Angulo beats Quillin by split decision

In a clash between former world champions, Alfredo “Perro” Angulo (26-7, 21 KOs) scored a ten round split decision over Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin (34-2-1, 23 KOs) in a super middleweight war on Saturday night at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California. The bout was an entertaining slugfest with both fighters landing big shots. Quillin was busier, Angulo landed the harder shots. In the end, scores were 96-94 Quillin, 97-93, 96-94 Angulo.

The 36-year-old Quillin entered the fight as a 5:1 favorite. 37-year-old Angulo is now 2-0 in 2019. After the fight, former champion Caleb Truax tweeted “Angulo at the @ArmoryMn in December?” Truax and Quillin had a no-decision back in April after Truax suffered a deep cut over his right eye in the second round.

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    • I agree – this was one tough battle by two honest competitors. Great fight, but the result must be very disappointing for Quillin. He went into this fight as the favorite and most people, including myself expected him to win. With this loss, he made practically impossible to get another high profile fight anymore and he may have to retire.

      Angulo won but he won’t get a great pay day anymore.

      What I like about these two fighters is that they were honest boxers who never profited much from favoritism (except maybe Quillin when he fought Rosado). This may have been their last show, but it was a good one.

      • Def agree about the Rosado fight.. think both of these guys are done chasing titles.. but all respect to them for that show

      • Yeah, Quillin only has one major payday left before this fight because we can see he cannot hang with the elite at this point.

        I was really unsure about this fight going in because neither has looked great, but I didn’t expect Quillin to fade as fast as he did. Before the 5th round, he was fighting Angulo’s fight because his leg movement was just not there, but on the outside he was winning the fight handily. The other thing that shocked me is that Angulo had no respect for Quillin’s power. I expect Angulo to walk through a lot of punches, but nothing phased him.

        I would have expected Quillin to have fought a more disciplined, more conditioned fight, but I think age has gotten to him candidly.

  • Angulo is washed up. How Quillen ever won a tittle still perplexes me. I hope Angulo keeps getting fights with fighters who have a name, but can’t fight. If he gets in the ring with a live fighter, he’s going to get hurt. Defense was never his strong point. If you can’t beat him at this point, you are either washed up yourself, or just can’t fight.

    • Really!?!? These two guys just beat the crap out of each other and you can’t say one good thing about the fight? I don’t understand how you so called boxing fans only come on here to spit nothing but negativity. Yes both of these guys are shot fighters but i sure enjoyed the fight. Great effort from both guys!!
      Canyada Luis you’re a little bitch!

      • 2 C list fighters putting on a good fight doesn’t mean they are all of a sudden elite. Arturo Gatti and Mickey Ward were C list fighters who put on a great show too. Put them in with A or even B list fighters and both of them will get washed.

          • Arturo Gatti was not an class boxer, but yes, he was an A class fighter with a heart we will never see again. Limited on his skills, was most of the occasions outclassed by those with better skills. If there was a Hall of fame for those with more balls in the ring, his statue should be in the entrance

          • Arturo Gatti was B+ back at 130, when he was fighting Tracy Harris Patterson, in 95 and 97. He was 7-5 in his last 12, after the 3rd back to back to back Ward fights. No titles, no title fights for Gatti from 1998 to mid 2003 (the 3rd Ward fight). At least Ward was smart enough to retire after the last Gatti fight.

          • And I love Arturo, but he is not an all time great insofar as skill. His heart made him one of the most entertaining fighters of all time. It’s called the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Skill for a reason. There are far better skilled fighters that Gatti who aren’t in the hall of fame because they simply didn’t have the following.

            The best fighters Gatti beat were at 130 (Probably Patterson and Ruelas, which he almost lost), and neither were Hall of Famers. He beat Leija at 140, but that was Leija’s final fight and he was a decade past his prime. Name one elite level fighter Gatti ever beat.

        • A great fight is great fight regardless of class. The chance if us getting great C level fights exceeds A level fights by a mile

        • It doesn’t matter if they are c fighters. What matters is that they gave a. Entertaining show. I rather see a show like this than a run fest by a self proclaimed GOAT a class boxer. A good money fight for ángulo is a fight with Chavez jr. Ángulo with his best days behind him and Chavez with his lack of discipline makes for an even and entertaining fight.

      • You are so right.people should give respect to these fighters,who lay there life on the line for are entertainment.

      • Name calling online, really? Just because two fighters put on a great fight doesn’t mean they are highly skilled or not washed up.

        Both of these fighters are well past their prime. Although, I would like to see Angulo in there again because sometimes as guys go up in weight, they get better at taking punches because they aren’t dehydrated. He wasn’t phased at all and Quillin is naturally a little bigger and can bang. If he can handle those shots from better fighters, and can cut off the ring, he may be able to get a decent payday.

        But both of these guys have seen better days.

    • Enjoy boxing for what it is and STFU!. This was the fight of the year so far. I think you are missing the whole point of boxing.

  • Unfortunately, Quillin is shot and had this fight gone 12, he might have been seriously hurt.
    He needs to retire.
    Angulo was Angulo, just older and slower.

  • Congrats to El Perro he wore down Quillin and almost dropped him a could of times. Abel Sanchez doing a great job with Angulo. He eats too many shots but thats always been his style. I could not understand why everyone made Quillin a massive favourite as he is wasked up too and boxes too infrequently. The long layoffs between fights affected Quillin more than El Perro. El Perro has the more straightforward style and just walked Quillin down all night long.
    Nice to see the underdog get the win unlike the Jo Jo Doaz v Cuadro fight.

