, and i would still get fired as a result if it appears in a test. I also recall years ago that one or more riders in the tour de france got busted with clenbuteral. So There is an undeniable benefit to using the banned drug, which is still cheating no matter how anyone defines it. The meat theory is just a clever defense as top athletes will try anything to gain an advantage..

          • I want to know how many Mexican boxers came out dirty with clembuterol…. They all eat meat from Mexico i guess canelo got the only cow in Mexico with bad meat

          • alot….not just boxers though…its mainly a bodybuilding drug…it stimulates the corebody temperature…extra calories burnt almost entirely from fat…doesnt consume muscle…but its not anabolic…and it doesnt increase performance beyond what you had before taking it

          • Clebuteral makes the bodsy produce heat just sitting …by burning fat almost exclusively…doesn’t increase performance in anyway. Creatine is much more anabolic than clenbuteral

      • The fake punk as you call him is the hardest worker in boxing and deserves the props and continues to stay motivated and fight several times a year

    • I’m not so sure – seems that lately a few of his opponents have complained/had unfair treatment.
      BJS regarding ringsize.
      Kov had less than 2 months to recover from a tough fight and then prep for his fight with Canelo.
      I really don’t get it either, Canelo should have no worries about Plant, why not just give fair terms and fight the man?
      Only way to get to undisputed.

      • They see something they don’t like. Is like the are afraid. I don’t think Caleb can win.

  • I can see Canelo being a prima donna and making “ridiculous requests ” afterall Canelo is the biggest name in boxing right now and top on most lb 4 lb lists. So if you want to be the best you gotta fight the best and just deal with the ridiculous requests. Canelo is whats going to generate money. Plant is just the B side…. but Plant , on his best night, could make it a very difficult night for Alvarez. If Plant fights like he did last time though he’ll most certainly lose.

    • Wade: agreed brutha.
      Naturally, the A-side is gonna call shots. That’s just the way it works and will always be that way. Plant’s name just doesn’t sell that good YET. I also agree that Plant has a solid chance. If he boxes smart, its gonna be a frustrating night for Canelo. Look what Saunders was able to do during those rounds.

  • Ive been said “Caleb Plant ” had to much sauce for Canelo to fight him. Canelo likes European styled straight-up and down opponents. Canelo is not the Mexican Mayweather, although he and his fans thinks he is. DAZN really screwed-up his head throwing him all that money for fights nobody wanted to see.
    Hasn’t held up to the title p4p #1 to be making the demands he has. Including $30mil+, a piece of the gate revenue, rematch clause, etc. Gave everything Team Canelo asked and still not enough to get him in the ring with Plant.

    • Exactly. Canelo did what the aficionados call ‘ pricing himself out of the fight’. Plant alledges, and I believe him based on conelo’s track record, that every time his side agreed to the Mexicans demands they always came back with more. Plant agreed to the money, the venue, the type of gloves, the ring size, rematch clause etc. But team primadonna still came back with unusual and weird demands. If there’s a rematch clause, it should always apply to both fighters. Besides, if all these groupies who think plants going to get knocked out, then why does Conelo need a rematch clause? Conelo didn’t want to face this slick fighter and would get knocked out cold by either Russian at 175, with a two-month camp. Only casuals think conelo is even in the top 5 lb4lb.

    • Yea bro. I saw a video from some EGO guy on youtube. his “Facts” were pretty shady though. He had quotes from Plant. From what he said Canelo asked for a 22×22 ring even though Nevada calls for a 20×20. Also Canelo wanted a rematch clause in case HE lost but no rematch clause if He wins. plus the money part in PPV buys and gate draws.. seems like Caleb is upset because of contract disputes and the fact that Canelo is too busy with his TV show, golf tournament etc… and shld be focused on coming to agreement. Last I checked, fighters shldnt be worried about nothing more than training, that should be Caleb’s manager and promoters job to fight that. not his

      • Right Tony. Canelo would want a bigger ring in a fight against a mobile fighter.

