Weights from Las Vegas

Unnamed (12)
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

José Pedraza 141.5 vs. Javier Molina 141.7
Efe Ajagba 242.3 vs. Jonnie Rice 265.4
Robeisy Ramírez 125.9 vs. Félix Caraballo 125.7
Leo Ruiz 151.4 vs. Rodrigo Solis 151.4
Christian Montano 167.3 vs. Ryan Adams 165.5
Bryan Lua 134.5 vs. Luis Norambuena 134
Jahi Tucker 143.6 vs. Deandre Anderson 147.1
Kasir Goldston 142.8 vs. Isaiah Varnell 142.8
Frevian Gonzalez 131.8 vs. Carlos Marrero 131.1

Venue: The Bubble/MGM Grand,Las Vegas
Promoter: Top Rank

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  • If this virus is so dangerous why even have the corona girls there? They are standing there wearing masks to protect from the scary virus but they serve ZERO purpose!!!

    This is so stupid. And aren’t the fighters tested? Aren’t they about to give each other brain damage and swap bodily fluids tomorrow night?

    I’m sorry but if you think all of this isn’t just for show and social programming, you lack the ability to think for yourself and think logically.

    “We need to wear masks to hide from the big scary virus, but we also need the girls to stand there and do literally nothing other then add two more people to potentially catch and spread the big scary virus.”

  • Kasir Goldston is someone to be excited about. Making his pro debut after being signed by Top Rank. A number one ranked amateur who can box and bang from the southpaw position.

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