Ali Bashir Back In Hospital

By Bob Ryder

Ivana Habazin has posted that her trainer James Ali Bashir is back in a hospital in New Jersey with a brain bleed. Bashir was injured at the weigh-in for Habazin’s fight with Claressa Shields last Friday when he was struck from behind and knocked to the floor. He was taken to a Detroit hospital where he underwent surgery and was released.  As of yesterday, it was reported that the Flint Police were requesting an arrest warrant for the suspect believed to be Shield’s brother although no official confirmation of that has yet been announced.

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    • You dont need video of the attack its obvious who was responsible for it.
      and for those of you who demanded Margarito to be permanently banned because he is responsible for everybody on his team I hope you hold the same thoughts with respect to whats happened here.

      • Margocheata knew his gloves were loaded, without the loaded gloves “old Moseley” slaughtered him. He was not the smiling cheating buffoon any more.

  • The video does show Mr. Bashir excessively carryIng on in his own tirade. Sadly. No excuses for the perpetrator. He should be prosecuted fully. And for striking Mr. Bashir from behind with intent to maim.

  • It was reported the other day on this site that her brother was in police custody so what is it? Now they do not have him? What’s going on? Shields at first said no one in her entourage did this, then it was her brother, does this take Sherlock Holmes to figure out who hit the 70 year old trainer from behind and where he is ?

    • Shields still claims that it wasn’t her brother or anyone else from her entourage who assaulted Bashir. Its bizarre that this case is not moving forward faster. Its also bizarre that none of the security people present reacted to the assault. Last not least, there were 40 cameras used that day, and none of them show the assailant clearly. One dark boxing chapter, that will hopefully be dealt with with the full force of the law.

    • What do you mean? Artis Mack was already on parole – in Michigan, he can get up to 10 years for that type of assault.

      Its interesting how Shields distances herself from her brother, despite the fact that she invited him to the weigh in. Now he is all of a sudden “not part of her entourage” anymore.

      I hope that Shields gets suspended for at least 2 years for not having a handle on her entourage.

    • @croswell, in Michigan up to 15 years in prison and monetary fines and restitution to the family(if the case was tried as manslaughter), hypothetically speaking.

  • Shields and her team are a bunch of idiots at best and scumbags at worst. I have no intention of supporting her or any cards presented with her on them. Take note showtime.

  • I hope Bashir pulls recoups. It simply wasnt a good idea to taunt a woman in her hometown. I could see in the video he was upset and wanted some smoke from the female.
    She in her hometown, so of course she got people around. . Especially in the Detroit area. Situation getting bad to worse. 2 wrongs dont make a right. Prayers up

  • This is a tragedy and Shields has been oddly silent, probably under advice of her counsel. This is a huge black eye for her career and image. She has a lot of endorsement deals which she stands to lose. Her legal team and promoter are going to have her say all the right things, but unless she comes up with some sincere contrition on her own, this may haunt her for a while.

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