BJ Saunders KOs Coceres, retains WBO 168lb title

WBO super middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders (29-0, 14 KOs) scored an eleventh round KO over previously unbeaten WBO #10 rated Marcelo Coceres (28-1-1, 15 KOs) on Saturday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Saunders Coceres
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

Coceres gave Saunders fits for ten lackluster rounds, but then Saunders woke up in round eleven to drop Coceres three times to end it. Time was 1:59.

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  • Good fight! Saunders came on strong towards the end! Anyone else find it quite interesting that two YouTube sensations are making their debut in the main event and it’s attracted millions worldwide? #Millennialboxing

    • Next thing you know they will be having celebs off TV reality shows boxing each other in the main events! I am sure to some goofy-shallow audiences it would be a sell out. The appreciation of the true sport is in the minority by us loyal followers. Promotors will do anything to make a dollar these days.

      • Scooby, years ago they had celebs fight real boxers. Many different people fought actual fighters. As I recall Tommy Hearns fought Chuck Zito from the Hells angels. Larry Holmes also fought on that bill, and I believe Doug DeWitt was on there as well,although i cannot remember who he fought.The pros of course took it EASY on the celebs, and Zito I remember tried REAL HARD in that fight, but Tommy was basically schooling him. This was held in the smaller auditorium of MSG. i thought at the time it might go somewhere, but after that night it was not held again.

  • I thought this fight was terrible. No power. Just Boring. Saunders will lose vs all other Super Middles. He’s terrible.

    • Ur right Anthony J he did box a crappy fight…. BUT i think this was a ploy from Saunders. I think he purposely looked like shit to lure Canelo in. I think he knew from round 1 or 2 that he could take any shot coseres had to offer. I think he cld have taken him out by 3 or 4 if he really wanted. U cant be that shitty and have a belt haha

      • I hope you’re being funny Tony. A ploy to look horrible in your first US fight is a terrible idea. He didn’t have it tonight. He was flat footed and easy to hit. He won’t improve or regain his old form enough between now and a 2020 fight with the red headed one. Easy night for Canelo, and probably a ko.

        • No Dick. Not being funny. Luring in Canelo is HUGE for any boxer. A shot at 10 mil will make u do anything to get him in the ring. That is his shot at Canelo. And as a huge Canelo fight, i really do think Saunders has what it takes to dethrown him. If seen what he can do. And beating Canelo catapults him and his stardome in the US automatically. Well IMO…

          • He won’t get a fight with Canelo. He is to young and in his prime. Canelo likes to go for the ones that are not a real threat. That is why he put of the 1st GGG fights!!!!

    • I agree wholeheartedly. He’s not even close and shouldn’t be in the conversation. Not yet at least….hopefully he improves leaps and bounds.

  • The pikey showing why he does not belong with the best at 168 or 160. He was smart to duck Andrade, and we as fans were lucky not to have to sit through it.

  • Saunders absolutely positively SUCKS! This guy never fails to put me to sleep I’m talking one of those drowsy feelings where you are done for the night. Horrible pathetic fighter period.

    • Lol.. damn. I kinda want to watch the fight now just to think of your comment and laugh if it’s true

  • Saunders only in it for the money now, he looked a little better last time out but Isufi was not as good as this Argentine. I thought this would be a dull pts win 116-112 after seeing footage of Coceres. Saunders will hope to fight Canelo next to cash out. On this form he will not beat Callum Smith in the supposed unification bout for next year. I’ve lost interest in watching him fight hes done nothing since the Lemieux fight and just looks worse every time. Take your money and retire and stop boring us with your so called skills, your pnly skill is putting the viewers to sleep.

  • Eddie Hearn said on IFL that BJS was offered huge money to fight Andrade but he turned It down, Why would he turn a big money fight down? I’ll tell you why because he knew Andrade would of insisted Saunders sign up to VODA drug testing, Saunders can’t make the weight or perform without his nasal spray, (UK drug testing) a fighter can take what he wants as long as It doesn’t show 24 hours before the fight. he’s boring to watch has zero power, The most dangerous thing about Saunders is his vicious mouth.

  • Bruckner is in great shape for a pedestrian, but that is all he is. A pedestrian. A fighter with a sub 500 record can beat him. I need to be honest. Either KSI or Logan Paul could beat Bruckner. Josh took jabs from a guy who sucks. Karo Ro in her 40’s can easily beat his ass.

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