B.J. Flores talks Paul-Woodley

Ahead of this Sunday’s Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley PPV event, Paul’s head trainer B.J. Flores discussed Paul’s training camp, Sunday’s matchup and more with media members.

“Tyron poses a lot of threats,” said Flores. “He is definitely Jake’s most dangerous opponent. If you look back at history, no one is in there with killers at 3-0. Tyron is strong, explosive, quick twitch. For Jake to fight a guy like that in his third fight in the main event on a SHOWTIME PPV, it’s really incredible.

“I don’t want Jake just going in there and blowing guys out. Of course, he is still making mistakes, it takes years and years and thousands of hours to do anything well. He has sparred with world champions and top contenders. He has taken his lumps, which is necessary. People think we take it easy on Jake, but that’s not true. He is like a shark. Once he tastes a little blood, he goes crazy.

“How far can he go? He is starting, he is getting going. His fundamentals are good. He is very sharp. We remove distractions and keep it simple, which is effective in the boxing world.

“Jake is a 24-year-old with the head of a 45-year-old on his shoulders. He is a very, very smart kid. He’s learned a lot in business as a young man. He is misunderstood. He’s flashy. That’s why he has me and Jacob to be his OGs and pull him back in.

“Pedro Diaz and Gerald Tucker are both excellent. Props to Tyron for assembling a very strong team. I think we will have a nice little duel on our hands as trainers on Sunday night.”

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  • Maybe Jake Paul is doing it correctly. Training under the best of conditions for learning and then finding minimum risk bouts for maximum reward. I picked a random great fighter…Winky Wright. He was 52-4 as an amateur, so very very good. His 1st five opponents in total were 2-6-1. Two were debuting and never fought again. The other 3 barely did anything after their beatings. They were obviously outclassed from the get-go. Low risk, low reward. Paul with his lack of fundamentals is taking a different route. Of course I may change my mind on this stuff. As I’ve mentioned before boxing will survive.

  • We love you BJ, but your boxer is a punk.
    I hope he gets his ass beat.

    • Oh, great. I got demoted from Red shorts to black shorts, from running my fucking mouth.


      • Damn you just can’t help yourself! Ignorant aren’t you?! Leave Fightnews to us folks who happen to follow boxing. Not show up for useless and baseless comments

  • I think Jake is doing a lot more right than he is doing wrong. Not to say at some point we may reflect that he bit off more than he could chew. It’s possible, however it seems like he is training like a professional and putting professionals around him. He could be as brash as Conor M. or (take your pick) of the largest braggarts out there but if he trains and fights 100% he is in the right age range to beat the older hand picked opponents. Also all this training and fight experience will give him the muscle memory.

    • This is my thought as well. Clearly he has some skills, but his handlers are being real about where he’s at. He’s fighting brand-name opponents that are just as green as he is. He seems like he’s enjoying being in the sport, and regardless of whether it’s fair or right for a newbie to get his kind of paydays, he’s found a way to be a draw. Can he assemble a decent record and maybe start taking on some real, live fighters? It’s possible. I think he can beat Woodley, but that’s a far cry from a legit contender or even a top regional guy. He’s got a ways to go, and I’d say it’s 50/50 whether he gets there.

    • Agree he is Flashy and sometimes dumb and childish but he is skilled and dedicated, wait and see.. He’s right to not wait his 15 th fight to earn money !

  • this just goes to show you how much of a circus boxing has become theres nothing more to say these guys arent true boxers period

    • Boxing has two major elements, and both are important. First, the one most of us who really love the sport focus on, is the competition. Winning and losing against good competition matters to people like us. Paul doesn’t check that box. But the other element is the show- the production- the entertainment. And while I don’t find Paul that appealing or entertaining, it’s clear he’s got a lot of people who do find him entertaining enough to cover his events.

      The truth is boxing has always been this way. Instead of big purses for a middling guy like Mickey Ward who was a legit fighter, but a huge entertainer because of his style, we see more marketing push behind guys who are all show and no amount of go.

  • I’m not too excited about the main event, but like the undercard. Montana Love vs. Ivan Baranchyk is gonna be a barnburner! Also interested to see how Charles Conwell looks; it was two years ago where his opponent died in the ring after taking a monster left hook.

  • I’ll believe in jake Paul when he starts going up against people that can box. Heck even Anderson Silva would be a test I would like to see. Tyrone is not a pushover as a mix martial artist but he doesn’t have much boxing. Although I do think he would do better than Ben askren.

  • I’m sure BJ FLores is aware that if Jake Paul is currently 3-0, this will be his 4th fight, not his 3rd, as he stated in the article. I respect Flores as a fighter and liked him a lot as a commentater and think it’s cool he’s getting a piece of the pie by training Jake Paul now. At least there a legitimate boxers proffiting of this charade.

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