Andre Ward Exclusive Interview

By Jeff Zimmerman

Hall of Famer Andre “SOG” Ward was in Dallas at Blacklit Bookstore today for a book signing of his new book Killing the Image. After Q&A in the packed house, Ward talked about the book, his verbal sparring with Canelo, Canelo not fighting Benavidez, his take on the stacked 135-140lb divisions and much more.

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    • Absolutely, my all time Andre Ward highlight is when he cleaned house in the Super 6 tournament. I wish we had a super six in all weight classes. Those were good times on Showtime boxing.

  • He is a super six winner
    And I give a lot of credit to a any super six winner unfortunately this tournament is not popular the other super six winner has been another great fighter Alexander usyk

  • And if canelo beats Benavides he also could be in my top 10
    But if does not beat or fight Benavides he won’t be in my top 10

  • For Andre ward and finito lopez have the best techniques ever in boxing

    They are 50/50

    Finito for old schoolers
    Ward for new schoolers

  • Respectfully and descriptively. Thirty-fights fights is ‘exagerating’ a legacy. Secondly, beginning a book with ‘Killing’ isn’t the most gravitating title choice. Factually, Ward never vied for or competed over the prestigious 15Rounds duration, Same-day Weigh-in, achieved battle-tested resilience and or gladiatorial longevity. Ward has a very short career, amidst the topical 12Rounds era of predominantly acronym belt collecting and overassessing journalism. People today eat any dish served. N O T me. Roberto Duran should be the barometer from 1990 to present. Pre-Duran should be Archie Moore. This way 30 -fight- careers are not as significant. Jeff Fenech, Michael Spinks and Tim Bradley also come to mind as 30-bout average careers. Mixing oil with water. ©️Coach Hilario 2024

    • I don’t know what Duran Moore slinks fenech and Bradley has to do in comparison with ward
      Every fighter and every era are different and it’s impossible to measure them with the same tape measure
      Some boxers can be judge for his records , eras, quality opposition , titles, defenses, durability, technique, etc etc etc every depends on the circumstances

      Sone boxers are considered the best and they were not even a world champions but they were icon of boxing and I’m agree with that

      In I made my top 5 boxers of all times Andre ward will be in that list

      And the number one will be Muhammad Ali the biggest icon in boxing history and for me the best boxer with the equality opposition along with manny Pacquiao

      But Ali is a classic just like babe Ruth in baseball

      • Good stuff Carlos…Am I actually saying that …agree with eras are different….fighters had to have many fights because the money is different….in my opinion Ali…had Ali been fighting today…with the revenue entities like broad cast networks, social media, endorsements..enabling a fighter to make millions.more likely than not may have influenced fighters retire without so many fights …of most importance alot of the fighters Coach Hilario mentioned had significant health problems related to boxing…most notably Ali…had the medical science of today’s era were available to the fighters in the past…that may have affected the decision to have a lot of fights….Ward in the era where Ward benefited from others paying the price…retired wealthy and healthy….

  • Ward, one of Canelo’s biggest haters … lol just because Canelo beat Kovalev in a more dominating fashion… Let’s GO Champ

    • Believe that Canelo was losing before the. Knockout….Killer kill….Kovalev when he fought Ward was a different fighter..a monster…Ward fought the monster…of his time…there is a monster out there that wants to fight Canelo and this monster is in his prime

  • Not even the Saudis want to deal with the “Canelo $cripts”. Oh well, hopefully the Mungia fight is for “real”.

  • Andre Ward was right. You have to call out any fighter whether you’re a fan or not. Canelo has earned a few freebee fights. I’m a fan of Canelo because he’s highly skilled and thinks like an individual. However he’s not making sense as of late. He says he won’t fight Crawford because he’s smaller but he fights a smaller Charlo. Canelo knows TC is a tough fight that he knows he can realistically lose. He says he doesn’t fight Mexicans (even though he has) once Benavidez was his mandatory for 2 years now he fights Jaime. If Floyd never rematched Castillo I’d call him out. I was newer to boxing so I didn’t fully know what I was looking at. It appeared Castillo was pouring it on. If Manny never fought Marquez against especially after the 3rd fight where some felt he may have lost, I’d call him out. If your fav fighter isn’t computing call them out. No passes given.

    • Canelo is right in not to fight Crawford he is too smell for canelo
      And we would not celebrate this victory over Crawford in this conditions
      It’s like when Spencer beat too small Mickey Garcia

  • Andre Ward should be admired for many things. He still has his financial assets, his family, his faculties and seems very comfortable in his own skin, not easy to do in the shark-infested waters of the self-appointed sanctioning body boxing era.

  • andre ward was just at the right time right place who is he to hate on canelo he bombed on ppv and arena attendace even crawford drew more then him and kovalev did beat hime in the first fight ward is just jealous of canelo yea he has a gold medal so did de la hoya

    • I agree, Ward lost to Kovalev in the first fight, the second fight was seriously tainted by low blows.

  • Canelo’s record makes Ward’s pale by comparison. I don’t give a shit about his opinion on Alvarez either way.

  • Duran was a throw back fighter to the 30’s , 40’s era. That is one of the reasons Arcel and Brown’s knowledge born in the Golden Area developed Duran’s style. The fighter’s and trainer’s of that era were a different breed that will never be repeated in so called “modern era”.

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