Benavidez: I can beat and stop Canelo


“I’ll knock [Canelo] out! I’ll stop him! It takes a lot of balls to say that but the reason why I’m saying that is because I really fully, truly believe I’m the one that can beat and stop Canelo.”

That’s 24-year-old rising boxing star David Benavidez verbally taking on the #1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world, megastar Canelo Alvarez. TMZ Sports talked to Benavidez — who’s taking on Ronald Ellis on March 13 on Showtime — about his boxing hit list … and DB’s going big game hunting.

“The dream scenario is fight with [Jermall] Charlo right after and then Caleb Plant and then Canelo. That’s the dream scenario but the reality of making that happen, is very hard.”

30-year-old Canelo is 55-1-2 … and obviously has far more experience. But, Benavidez — who’s almost 6’2″ (big for the 168 lb. division) — is a badass in the ring … and has never lost a professional fight (23-0, 20 KO’s).

That’s why he’s anything but shook about the prospect of stepping in the squared circle with Alvarez.

“The top people [Canelo’s] fought, they just look like they’re scared of him and they just respect him too much, but me, I feel like I’m a young, hungry lion! I need that fight because I wanna show the fans how good I really am.”

And, Benavidez says Canelo can try and duck him … but sooner or later, this thing’s goin’ down — like it or not.

“He’s gonna try avoid me as long as possible, but I feel like at the end of the day, this fight is gonna be demanded,” Benavidez says.

“Not by just me, but by everybody. Everybody’s gonna wanna see it because after he beats Billy Joe Saunders and Caleb Plant, who else is there left for him to fight besides David Benavidez?”

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  • Canelo is weak to the body.. start with a long Jab and mix in with the straight right hand. Even if you’re a southpaw. When you get inside rip him to the body before holding or just move away but not straight back. I can tell Canelo doesn’t like it to the body.

    • “I can tell that Canelo doesn’t like it to the body”…. buahahaha that’s got to be about the stupidest comment I’ve read in quite some time. Name one fighter who says that they love to take body shots! Body shots can be debilitating and even worse than head shots because they can paralyze you and knock the wind out of you! I wish I could unread this bonehead comment lol

      • It’s only because of how you’re interpreting it. You’re comparing it with someone not liking it to someone loving it. That’s why it sounds retarded to you.. what I mean by that is if you focus on Canelo fights he focuses on protecting his body a lot even increases his punch output right after a body shot to discourage a fighter from throwing that shot. I’ve seen him take left hooks to the head to block his body. Watch a Canelo fight closely.. he covers up the body more than his chin. You guys can downvote me all you want.. just like I commented the blueprint of defeating Loma.. I’m commenting Canelos obvious weakness that I see. I can tell most of you don’t know sh** about boxing so you should feel lucky to read one of my bonehead comments. It might come off a certain way at first.. but usually turn out to be the truth in the ring. You’re only exposing your lack of boxing knowledge.. just wait and see. Canelo is weak to the body. You read it here first

        • Explains why excellent body puncher GGG could never hit cinnamon to the body.

          • Because GGG was overrated. Canelo gave him a boxing lesson and I’m not even the biggest Canelo fan.

        • Im not so sure canelo is weak to the body seeing how he hasnt ever been knocked down to the body or head, and its common sense that if you have a solid chin and are have a good defense like canelo that you protect the body else you risk what happened to johnny Gonzales vs gerry peñalosa, you dont have to be weak to the body to get dropped by a body shot, but the question is who will risk opening themselves up to a right uppercut counter to try and get to canelos body?

          • Just the way he reacts to body punches. How he can make weight and come in 20+ pounds heavier. I remember when he had stamina problems back then it could have been the weight class.. but since then he has paced himself a lot more and his matchmaking hasn’t been that competitive. But imo, it looks to me that if his body becomes a target.. he will become more vulnerable. In other words.. the body is his weakness. It’ll cause a ripple effect of problems as the fight goes on. Like I said.. people can downvote me and say what they want. I don’t chose sides or discriminate.. I simply describe what I see.. and it looks like the body is how you beat Canelo.

