Weights from Detroit

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Photo: Brad Snyder

By Brad Snyder/The Undercard

Derick Miller 182 vs. Demetrius Banks 185.6
Kara Ro 129 vs. Elizabeth Tuani 127.2
Vernon Webber 211.8 vs. Daniel Haney 255.6
Alfonzo Linares 325.4 vs. Dennis Vance 271.6
Darryl Cunningham 155.8 vs. Andre Byrd 154.4
Luis Quintero 151 vs. Brian Sztykiel 152
Jermarco Holloway 149.9 vs. Kevin Womack 155.2
Garrett Ross 155.4 vs. Mike Johnson 153.8
Nermin Zalic 131.4 vs. Marcello Williams 133.2

Venue: Motor City Casino, Detroit, Michigan
Promoter: Carlos Llnas
Tickets: available at the Soundboard Ticket Office or Ticketmaster.com

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  • I’m thinking Karo Ro saw everything that is going on and caught the bug to compete again. She is 46 years old (still younger than Darryl Cunningham though) and has not fought in eleven years. I hope she has a good time (her opponent is 39) and enjoys herself and is CAREFUL going forward.

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