    • Nobody knows (because how could they know?) but this doesn’t deter many here from acting as though they do.

  • Regardless of the red tape and contractual offers, the only losers at this point are the fans. A fight we will miss unless they work it out or finalize. However, in my opinion, if they fight, Canelo’s constant moving forward, granite chin, and powerful left hook counters will slowly chop down Plant from the middle rounds on. I do not think Plant has enough crack in his punch to keep the Canelo honest and respectful. That being said, Canelo with a TKO. Just my opinion as your mileage may vary.

    • agreed Scoobs.. this fight NEEDS to happen. i agree with ur outcome even though I really like Plant.
      as of now, I think Caleb should be less worried about contracts and train as if the fight is on. he makes it seem like he is the one communicating back and forth with Canelo’s team and is taking his focus away. Maybe he is just using this as his “reasoning” to throw back at Canelo in case he looses.
      My predictions, Canelo gets a good boxing lesson from Plant for the first 6 rounds, then slowly starts to break him down and KO at 9.

      • Lol this fight doesn’t NEED to happen, Plant isn’t even in the same league as Canelo and not even close to as good as Bivol, who can make 168, or Benevidez. Plant has no signature win and has no power. All he has is a worthless belt. That’s the only similarity. They both hold worthless belts that were won against subpar champions. Fights that actually NEED to happen: Fury-Joshua, Crawford-Spence, Loma-Lopez 2, assuming they all win their next fights. Would much rather see Canelo fight GGG again then Plant. But I doubt that will ever happen.

        • WillisLV,
          What is Canelo’s signature win then? Exactly which win put him in the stratosphere? Your criteria is hypocritical.

  • Keep sleeping on Plant.
    Plant and a host of other opponents have complained about the demands CANELOs team always tries to place and you guys act shocked when someone like Plant complains.
    Last time I checked Plant was an undefeated world champion.
    You guys act like he should do ANYTHING to make a fight with Canelo when maybe he is looking at it like he should be looking at it – with a champions mentality who isn’t going to bend over backwards or beg for a fight with CANELO.
    Good for him and his team.

    • I hope the fight doesn’t happen, as Plant doesn’t pose any threat to Canelo and it will be a quick knockout. Plant has pillows for fists and has not fought anyone. I would take Canelo’s last opponent over Plant. Time and time again I see comments that Canelo gets outboxed because of what Mayweather and Lara had done in their fights with him, which was years ago. Then I hear, well Saunders outboxed him for a few rounds, which doesn’t mean shit. He literally got his face broken in. Whether u think he is flat footed or doesn’t box well, he gets the job done and he does it spectacular these last few years. I say quit deluding yourselves. Smh lol

    • When you are the guy bringing the attention and the money to the fight you can demand all you want. It’s sillier when a guy like BJ Saunders demands a bigger ring at the last minute and threatens to pull out of the fight

  • Maiva Hamadouche lost her fight in the Olympics. 22-1 [18] reigning world champion.

  • Hahahaha “fans PPV budgets are already stretched thin”. Do they know we watch for free??

  • Bullshit! Plant is flattering himself way too much now. Plant thinks he’s the main attraction. Make no mistake about this Plant IS THE B SIDE. He does not call the shots he is more like the C side posing as the B side. Make what you want of this scenario but Canelo has the ball in his court and Plant doesn’t seem to understand this or is too scared to roll the dice knowing that if he pulls off the upset the way he is always bitching and claiming to be capable of doing he can dictate things after he has all the belts. I actually think Plant has the defensive skills to last the 12 round distance because of his slick boxing skills, whether he can pull off the upset is another matter.

    With that said Plant is nothing more than a poor mans BJ Saunders.