        • Steve, You have it all wrong buddy! I’ve been in the ring with dozens of sanctioned fights. You might be an expert in men’s figure skating or something but I can definitely tell judging by the way you express yourself that you really don’t know much about boxing just your typical arm chair warrior who might have gotten into a couple of scraps growing up -if that.

          Anyhow I’m not a Canelo fan but judging by the way he protects his mid section I can read his body language that he’s defensively trying to make himself as impenetrable as possible to the body as well as the head. This is where you arm chair tough guys think your a boxing expert but truth of the matter is you can either be a defensive fighter by running and dancing around the ring forcing your opponent to try and cut off the ring and pin you against the ropes or in a corner or stand right there James Toney Roberto Duran style and make you miss and make you pay. Canelo is a poor mans Toney or Duran but he’s not bad at what he does he’s actually becoming better defensively than he’s ever been I give him credit for improving his craft. The next time you criticize a fighter for appearing to “not like” body punches take the time to learn what’s actually going on in the ring educate yourself sunshine. By the way I had GGG winning both fights and actually think Canelo didn’t like the heavy shots Golovkin landed on either Canelos mid section or head lol. Take some boxing classes Steve you might actually learn a thing or two.

          • We can have different opinions. I consider myself very knowledgeable about boxing because my predictions are usually on point. Canelo fluctuates his weight a lot.. specially in the past. I know most fighters do but he blows up. I’ve always felt that fighters like that can’t take it to the body very well. You can say what you want and talk your little trash but when Canelo becomes exposed from fighting a real fighter who decides to finally test his body with consistency. I want an apology and acknowledgment from you that I know more than you claim that I do.

    • He is a young big guy who is learning about discipline, but he is the best @168 and Canelo will look for any excuse to avoiding him. Canelo likes easy fighters to looks good.

      • Well Benavides has to win and keep a title first. Right now he has nothing and doesn’t deserve a fight with Canelo!

  • Earth to David Benavidez,

    Your brother did a great job against Bud Crawford, despite getting KTFO late in the fight.

    You will NOT look as good against Canelo.

    • It was his brother Jose, David is a 168 that would steamroller Crawford

  • I am not jumping to conclusions in any way shape or form. Statements like these are simply marketing tools for possible match ups. However, the legalities, contacts, monies, etc. all stand in the way! Till then, I will believe it only when the bell rings for the first round.

  • I believe so, Benavides is the best @168 and Canelo avoiding him. Sulaiman is protecting him giving him the easy way to fight weakest fighters. The organization don’t want to put Benavides #1 right now cause they will make Canelo franchise champ so he can avoid Benavides. That happens to Charlo. He was #1 for Canelo and the org make him franchise champ and he avoided Charlo still today. Same thing is gonna happen w Benavides.

  • Agree with David , he wants the fight he will give Canelo hell unlike Kovalev and this hookah vendor he just beat

  • of course hes calling Canelo out get in line do something worthy and he might get it lol RJJ said it best years ago of course they all want to fight me because it will be their best payday lmao lets be honest here Benavidez has the perfect style for Canelo to KO hes a warrior he has discipline issues with weight and hes fought nobodys and the few top 10 fighters he did fight were more like bottom 10 fighters i say get that fight with Charbroil for like one of the other 20 belts that are out there then try to get that Caleb Plant fight that will secure the fight against Canelo and a for sure L for el bandera rojo but he will get paid.

    • You NABE casuals are just protecting your boy from a real threat. You’re what’s wrong with boxing.

