Andy Ruiz Jr interview

On fans loving him in Saudi Arabia:

“It’s not going to be first or my last timing fighting here. They will see a lot more of Andy Ruiz here in Saudi Arabia.”

On keeping the same hand speed:

“No, I didn’t want show off too much on what we’re working on. I wanted to give a little mix there. We’ve been training really heard, working on different stuff, so the speed, the pressure, the angles, everything we’ve been working on, hopefully December 7 we will get that victory.”

On what he has does differently this time around:

“The same thing, training, making some adjustments, but we got all the tools, all the same things, so we’re focused mentally and ready for December 7.”

On having a psychological advantage:

“I could but I don’t want to underestimate any fighter because I respect every fighter that comes into the ring. We all risk our lives here to provide for our loved ones, so I’m just excited for Saturday to have a really good fight.”

On confidence getting another KO:

“I’ll never predict a KO, but if it comes it comes, I’m just prepared to win and use all the tools I have and take advantage of being here.”

On being proud of bringing the belts to Saudi Arabia:

“I’m really proud. I’ve been working really hard my entire life to become the first Mexican Heavyweight Champion of the World. I came a long way, been through a lot of obstacles in my life. I just thank God, and I’m really excited to be here. Everybody please tune-in December 7 this Saturday in Saudi Arabia. Get your app. Check out the channel on DAZN. Let’s do it baby, we’re going make history again!”

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    • It was a negotiating ploy to get more money. Not an uncommon move. Former heavyweight Andrew Golota refused to fight once, and they gave him another 50K. A clever move if you can pull it off.

  • Ruiz sounds confident and seems like a well grounded guy.

    Going to be a good fight!

    It’ll be interesting to see if Ruiz’s speed and power will make AJ uncomfortable and if AJ has overcome the phycological shock of getting knocked out and made the necessary adjustments to deal with Ruiz’s skills.

    • Juan, good points to bring up. I do think Ruiz’s speedy hands coming with those counters will have their moments in the fight. Yes, will be interesting to see if AJ is shell shock from the barrage of the knockdowns in the first fight. Personally, I think he will be very cautious when Ruiz is close to him on the inside. Cautious meaning get your hands up and laterally move and not be a sitting target. Ruiz will be a risk-taker I bet and lunge in at times in hopes of setting up those counters. We will see…

  • I Hope Ruiz wins because hes going through money like hes a long turn HW champion. If he doesnt win hes not going to afford those payments on the house. Most HW champions go crazy when they get that first 7 figure payday, I was hoping he wouldnt.

  • Lets see/hope Ruiz can bring it again when they walk that aisle. Would be great, but i have doubts of a repeat

  • I respect Joshua for fighting Ruiz again so soon after such a brutal & humiliating defeat. BUT…it wasnt smart. This little chubster had skills and heart, and power. AJ will be wobbling around the ring even worse this time, if not put to sleep. AJ was a protected fraud and everyone will see it saturday.

  • ruiz will get another knockout, althought ,anything can happen in boxing. but i am still going with ruiz to get the win.

  • I think we will know very quickly if AJ has prepared himself properly. Ruiz will probably take the same approach as before and he might be over confident but that doesn’t matter too much, it is AJ who needed to make adjustments. If he does, Ruiz will be in for a difficult night, if not, much the same result as last time.

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