Tank-Kingry kickoff press conference

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Undefeated boxing stars Gervonta “Tank” Davis and “King” Ryan Garcia went face to face for the first time at a press conference in New York on Wednesday as they previewed their highly anticipated 12-round showdown that headlines a pay-per-view event on Saturday, April 22 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The telecast is being produced and distributed by Showtime PPV and will be available across pay-per-view providers including DAZN PPV.

Davis and Garcia squared off for a long and animated face-off at the conclusion of the press conference, offering a glimpse of the intensity on deck for fight night.

Gervonta Davis:  “All I have to do is keep working and beat whoever they put in front of me. That starts with Ryan Garcia. My strategy is going to depend on what he brings that night. Whether he’s coming fast or slow, I always want to take my time. It all depends on what he brings.

“This is going to be an explosive fight. It’s two young guys who are hungry. It’s all about who wants it more. Whoever is really built like that, that’s who’s going to win. Nobody can fight for him. It’s about who’s got that dog in them.”

Ryan Garcia: “We really came together and conquered the poison that’s been stopping boxing from making the biggest fights. We found a way. April 22 is the time where the words won’t matter anymore. The truth will come out. We’re both great fighters and we’ll settle it in the ring…I just didn’t want to take the risk of an interim fight before this one. There are a lot of little things that can happen. I didn’t wait this long to mess it up at the finish line.

“I’m going to be ready for 12 rounds. You have to respect your opponent. You can’t just jump in to get a knockout. It might be more of a mental fight than people might believe. Different opponents make you approach fights in different ways.”

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  • I’m rooting for my Latino brother Ryan Garcia, Davis is a tough fighter but anyone can lose even Davis.

  • I just wanna see a good fight, and if it’s a great fight, then a rematch!

  • This fight has got to be the most exciting match up so far this year. I absolutely can’t wait to see this one. I like them both and it’s difficult to choose a favorite here, but I have a feeling Ryan will have prepared well for Tank’ strengths and will be very conscientious of his power. Combined with his height, if he uses it right, I see Ryan coming out on top here. However, I can imagine Tank could make it a real war if he wants to, and it might be the best game plan for him. Intelligent aggression is gonna decide the outcome of this fight.

  • Ryan Garcia saying he’s expected to go the distance reminds me when many of us thought the De La Hoya Vs Trinidad fight was gonna end in a knockout and ended up in a boring decision. As much as I wanna see Tank Kingry out, I wont be surprised if it turns out to be a 12 round snoozer…

    • De La Hoya ran, at one time Trinidad was chasing Oscar around the ring. It was embarrassing to watch.

      • As it relates to De La Hoya vs Trinidad, if you outbox someone for 10 rounds and then box ultra safe (for the final 2 rounds) you should still get the decision. I say this as a Trinidad fan but imo Oscar clearly outboxed him!!

  • Gonna be interesting. I favor Tank, no matter what Garcia brings, he’ll always has the rights answer.
    But Garcia has a chance as an underdog.

    • The question to be answered in this scenario is… Can Garcia take a Tank counter? Tank’s power is always his equalizer in any fight. Tank is very dangerous even when an opponent is gaining ground on him during a fight. I think Tank will demonstrate exceptional counter punching in this fight knowing he is in the spotlight in this title fight. Tank split decision.

  • It’s gona a be a great fight I want to see how Davis is gona react with the faster fighter he will ever meet
    Also I want to see who is gona run like chicken most likely tank will run like Floyd chickenweather

    I will cross my fingers tank don’t get in trouble to avoid this fight with Ryan

  • Ryan has ZERO quality wins and is more of a social media star than a fighter. tank has but 1 or 2 quality wins on his record but mostly because he has been a weight bully.

    Tank is just so small that he will need garcia to come forward so he can land effectively.

    Tank will use a ton of feints and lateral movement and an occasional leaping left hook in an effort to frustrate and draw ryan towards him.

    However it just won’t work because ryan will basically control the middle of the ring with a fast consistent jab.

    If tank does get in close then Ryan will tie him up which will cause the crowd to boo and make this a stinker of a fight. I could see a point deduction for holding late in this fight.

    Tank will start to get frustrated and try to get more aggressive in the middle rounds after he is behind on the cards and he will make a rally winning a few rounds by putting his head down and marching forward trying to make it a dog fight. But that strategy will backfire and cause him to get clipped badly by a counter left hook from garcia.

    After tank gets hurt in rd 10 he will be content going the distance and ultimately lose 8 rds to 4 or 116-112.

    It will be an easy fight to score for the judges as well, just watch the jabs and final punch stats.

    If they were the same size i would pick tank to beat him every time. But length, speed, and patience will win this one in a tactical fight.

    Neither shines, but neither will really hurt their stock. tank is just a tweener now too small for 140, unable to make 135, so this and the rematch is cash out time for him as I don’t see him ever winning another title fight.

    Ryan has the length and speed to capture a title at 140, but he will eventually get knocked out violently when someone lands on that baby chin at 140 or 147 if he goes up that far.

    • It’s to set up a ko in your mind but tank couldn’t even lo Cruz so this fight will go to decicion and ryan might get robbed

  • Tank hasn’t impressed in his last few fights while Garcia has improved. Tank was getting busted up in his last fight before his opponent basically quit. I’m picking Garcia to win this one.

  • Tank is too small. Either he needs to catch Garcia early but risks spending a lot of energy pushing for the ko, or box and wait for the later rounds hoping Garcia gets tired or sloppy.

    • Henry, I agree, Tank is basically fighting a Welterweight and his best weight is 130. Garcia has all the advantages imo, except speed. Tank should be faster, but will he be fast enough to get inside that jab? I think it’ll take at least 3 rounds of posturing to produce a clear answer. My money is on Garcia by Decision in a lackluster Chess match.

      Hopefully, I’m wrong about the lackluster part, because this is a really good and necessary matchup.

      • Scott, agree. The only way Garcia makes a fight of it is if he finds or thinks it is safe and he can maybe stop Tank, and that’s where Garcia can be lulled into getting caught. So basically Garcia’s fight to win or lose.

  • The catchweight at 136-lb, more so the rehydration clause at 146-lbs, wonder if that will make the fight more even, make Garcia’s size less of an advantage. Could even help Garcia train to fight more in shape.

  • Cannot wait. Just imagine how boxing would progress if we had more fights like this one and Plant-Benavidez.

  • Tank will probably beat up his girlfriend or rob someone so he can get out of this fight.

  • I think Pitbull Cruz set the stage for one way to beat tank.
    Ryan is faster, taller, and can follow up to a bit Pitbull Cruz blueprint.
    Tank has explosive power, can finish a fight at any time with one punch KO ala Rolly Romero, Ryan was already knockdown in a previous fight so he is susceptible to a good punch, Tank hasn’t
    Sentimentally, I am picking Ryan…

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