  • Losing Benavidez the title in the scale twice, both with WBC title at the stake, prompted the fight between Canelo and Smith to be an eliminator fight, along with the WBA hold by Smith. Canelo, by defeating Smith got a bargain 2×1, being the other alphabetic belts on the hands of Caleb Plant (IBF) and Billy Joe Saunders (WBO). If Benavidez has been a bit (or maybe a lot) more disciplined, he should have been the fourth belt holder by now and for sure a holder of a golden ticket too, but what he has now? NOTHING! and is a fool believing the others that have a real chance to get a golden opportunity (Charlo and Plant) will risk it by facing him for just pennies in reward, only an IDIOT might think that way. My advice to him: work harder and try to maintain a decent discipline in and out of the gym, and you will see some good results sooner than later.

  • If Benavidez is smart, he wld book a fight with Plant asap and GET THAT BELT!! We already know Canelos going after belts, and the only belt Benavidez has is the one holding his pants up. Benavidez is strong, very strong and has great skills, but u need a better tactic at reaching Canelomy dude. Canelo doesnt bite on jus call out’s.

    • Tony, I agree with you, unfortunately, no way in hell Plant signs up to fight Benavidez while his Canelo lotto ticket hasn’t been cashed.

      If there was a remote chance of Plant fighting Benavidez in the past, its squashed for the foreseeable future.

      “Soft Hands” Plant gonna sit pretty until he fights Canelo in a unification bout.

  • I feel for Benavidez, he’s mentality is that he’s never “lost” a world title…. in a fight.

    He is big, strong, and skilled, no doubt. Same reasons why Plant and Charlo “actively and verbally” avoiding him. As of right now, he has nothing to negotiate a fight vs Canelo. Simple as that.

    Plant and Saunders have their belts and they’re cool with losing them against Canelo…. and becoming millionaires in the process. No shame in that, really, it’s smart business.

    Benavidez gonna have to really be disciplined in order to weather the storm of sitting on the sidelines, while belt holders get the fights and the $$$.

    Either that or move up to 175, where he’d be pegged as an immediate contender and absolute threat.

    I just don’t see any legitimate contender at 168 risking their perceived Canelo Standings against Benavidez.
    As for Canelo, why would he? He’s his own man and is not responsible for making other fighters dreams come true.

  • Another “BEST” fight out there that will never happen is Gilberto Ramirez. A true mexican showdown. But……………………………a qualified challenger in that division who isn’t mentally and physically shot ain’t happening.

    Gilberto Ramírez Sánchez (born 19 June 1991) is a Mexican professional boxer. He held the WBO super middleweight title from 2016 to 2019, and is the first boxer from Mexico to win a major world title in that weight class. As of October 2018, Ramírez is ranked as the world’s second best active super middleweight by The Ring magazine-Wikipedia.

    • The bottom line is that other than GGG there is no competition left except at 175lbs. what about a catch weight? Its not his fault the division is so weak. There are no Haglers, Calzaghes, Hearns, Monzons, Roy Jones, Grazianos, no real warriors who aren’t like deer in the headlights. But a division up there are plenty of challenges. Kovalev was systematically destroyed. Fairly easily. A mental and physical basket case. Just a few weeks South of a tough fight. Yet Beterbiev, Bivol, and Ramirez are never mentioned. Ramirez a top 168-175lb Mexican fighter.

  • David should forget Canelo, biggest mismatch. He should look at fighting Plant, that’s more of a winnable fight for him.

  • Is anyone aware that Canelo spars with Andy Ruiz? They are teammates / friends / sparring partners. Along with Ryan Garcia. Plus a few other soon to be hall of famers.

    Cocaine David has no chance.

    Canelo in 8.

  • Benavidez is young and hungry and Canelo will do whatever it takes to avoid this type of challenge because he knows he may lose. If and when Canelo does agree to a fight with Benavidez, he will have the strictest contract available for Benavidez. Something like can’t weight more than half a pound over the limit the day after the weigh in or else get fined a million plus dollars etc.

