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99th WBA Convention, Day Two

The second day of the 99th Convention opened with the WBA qualifying committee meeting, along with the promoters and people involved.

During the meeting, different suggestions and requests regarding mandatory fights and boxers’ qualifications were addressed by promoters such as Roberto Diaz, Salvatore Cherchi, Tony Gonzalez, Ricardo Rizzo, Jairo Cuba, among others.

The WBA is the first boxing organization to hold a world convention online under the new normality resulting from the pandemic. It has been possible by using the available Internet platforms and digital communication apps.

Acting always as a pioneer, the organization is at the vanguard in line with the management models already applied by leading organizations in the world sport such as the International Olympic Committee, FIFA, FIBA, MLB, NFL and NBA, among others.

The WBA has achieved to hold this convention as the prelude to their 100th anniversary that will be next year. Gilberto Jesus Mendoza expressed his gratitude to every promoter and appreciated their different opinions: “We are here, as an organization, to make your path as promoters easier and cooperate with each other. Today, we are having some challenges regarding the qualifications. The system needs to go beyond the TV interest that focus on small groups. We are working together with George Martinez on a better qualifying method. I don’t know how soon it will be ready, but I can guarantee that we’ll have some change,” Mendoza said when it was about to end.

Among other points addressed, Argentinian journalist Osvaldo Principi, who proposed to legitimize the fights made by boxers within the WSB framework and include them as part of their professional record. Lautaro Moreno, from the amateur boxing division said that he really appreciated this proposal. He also justified how records have been established so far, so it will be a topic that will be considered as well.

On the other hand, Sebastien Acaries and Luis Decubas talked about the need their boxers, Lara and Soro, have to be able to fight their mandatory bouts. These bouts cannot be delayed any longer. Although they understand the currently situation, they requested to consider their case.

The qualifying director George Martinez said the measures that have been taken at this time to ensure and prioritize the safety and care of every person involved in the boxing world to carry out an event. For this reason, all the championships and mandatory bouts are cancelled at this moment until every government decides according to the situation in their region and the world health emergency caused by COVID-19.

Based on these considerations and complying with the safety protocols, only regional title fights can be carried out if the relevant technical staff is available.

* * *

The World Boxing Association (WBA) held an innovative online opening ceremony on Thursday, the official opening day of the 99th anniversary of this pioneering organization.

It was conducted by Gilberto Jesus Mendoza accompanied by Renzo Bagnariol, who presented different musical groups such as the Guatapé Children’s Choir and the C4 Trio, while great figures such as the Russian Umar Kremlev sent greetings to the WBA.

In addition, a video was recorded, and some champions such as Badou Jack, Yesica Bopp, Hanna Gabriels, Roman Gonzalez, Can Xu, and other great fighters congratulated the WBA on this special day for the organization and boxing in general.

The ceremony was a delightful moment and took place after the ranking and championship meeting. It was a great day for the organization born in 1921. The ceremony was followed by the most important talk of the day. Arum and Don King attended the ceremony and talked to President Mendoza about the history of this pioneering organization and their relationship over the years.

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