  • Canelo team play againt with caching weight for favor of canelo like alway

  • I’ve been reading about this for two days, so now maybe these casuals will believe me when I say that Canelo is the biggest prima donna in the history of boxing. He does not want to face a prime fighter who doesn’t have a short camp, or has all these ridiculous demands that bog them down right before fight time. I expect Conelo to offer a fight to Bivol about a month before September 18th so that the Russian is ill-prepared. Conelo knew that was going to be the case right after the Saunders fight and never had any intention of fighting plant with full notice. Cinnamon has been hunkered down with Reynoso for the last 4 weeks training specifically for Dimitri Bivol, while Bivol will have barely any time to prepare. Either that, or he’ll offer Beterbiev the fight on September 15th with weight stipulations:) That way the other Russian has three days to prepare for the fight. Think I’m joking? Keep your eye on it. The Mexican has to fight somebody on September 18th or now he’s screwing over his fan base.

    • Chris: idk man. I gotta say this. When I fought back in the day, IF a fighter mentioned my name as a possible opponent, and I wasnt already in camp preparing, I would begin doing so immediately. as a “just in case”. I didnt make anywhere near what these folks make to fight Canelo. If he mentions their name, they shld be in the gym preparing.. this is their job. every top fighter is a gym rat. to say short notice is why they lost, well, that is just an excuse.

      • Big difference between being in the gym and being in a focused camp preparing for an important fight. Even first class fighters need time to a properly condition, develop a game plan, hone focus, prepare for a specific style. A prepared top fighter is rarely beaten by a guy who didnt have a camp, but was just ” in the gym, waiting on the call”. It is a distinct disadvantage for the challenger to get official word with only 3 and 4 weeks prep time.

        • No one is forcing these fighters to fight him, they are making their own decisions. It is not Canelo’s problem that his opponents do not stay in shape in between fights like he does. Take it or leave it! Quit making excuses for these fighters, it is not like they are not walking away with the biggest paydays of their careers. I respect Canelo for fighting anyone and well out of his weight class and still dominating. Quit deluding yourselves and whining for his opponents. He has worked hard to be the A side, I’d be a premodanna as well.

          • His opponents are in shape. Being in shape is just a component of preparedness. There is much more involved on the mental and gameplan preparation side. Being in shape is not the same as being ready to fight. Jagari3749- another angry novice spectator with little real world grasp on the game.

    • Chris I see your back at it again, but I’m sorry to say your great white hope wouldn’t have cut it against Canelo, no chance in the world no matter how you spin it. You tried with BJS and look where that got you. Consider this a blessing for white pride as sweet hands gets to keep his little belt, his dignity, and quite possibly his kidneys. He will live to fight or put us to sleep another day on fox sports net or ESPN or what’re lame ass channel you fight Home Depot curbside workers.

  • Those camps better find a way to work out those “issues” because I really want to see the style differences, and the strategies used to address the style differences. Otherwise, get ready Texas for a MAJOR SCRAP between Canelo and Benavidez.

    Heck, if Plant or Benavidez can’t fight Canelo, then let Plant vs. Benavidez occur, after Benavidez takes care of Uzcatequi.

    I am pretty sure Plant and Canelo will find a way to work out those “issues.”

  • What’s so difficult? One has a belt and so does the other. 60/40 or 65/35 out of respect.

    ***Some redicilous request might include: smaller ring. Blindfolds. Larger gloves. Two left shoes. No running. No testing of any sort. Noeat joked. No sleeping 2 days before the fight. No jabbing. No training. No combos. So ask your doctor if Canediculous is right for you.****

  • Canelo would badly embarrass Plant and Caleb with his whole team know it. They are the ones who probably wanted everything including the sun and the moon because they know he is badly overmatched against Alvarez. There is nothing in his repertoire that Canelo hasn’t seen dozens of times before but obviously Plant has never been in with a talent like Canelo. Not even close. Champions take risks. Beltholders look for every reason to hold onto that piece of leather and metal as long as they can.

  • Knew this would happen. PBC likes to keep things in house. Plant vs Dirrell or Plant vs Truax again. Got to keep the belt in house until Charlo is ready to move up again

  • Canelo bout to beat the hype of him.
    All you capitol siege types gonna cry.

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