  • DB is his own worst enemy and can’t blame anyone but himself for missing the weight. I believe Canelo would face him if he beats BJS , CP first and doesn’t want to go back up or down a weight.
    As pointed out his best bet is to try and get the Plant fight but why would Plant fight him if he knows such a lucrative fight with Canelo is in the offing?

  • You will see this fight same as when you see Crawford-Spence, Beterbiev-Bivol, Canelo- Charlo, Davis-Valdez etc etc. These promotors will never put their cash cows in anything but guarantee win fights. To the detriment of the paying public. Thats why boxing no longer has the fan base it once had. 40’s to late 70’s the best fought each other. Sometimes numerous times. Now nothing but avoidance. Already Crawford is in his early 30’s and has not fought Porter, Spence, Thurmond when he was still dangerous etc. The whole thing is terrible!

  • Guy got stripped twice. Doesn’t deserve anything. Fight Beterbiev if you think your so awesome.

  • I am glad to see Benavidez has a deep hunger to KO Canelo, but he has quite a “twisty” mountain to climb for leverage and for consistently making 168 during the next two (2) years.

    Benavidez’s first step is to make 168 while maintaining his physical stamina. Second, Benavidez MUST gain an impactful KO victory against Ellis.

    Third, if huge money potential does not bait Canelo to fight Benavidez in Texas (September/2021), then Benavidez will need another impactful KO victory against Aidos in a WBA Title Eliminator because I doubt if Plant has any interest in fighting Benavidez. If Aidos has zero interest, then it appears Benavidez will remain in the cold because Plant would prefer to fight Canelo.

    Fourth, If Benavidez ever fights Plant, then he MUST MUST win by an impactful KO or TKO; and this may work as maximum leverage to pressure Canelo in a huge Texas fight (during 2022 or May/2023). During this time period, Benavidez has to display Spartan like weight discipline for 168. Otherwise, Benavidez will have to chase the Canelo money treasure at 175.

    Unfortunately, Benavidez’s lack of weight discipline created his current demise because he has no title and no leverage. Let’s hope Benavidez learned from his mistakes. If the money is right, maybe Plant will have the huevos to fight Benavidez in a non-title fight – Benavidez only needs the exposure to KO or TKO Plant.

    • Not so much lack of discipline but more like trying to fit into a weight class too small for him. Having a division for every few pounds encourages this.

  • If he gets enough time to prepare and make weight, then yes he does. Benavides is too hard for the primadonna Canelo. He’ll walk ginger down and beat him up to make Saul quit.

  • Loud mouth same result. Canelo will give this young dude a lesson similar to how Floyd gave him a lesson. Canelo found his niche. He does well against big guys because they’re slower and throw less punches. As far as I’m concerned he hasn’t been tested since he fought Mayweather. GGG was hypejob with shitty footwork who mostly fought smaller dudes. I would still doubt Canelo could beat Manny.

  • at age 24 he still has time to discipline his life. Canelo has discipline and fights regularly. Promoters don’t want to make a fight prematurely if they think it will get cancelled when the opponent has drug or promoter or life problems. So it’s time for D.B. to gather some momentum and keep his nose clean so to speak if he wants the big fight..

  • I’m reading that Caleb Plant “called out” Benavidez in mid Feb so if they just make that fight, then problem solved because I don’t think Canelo is “scared” of anyone, and it makes a natural eliminator/moot point on who cinnamon should fight should he take out BJS in May.

  • You know you gotta give Canelo, he stays active!

    Now the fight with Kovalev, the Krusher never threw a right hand, his best punch makes no sense, that fight does not count

    Benavidez is a big boy, legit tough as nails.

    Still gotta give Canelo the edge because he’s been there done that

    Canelo 4/1 favorite

  • This is the only guy and maybe the Charlo brothers if they move up being a competitive fight for Canelo.

  • I think most people are missing the elephant in the room; Benavidez is lazy, shows up flabby to fight, he has depended on talent alone, but wouldn’t be enough to beat Canelo now, Canelo would hunt him down, hurt him to that flabby midsection and stop him

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