  • Fun fight to watch, yes, but either one would be destroyed by just about any top 20 Super Middle…Quillen’s legs are gone and Angulo would be countered and dropped then KOed…Truax would have KOed Quillen…

  • A 5 to 1 favorite and according to the bookies this fight was supposed to be a walk in the park for Quillen. Well at least on paper this seemed like an easy fight for Quillen, but that’s why fights are not fought on paper. It’s obvious that this could have been an easy fight for Quillen, all he had to do was get on his bike, and hit Angullo from the outside and the fight would have been a classic snorefest 10 rounder. But someone forgot to tell Angullo about the script. After the 2nd round Angullo decided that if he goes to Quillens body and makes Quillen fight, he will either K.O him or get a decision win. Well what we got was two fighters that gave it their all. These men were trying to turn back time, and in some ways they did. Angullo came back from the dead, and Quillen decided that he is not only a boxer but has some pop left as well. So what we got was a fight, and I don’t think anybody can complain about that. The decision was an easy one I.M.O and from what I saw, both men can get some good money fights in the future. Quillen needs to become ACTIVE, and somebody needs to teach Angullo how to block a punch, still both guys put on a good show and also made a case for a rematch. Congrats to both fighters for making a real fight happen.

    • @ Steve: I always enjoy your comments, but I think that neither of these two guys will get another good pay day = high profile fight anymore.

      Quillin is 36, Angulo 37, and both are way past their prime. Hard working guys though who let it all out in the ring. I think a rematch would be their best option and I am sure it would sell better than any other fight they could possibly work out.

      • Stone, good journeyman fighters can make out pretty good, especially if they can bring something to the table. These two put on a good display for the fans, and like we both mentioned a rematch would only help their careers. Quillens problem is simple he fights like many others, one fight a year, this does not help a fighter, and Angulo needs someone to show him how to block a punch. We know neither man is not Sugar Ray Robinson lol, but they still can fight, and there are fighters that look for somebody with a name that can build up their records. And truthfully i enjoyed their fight, I was surprised as hell to see both men trying so hard for the win. I mean the BOOKIES had it 5 to 1 for Quillen, I’m sorry I did not vision the upset, and make some HELLO for my pocket!!!!

  • Excellent Fight!!! Much better than Garcia vs Spence lol.. I would love to see a rematch or Agulo vs Margarito. Thanks to both of these Warriors for giving us a special night!

  • Time to hang em up, Quillian was good, almost great several years ago, but his slipped in speed , timing and rhythm … age has got up with him…

  • It was a awesome fight card. I can’t remember the last time I sat down and watch every minute of a complete fight card. Quillen takes way to many shots for sure but Angulo hell that what he’s always done takes 5 to land one…

  • Congrats great performance by angulo a now faded former world champion, still fought like a young blood never stop the pressure In the whole fight.
    Looked like a dog with rabies.
    Quillin he looked out of it as if his body followed 2 seconds late the demand of the brain. I think after the fight he realized he might just spent his last mile.
    “Glad my wife has a job”
    Overall It was a very entertaining fight thanks to all the fighters that do this for the passion of boxing, put their life in the ring to to amazed the fans and we appreciate it”

  • Dont forget that El Perro had an A+ trainer in his corner whose aggressive style meshes well with his trainer. Kudos to Angulo for fighting the right kind of fight to get the win

  • The image of Quillen taking huge shots and looking like he’s ready to go down has been all too familiar in his recent fights. I thinks he’s done. The fact he accepted $500,000 from Al Haymon to vacate his title a few years back shows his heart isn’t in it. Great fight though and congrats to Angulo! One has to wonder how much more punishment he can take though.

  • Always a classic slugfest when you have two fighters past their prime trying to prove something. Great fight indeed!

  • DAMN I fell asleep after the first round! It looked like quillen was too fast and gonna run away with it in the first. Wish I got to see it!!

  • I enjoy boxing. Some of the greatest bouts are between guys with equal skills. Regardless if they are A,B or C class fighters. Gatti and Ward were B class fighters that had somewhat equal skills. They made the most out of what they had and won thousands of fans. Regardless of gods gifts they fought they’re hearts out. They both earned respect from all fight fans. Anyone that can’t give these kind of fighters respect are not true boxing fans.
    Angulo is in the same. Not A class but a heart that exceeds that of most. He is a warrior of hat deserves respect. He’s way past his prime. As a fighter he does what he knows and are fighting is what he knows. God bless the man and I hope at some point he does hang up the gloves.

  • You never fight a Mexican fighter head-up. Angulo is custom made for a master boxer to pick apart. This is the difference between a great fighter and good fighter. Quillen should have boxed him. Its no secret Angulo was going to come straight forward. He’s basically Brandon Rios and Margarito.

  • What a fight, I don’t care if they are not on their prime, at least they fight and put on a great show. That’s why I still watch boxing. They deserve a rematch with a lot better pay for their willingness to put it all on the line wether they win or loose. I would pay more to watch and see fights like this one, rather then some champions running around on the defensive side. For those who missed it, it has been rerunning already.

  • I have heard thousands of post-fight boxer interviews over the decades, but I have never heard a boxer (Quillin) answer like he did when asked about his future. He said simply that he was glad his wife just got a job. Cudos to both men for giving their all. Abel Sanchez must be commended for getting veteran Angulo into the shape to go 10 hard rounds at his advanced age (37).

  • I am glad to see how many supportive comments this fight has gotten. It gives me hope that boxing still has real fans, and not just groupies of promoter and media groomed “super stars”. Whatever people say about about Qulllin and Angulo – these two guys came to fight and put on a great and honest show.

    I think a rematch would interest both of them and I hope they will get paid well for getting into the ring again. I wouldn’t be surprised if a rematch would have double the amount of viewers.

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